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Stuff we like: Writing standing up, style guides and dating other journalists

Welcome back for 2009. Here are some things we enjoyed over the break:

Creature comforts. Sure, we’ve all seen guide dogs, but what about guide ponies, cats, birds or monkeys? The New York Times magazine looks at the menagerie of animals used to help people with disabilities.

Stuff journalists like. Just like Stuff White People Like, but for journos, learn more about the things we love, including notebooks, writing standing up, style guides, dating other journalists, interns and free food. It’s true!

Closing Guantanamo. The Boston Review has a forum on how to close Gitmo, and what to do with the detainees, with thought-provoking articles from David Cole, Joanne Mariner, Eric Posner and Robert Chesney.

Ground Zero. A Google maps mash-up that lets you pick a nuclear weapon, a target city, and then shows the resulting damage. You can’t go past the 50mt Tsar Bomba to really wipe out a city, though urban sprawl is making it harder and harder.

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