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The evening of the locust

They’re here . . . or at least this lone traveller. Constant Gardener was out checking the artichoke and came across this creature:


The langosta de tierra, as the Spanish call them (lobster of the land) has something of the crustacean’s plate armour carapace.


Unnerved by even one of these marauders, I’m relieved that the Dept. of Primary Industries isn’t yet concerned about the city. ABC: “They could cause damage to parks, reserves, bowling greens,” said the state locust controller, Russell McMurray. “The volume that we actually have in Melbourne, they won’t cause any damage really at all, but there is the potential for future swarms to come in at a later stage.”

We await future swarms.


alien‘A high-density swarm is classified as having more than 50 locusts per square metre flying in the same direction.’

It’s easy to imagine how a cloud of these clad and serrated creatures would be fearsome. A close look reminds us why, hugely magnified, insect features often double as Monster. With their hard clacky shells, they’re as Alien as the science fiction imagination can conjure.

They may be just as insecty, but bring on the cicadas.

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