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My couple of months at Crikey as told by my iPhone

Continuing in the fine and hilarious tradition of posting random photos off jesus phones…

There are two things that fuel the Crikey bunker: coffee and booze. The morning coffee run is critical. Don’t believe us? See the horrifying tale of the intern who didn’t…

leighcoffeeOne day Leigh was particularly thirsty. And bored.

icecreamThe day we made Affogatos in the office in fancy wine glasses. Mine was actually just icecream with milo on top, but still.

whiskey1Crikey is like old school journalism where we all smoke at our desks and slap the bums of the receptionists and drink whiskey at 10am and yell a lot. Sort of. At least the whiskey part is true (and the yelling). This bottle is a lot more empty now.simonthegrapeFirst Dog has his own wine! Or something. His own ‘simon the grape’ anyway. He brought in sparkling wine for everyone and we cheersed him for it.

champagneBooze at work! Fun for all.

And then…. A Crikey Year in Office Flowers:

orangelilyminililylavendartulipsflowerofficewaterliliesthisweekspeoniesThe peonies were the prettiest.


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    Dawn Baker
    Posted December 18, 2009 at 4:55 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the insights into your in-site – all those neat desks (you are a role model), flowers and confessions of journalism past, present and future. And all taken on the wonderful iPhone. Keep up the intellectual ribaldy. Crikey is a centre of sanity (shhhhhh, don’t tell everyone). Dawn

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