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Trading away health? The story of a health impact assessment that made a splash

A health impact assessment of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement recently made headlines and won some political attention for the wide-ranging public health concerns raised. What were the factors that contributed to this splash? *** Fiona Haigh and Katie Hirono write: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is a large regional trade agreement currently in the […]


The Philip Morris case illustrates some wider dangers for public health from trade agreements

Efforts by the tobacco company Philip Morris to claim hefty compensation for Australia’s plain packaging laws under secretive legal processes should alarm those with a concern for public health, according to Dr Patricia Ranald, Convenor of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) and Research Associate, University of Sydney. The case also has implications […]


US wants to give pharma more power over our medicines policy

Meanwhile, while we’re on the subject of pharma-power (as per previous posts), the article below suggests that the US is attempting to use trade negotiations to influence medicines policy in Australia. Dr Deborah Gleeson writes: Leaked documents from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement negotiations currently underway in Peru show the US is seeking to […]