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April, 2012

‘Fartshion’: the joy of shopping in Hanoi

At any given moment on Tạ Hiện street, Hanoi you’ll find a tourist photographing this window for the Creative Oriental Crafts Kingdom (aka COCK). This sign is clearly no accident, but an excellent business strategy, as confirmed by the store-owner in this blog. As it reported: “As it turns out ‘COCK’ stands for ‘Creative Oriental Crafts […]


The problem with siestas

Once upon a time in a land far away, two naïve and rather idiotic girls set off to find a fabled land near the border of Spain and Portugal. Rumours of its unsurpassed beauty ran rings around them as they eagerly planned their journey, their excitement growing by the minute. Little did they know that these plans would soon become unravelled due to one small detail — the siesta.


Where the bloody hell do you choose to go?

For me the biggest travel drama this year is not figuring how I can afford it or when my boyfriend and I can both get time off work, it’s figuring out where the bloody hell to go.


Fear and self-loathing in expat-land

In Vietnam, I am, and always will be, a “Tây”, meaning “westerner”. I’m not offended one bit by this label. Not even when I had new passport photos taken and the shop filled in the “Mr/Ms_________” section on the little receipt with “Ms Tây”, and filed it away under T.