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November, 2012

Minus the dog meat, Wuhan is delicious

It’s such a cliché to say a city is “sprawling”, but sometimes, it’s the only word. And when it comes to Wuhan, China, home of 10 million people and a whole lot of smog, sprawling seems appropriate, says Alexandra Patrikios.


Red Ink Run: Tanks for the memory — part 2

Catch up on part 1 (which includes an explanation of Nagorno-Karabakh, Russian tourists getting arrested for taking photos of tanks and eager tour guide Ashot’s #1 less for taking foreigners around Nagorno-Karabakh) here. By 10am next morning I was crammed in the back seat of Ashot’s Lada with the two Japonski, as Ashot referred to them […]


Red Ink Run: Tanks for the memory — part 1

K Johnson went traipsing through Nagorno-Karabakh, a de-facto state closely allied with Armenia, and a mighty thorn in the side of Azerbaijan who will refuse any traveller entry to their country if they show evidence of having been there.


Jumping cat spotting in Myanmar

Allan Soutaris can’t find any jumping cats at Myanmar’s infamous Jumping Cats Monastery, but luckily the tranquil sunsets and delicious beer make it all OK.


Taiwan’s most notorious dish: stinky tofu

William Jackson was determined to try a bag of Taiwan’s famous stinky tofu. But it smelt like he’d just slurped down a load from a baby’s nappy.