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Hearing from leaders in Indigenous medical education – plus #LIMEvi Twitter wrap

Leaders in Indigenous medical education from Australia, Aotearoa, Canada and Hawai’i gathered in Townsville last week, on the country of the Bindal and Wulgurukaba Peoples, for the sixth conference of the Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) Network. With the conference theme of “knowledge systems, social justice and racism in health professional education”, many sessions […]

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NT Coroner calls for repeal of “paperless arrest” laws #JustJustice

The findings of an inquest in the Northern Territory into the death of a senior Walpiri man are important reading for those working in the health and justice sectors, highlighting the need for law reform. **** Mark Skulley writes: The Northern Territory Coroner has denounced the so-called “paperless arrest” laws, and called for them to […]


‘Drink Coke, Exercise More?’: where conflict of interest is a Real Thing

The New York Times prompted much public health concern this week with a report in its Well section that Coca-Cola “is backing a new ‘science-based’ solution to the obesity crisis: to maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories.” It said: “The beverage giant has teamed up with influential scientists […]

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#cripcroakey: introducing Croakey readers to the wonderful, wild world of disability politics, policy & people

Croakey is excited to be working with El Gibbs, who is today launching a crowd-funding campaign  – #cripcroakey – to fund a series of articles on disability and health. El brings great insights and expertise and a compelling voice. She has over 15 years experience in the community and not-for-profit sector, working in policy and […]

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Blocking #marriageequality: ‘It is frustrating, hurtful, incredibly exhausting & deeply personal’

Prime Minister Tony Abbott put an end this week to hopes for marriage equality this year in Australia, with the decision by the Coalition party room to not allow a conscience vote on the issue – effectively sealing its defeat were it to come to Parliament. Now the focus is on whether a decision might […]

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“Listen to Us”: This report deserves a wide readership #JustJustice

Summer May Finlay writes: Western Australia is often in the headlines for policies that are harmful for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, most recently for hurtful comments by the Western Australian Chief Justice. But the State also recently produced a fantastic report: “Listen to Us: Using the views of WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait […]

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Syphilis in remote Indigenous communities: can we eradicate it this time or is the risk now greater?

A recent syphilis outbreak in Central Australia has prompted renewed calls for urgent investment in sexual health services for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote regions. As this recent article at The Conversation outlines, 134 cases of the sexually transmitted disease have been reported in the Barkly and Katherine regions over the […]


The power of words: ‘why we need to stop talking about inequality’

As Australian moves to bring about marriage equality again floundered on Tuesday, this post below from New Zealand campaigner Kirk Serpes looks at the need to shift away from problem-focused messaging that’s aimed at “raising awareness” to tackle some of the most complex issues: poverty, inequality and crime. He discusses how “framing” is a powerful […]


Winter hospital bed crisis – could we be doing better?

Most non-urgent elective surgery in Adelaide’s public hospitals was cancelled last week and some patients transferred to neighbouring regional hospitals after SA Health faced its busiest day (so far) this winter. In the post below, Professor Jon Karnon asks what could have and should be done better to both prevent and manage demand, with the […]

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Forget Vegemite-based policy. Here are some sensible recommendations for reducing alcohol-related harms

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion’s foray into Vegemite-based policy has won global headlines for a suggestion that the product should be restricted in some remote communities to stop moonshine production – even Time Australia inhaled.  But the weight of opinion – including from public health experts, police, and scientists – seems to suggest the recommendation should be, uhm, toast… […]