tip off

February, 2012


Running from landslides on the Inca Trail

I stood in the middle of the famous Inca Jungle Trail and felt only nauseating fear. Every two minutes for two hours straight, someone would yell, “Lights up!”and ten small torch lights would point to the mountain towering straight above us. The sound of rocks falling had started again, but luckily they were still twenty meters behind us.


The Nanny Diaries: from sunshine to snow, from dream to nightmare

Crikey intern Freya Cole writes: I had no idea what I was getting myself in to when I applied to be a nanny for six months. I had romanticised the idea in my head, thinking that a nanny would look after polite little children and take them to the local park, where they would meet […]


Stuck in deep sh*t in the Big Apple

Freelance journalist Carla Pratt writes: I’ve seen people hail cabs in all the movies set in New York City. Carrie Bradshaw can hail them with just a whistle, it surely can’t be that hard. Out went my hand in the air. Zoom…….straight past me. There are 4.5 million residents in NYC and 50 000,cabs. I didn’t […]


Take the money and run: the most popular travel scams

Getting ripped off by a taxi driver in Buenos Aires made Amber Jamieson more cautious — and interested in what other travels scams other dumb tourists had fallen for.


Why your guidebook is ruining your holiday

From a comprehensive study of our friends, we’ve been able why friends seem to get the wrong impression of Vietnam. And it’s the guidebooks fault, says Tabitha Carvan.


The Swiss wedding survival guide

Claudia List writes: “Wear jeans, you’ll end up in a field afterward.” Not something I’d usually consider when going to a wedding, but I found this interesting piece of advice on an expat forum when I was wondering what to wear to my very first Swiss wedding. The comment thread continued, with several expats agreeing […]


Zipping through the jungles of Laos

There are worse ways to spend Christmas then zip lining in the southern jungles of Laos. We began our journey in the small dusty village of Ban Nongluang, two hours drive from Pakse. Dust covered everything; our van, foliage, food stalls, cattle, sleepy domestic pets — everything. Brushing away the dust we headed on foot […]