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Stuff we like: At home with Eric Clapton’s gran

Apart from sleep and coffee, here are some other things we love on Monday morning:

’70s rock stars in their parents’ homes. Pretty much what is says on the label: ’70s rockers like Frank Zappa, Donovan, Eric Clapton and Elton John (left) pictured in their folks’ funky living rooms.

Life on the fringe. Magazine 13 have a beautiful photo essay called America: land of “opportunities”. Like many of the commenters, I suspect most of the people in these photos have chosen the lifestyle — despite what the title suggests — but they’re still great shots.

Recreating album covers. The silly kids at b3ta recreate classic album covers without using photoshop. In a similar vein (kinda), check out Sleeveface.

The body electric. Fleshmap charts the most featured body parts (Warning: NSFW) in different genres of music. Apparently 20 per cent of hip hop songs are about bums. Never would have guessed.

Goodnight, sweet prince. “Andre Tchaikowsky, a Polish Jew who escaped the Holocaust and settled in Britain, bequeathed his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company to be used as a prop,” writes the ABC. And used it was, in a recent performance of Hamlet featuring David Tennant.

Lego concentration camp. Don’t worry, it’s art.

[Image via LIFE]

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