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Nov 9, 2012

Obama Rainbow Revolution posters: please take

A pair of posters (respects to Shepard Fairey and David Bowie) to celebrate one of the singular political journeys and achievements of our time. Feel free to appropriate.


‘The best is yet to come,’ says the cool introvert-optimist, the intellectual actionman, the calculating dreamer egomaniac. The link between Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen. What a guy. But it’s not just talk — scan the signs and symptoms of Obama’s rainbowquake election. Is the best yet to come?
‘Well, well! Doo doo-doo doot-do!’
to quote John Lennon.

For NJ: happy birithday x x
And for RBW: HOPE is rebooted. Yeah yeah, well well.

Click to enlarge.


Chong Weng Ho — Culture Mulcher

Chong Weng Ho

Culture Mulcher

W. H. Chong is a book designer and artist. He is Design Director at Text Publishing, and a founding member of ABDA (Australian Book Designers Association) where he currently serves as Secretary. His work can be seen at whchong.com.

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