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To infinity, the aquarium and beyond: interview with Lee Unkrich, director of Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3

Both myself and my three-year-old niece love Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Does having an impact on a person’s formative years feel daunting for a filmmaker? I speak to director Lee Unkrich about this, the colossal influence of Pixar Studios and more.


Toy Story 3 movie review: personification, and then some

The whiz kids at Pixar Studios continue a stellar strike record (13 good titles, no bad) with Toy Story 3, the third and final instalment in a trilogy of films that take the concept of personification to delightfully literal extremes, capturing the life, personalities and even politics of toys that come alive when humans aren’t […]


Pixar enters franchise-floggin’ sequel la la land

The whiz kids over at Pixar Studios will have their mettle seriously tested in coming years as the esteemed production company, which for almost a decade and a half has maintained a golden reputation as the top-cred numero unos of populist western animation, tread further down a path of franchise building and sequel flogging. Since […]