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Podcasts 2012: favourites

Blessings of the podcast: Weekly sex advice, fortnightly language discussions, fashion tips from the streets of New York, New York. And movies, they talk about movies.


A picture of Alan Saunders (in memoriam)

It’s been over a week since a friend texted to ask ‘Have you seen that Alan Saunders.’ In her unsettled haste she neglected to add “… has died.” That’s Alan Saunders, the longtime ABC broadcaster. Like her message, my feelings of disconsolation are still unresolved. I had no idea you could so simply, so shockingly […]


Sonic mulchings 2010

If I had fiction fatigue this year, (see book mulchings) I also suffered from melody fatigue. My favourite new CDs featured kinds of rap; there was also a bunch of old stuff which is definitionally classic. And there’s all the other sonic offerings too, given away free, made by people who love to do it. […]