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Mar 1, 2012

Republican Party's secret weapon: Benjamin Netanyahu

If you are following US politics it's been a bonanza season.

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If you are following US politics it’s been a bonanza season.

Liberal-leaning watchers will have been perversely exhilirated and appalled by the candidates’ push into the wild extremities of the right. Centrist-conservative-leaners will have been merely appalled.

But despite an escalating sequence of rightiness, I find that I can still be shocked — coming across this item from the superblogger Andrew Sullivan, buried instantly in his daily cascade of posts. Sullivan, that sane apostate from the conservative cause (I didn’t leave them, they left me), has taken a hair-raising reading from the latest reports on Israel’s calculations over Iran:

Israeli officials say they won’t warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, according to one U.S. intelligence official familiar with the discussions.

Sullivan writes:

What it amounts to is a formal declaration that, if the US attempts at any point to differ seriously with Israel’s far right, the alliance is over . . .

So Israel would, without warning, put US troops and Western civilians at direct risk of terrorist assaults, would likely tip Pakistan into even more outright hostility to any cooperation with the West, and rally the Iranian opposition to its foul regime . . .

He makes a brief case against the Israeli PM, but it’s as compelling as a slowmotion video of a truck coming at you. And this breath-taking punt:

Here’s a prediction. Netanyahu, in league and concert with Romney, Santorum and Gingrich, will make his move to get rid of Obama soon. And he will be more lethal to this president than any of his domestic foes.

Chong Weng Ho — Culture Mulcher

Chong Weng Ho

Culture Mulcher

W. H. Chong is a book designer and artist. He is Design Director at Text Publishing, and a founding member of ABDA (Australian Book Designers Association) where he currently serves as Secretary. His work can be seen at whchong.com.

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8 thoughts on “Republican Party’s secret weapon: Benjamin Netanyahu

  1. W H Chong

    A topic to excite:

    Indeed I think Sullivan is very considered about this. Back during the 2008 election cycle, he asked for confirmation — Trig’s birth cert, and Palin to this date still has not offered documentation. Sullivan has recently linked to a request by an Anchorage Daily reporter back in December 2008 for the same confirmation:

    “… The questions for the doctor: Did you deliver Trig? If not, who did? Who is Trig Palin’s biological mom and how do you know that? . . . Here’s one more request that might help. Would the governor make available a copy of Trig’s birth certificate? We could mention in our story what the birth certificate says.”

    The spokesman, Bill McAllister, replied:
    “Allow me to intervene in a completely off-the-record way: I never anticipated the depths of sleaze that your paper would come to countenance. That the governor would have to prove maternity to you is perhaps the most despicable idea ever peddled by an organization that once had Pulitzer Prize status (and that now won’t even staff the legislative session). This is a disgrace, an outrage and a damnable injustice.”

    Original at politicalgates.

    The contrast is the birther controvery over Obama over his supposed non-American birth status. That “disgrace, an outrage and damnable injustice” contimued until the White House presented Obama’s birth certificate. (And of course, lots of folk apparently still say they don’t believe,)
    Why is sauce for the gander not good enough for the goose?


  2. geomac

    It would normally seem strange for recipient of close to 5 billion a year in military and domestic aid to thumb its nose at the benefactor but thats Israel . It has been getting this aid money since 1948 but thats just what it gets from the USA . Mind you despite this aid it didn,t stop Israel from spying on the USA to gain its nuclear capacity or bizarrely attacking the USS Liberty in international waters during the six day war .
    What I find hard to comprehend is that Iran is perceived as a threat and Israel isn,t ? Consider the brutal attack on Lebanon , well at least the last one and the excuse used was the kidnapping of some soldiers near the border . The attack on Gaza which is akin to warders attacking prisoners because Gaza was a virtual prison and except for the Egyptian side still is . Iran fought Iraq but Iraq attacked it with the support of western powers . Iran doesn,t have what we consider good governance but is ok for Israel to have a form of apartheid . A russian jew who migrated to Israel 15 years ago has more rights than an a Jerusalem arab who ancestry goes back centuries . Not only more rights but can by Israeli legal means kick that arab out of his house legally . I just don,t understand the logic in claiming Israel as a trusted friend and having western values . Just about every leader in that country has been tainted with or convicted of corruption over the last twenty years . What is the difference between a jewish state and a muslim state where there is no distinction between religion and state in its governance ? Both may claim secular type governance but neither practice it . Its beyond comprehension that either country has support from any quarter but more so Israel .

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