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November, 2010

Gentlemen of Leisure: False starts

In my defence I was very drunk. The fact that I was at a karaoke bar singing Africa by Toto will testify to this point. I am also compelled to reiterate that it came as an extreme shock and surprise to wake up and realise I had missed my flight to Johannesburg.


Warriors against silence: reading at the San Francisco public library

Binoy Kampmark writes: A public is aptly reflected in its libraries. The State Library in Melbourne was encouraged by the judicially severe character of Redmond Barry to soothe and iron out savage minds in colonial Australia. Admission can either be free or through the provision of an annual fee. In the British Library in London, […]


Poland says: my Jesus is bigger than yours

Travel writer Jay Martin writes: Australia is a Big Place. I’m not talking landmass, although we’ve got plenty of that. But rather, our Thing for Big Things. The Big Avocado of Durinbah. Sarina’s Big Cane Toad. The Big Poo of Kiama (a show of community support for recycled water). To name just a few. We build […]


A tale of two travel strategies

Martin Lane writes: Let me tell you a tale of two travel brands… Pontin’s and Butlins holiday camps both provided the UK’s post-war generation with everything they needed in a week away — bingo, knobbly knees contests and donkey rides on the beach. They weren’t the most sophisticated consumers in the world, but they had […]


Living on the Norwegian edge

Sarah Baker writes: When someone says “let’s go for a hike,” I immediately think of big Kathmandu boots and hours of breathlessness in a mountainous environment where you definitely can’t get iPhone reception. Being a city girl, I can’t say I’ve hiked much in my day, more like ‘extended walks’ during childhood trips to the […]


Climb aboard my sweaty, slum-filled Cambodian ride

Hello. My name is Allan and I’m an AYAD. Photo by Anthony Rae It stands for Australian Youth Ambassador for Development. Please don’t turn away when you read this. I swear it isn’t a political party or fanatic religious group. Sit down and let me explain. AYAD is an AusAid funded program that allows young […]


This Charming Town: An outsider looking in

There’s often a lot you don’t appreciate about a city until you see it from a tourist’s perspective and, being Perth born and bred, I imagine that applies to Melbourne too, says Cat Walls as she takes a stroll through Australia’s culture capital.


The revelation of Bordeaux, the quiet Paris

It won’t surprise those who have visited the city before, or those who are better researchers than me, but Bordeaux was a revelation, says Nic Heath.


One Spanish November weekend: Gaudi vs the Pope

The topic of the day for the good citizens of Barcelona last weekend was the visit by the Pope to officially open the completed interior of Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, an event 128 years in the making. The weekend was shaping up as a contest between a celebration of either religion and faith or of architecture. Would the primary focus be the Pope or the building?


In Myanmar, avoid the Big Three and walk Yangon’s streets alone

After spending seven days in Phuket and Bangkok, hubs of hedonism and cauldrons of commercialism, the first steps through Myanmar’s former capital provided me with the perfect antidote to the previous week’s mind-numbing indulgences.