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A note to Croakey readers: arrangements for this week

This week Michelle Culhane-Hughes, a Melbourne-based health policy consultant, is having a trial run in the Croakey chair.

To tell you a bit about Michelle:

Michelle’s fifteen year career in health has been motivated by a passion for service improvement.

Starting her working life as a rehabilitation physiotherapist in regional Victoria, Michelle was inspired by the patient-focused and innovative models of care being implemented by the team with whom she worked.

A few years later upon arriving in the UK, she began work in clinical audit as she awaited her physiotherapy registration and discovered a passion for evidence based service improvement.

Michelle quickly found herself leading service redesign projects within hospitals and later led a national redesign programme for the Scottish Health Department.

Since returning home to Melbourne, Michelle has held program management positions in the public and private sectors. 

Most recently, Michelle worked as a Director for one of Australia’s largest consulting firms where she developed an interest in the impact of climate change on health, health literacy and the impact of the built environment on health and well being.

Michelle sees great potential for technology to impact health service design and individual health status.

Currently Michelle is enjoying motherhood and working on projects in a part-time capacity.


PS from Croakey: I hope that involving more people in moderating Croakey will help contribute to the site’s development and sustainability. As regular readers will know, Jennifer Doggett and Mark Metherell are also now assisting with Croakey’s moderation on a regular basis.


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