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October, 2010

An empire state of mind

Larissa Nicholson writes: When you’ve lived in the same city for most of your life, the seemingly innocuous locations that you pass everyday can take on double or even triple meanings. I kissed the first boy I ever really liked outside 7/11 on Brunswick St, and cried on the steps of the GPO when he […]


Everybody go surfing, surfing… Cornwall way?

Nicola Heath writes: As a child I was inculcated in the belief that English beaches were crap. Sunless, sandless, full of pebbles, and surf as flat as a tack. Australian beaches were always superior. Driving along the headland above Saunton Sands in North Devon, I can see I’ve been misled. We pull over to admire […]


Where the bloody hell is the campaign for indigenous tourism? An interview with Bruce Poon Tip

“Australia has such an amazing indigenous history, most countries would be jealous to have what you have and they do nothing with it,” declares founder and CEO of Gap Adventures Bruce Poon Tip. “They” being Tourism Australia, an organisation Poon Tip is scathing of, particularly in its lack of promoting and supporting indigenous tourism in this country. It […]


That’s some catch, that catch 22 (or, how not to get into Azerbaijan)

Richard Norman writes: I’m in Kiev, chilling out and reading Lonely Planets’ Azerbaijan forums before heading out to the airport, for what promises to be a delightful 2:45am flight to Baku. I see a new post mentioning rumors that Azerbaijan is about to stop issuing visas at the border like they’ve done for the last […]


Cities I loved (and one I hated)

If you’re anything like me (and may God forgive you if you are), you’ll spend at least part of your holiday reading current affairs magazines. Not so much from a need to keep up to date with the goings on of the world, as a certain amount of nosiness that demands you get up in […]


Slide night: Train whistle blowin’

Welcome back to Slide Night, where we look at our favourite travel snaps and the adventures behind them. The Wild West of Colorado wasn’t exactly what I expected. Sure, there were tons of crappy souvenir shops selling cowboy boot keyrings and massive belt buckles but it was mostly the tourists donning these crappy momentos, while […]


On disliking must-see tourist sights

Being herded onto a bus with 40 other tourists and being driven from sight to sight, stopping only to let people off to take a few snaps before re-boarding the bus, is not my idea of a good time, says Rebecca Arnold.


A really-long-popping-out-for-a-beer trip

I like to pop out for a quiet beer every now and then. Sometimes I head down to my local, other times, I like to head further afield.


Mustapha and the Happiness Juice Bar

Dave Keetch writes: I’ve previously harped on about the rewarding nature of flexible travel and I’m going to do it again. There is certainly something nice about being able to change your plans and stay in a place longer than intended because it’s too beautiful or too interesting to leave after only being there for […]