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March, 2012

Getting absinthe-minded in Prague

Our gang had been wandering round the same slippery streets, of the very same two blocks, for over half an hour — and the bouncing rain wasn’t easing up. The alleyways of the Old Town of Prague are honeycombed and complex, even managing to defeat a whole group of tour guides such as ourselves, who have been here numerous times.


Across the Andes for a glass of wine

Lilani Goonesena writes: The drive from Chile’s capital of Santiago to the wine country of Mendoza, Argentina, is truly spectacular. The narrow, two-lane road labours through the winding Andes mountain range, passing ski fields and culminating in 27 steep switchbacks snaking up to the border. Across the border, the road gently slopes down, skirting the magnificent […]


Go on a holiday to work your arse off

Freelance journalist Ryan Jon writes: You’ve been working hard. You’ve been putting blood, sweat and tears into your job and now you’re physically and mentally exhausted. Sounds like you need a holiday. On your holiday, would you like to put in blood, sweat and tears to the point of physical and mental exhaustion? How does […]


The kitsch charm (and crappiness) of Coney Island

As the Big Apple itself rotted in the 1970s and 80s, so too did Coney Island. Once the global synonym for fun, for decades it mouldered through slow decline, a byword for urban decay. Fairy floss and hoopla gave way to hoods, graffiti and gang-banging.


The Vietnamese transport motto: two wheels good, four wheels bad

Because the Vietnamese pretty much drive out of the birth canal on two wheels, they miss out on a formative experience we take for granted: adapting to four-wheeled transport.