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Articles by Margaret O'Connor

Walking the walk: alone and loving it on the Great Ocean Walk

Imagine escaping for a few hours by yourself to wander the coastline of the Great Ocean Road. Margaret O’Connor walked 15 kilometres and didn’t lay eyes on another human being…


Generosity in the oldest city in the world

It’s that combination of history that got me, and the people, so unexpectedly warm and full of generous ways — from sharing their sweets with you on a bus trip from Damascus to Palmrya to searching up and down the street for someone with sufficient English to guide you back to the Ummayad Mosque, after you have become hopelessly lost in the myriad labyrinthine ways of the Old City of Damascus.


Syria: the greatest travel secret for history buffs

Sure, it’s not the calmest or safest country right now, and we’re not suggesting you hop on a plane tomorrow. But file this away for when things have settled in Syria. It’s also nice to remember that there’s beauty in a place where currently only bad news emerges. Travel writer Margaret O’Connor writes: Let’s cut straight to the […]