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Jul 18, 2011


Poster seen in East London:

The picture, of  a younger, still hair-blessed and virilish Rupert M, has been plastered with a sticker that reads:

“What a Jeremy Hunt”

It refers to the U.K. Culture Secretary. According to the Washington Post, News International pushed Hunt to refer its bid for British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc to regulators. And it also refers to a famously stunning spoonerism by the BBC presenter James Naughtie (!) when he oops introduced the Culture Secretary as Jeremy Cunt, live on air. (It’s fabulous: watch/hear; he slips, then coughs and half splutter/laughs.) The poster is a wicked grafittism, quite ungentlemanly, of course, and surely to be disdained from a great height, but it could be worse.

Also, as we all know, the Telegraph reported Elisabeth Murdoch “told friends that [NI CEO] Mrs Brooks had “f—- the company”. Murdoch biographer, Michael Wolff, has twitted a correction as to its intrasibling nature:

Live blog: TwitterReports Elisabeth Murdoch said Rebekah Brooks “fucked the company” are incomplete. She said: “James and Rebekah fucked the company.”

James as in Murdoch, so there.

Chong Weng Ho — Culture Mulcher

Chong Weng Ho

Culture Mulcher

W. H. Chong is a book designer and artist. He is Design Director at Text Publishing, and a founding member of ABDA (Australian Book Designers Association) where he currently serves as Secretary. His work can be seen at whchong.com.

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