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Politically correct and politically wrong

Thwack — the Mulcher has been ticked off by the feminist blog The Dawn Chorus. (Hello, Dawns.) The trouble magnet is once again J. Assange, this time prompted by the rape allegations against him. Ms. 45 wonders that “Crikey wonder[s] why they don’t have female readers.” The ubiquitous Mel Campbell is “pretty disappointed” I should […]


“Has film criticism failed?” Three critics and Gillian Armstrong say, Yes, yes it has.

Don’t you hate critics? Especially the ones who never agree with you. They’re obviously wrong. Or stupid. Worse, they don’t even write criticism, they write “reviews.” (Kidding,*sigh*) . The latest provocation from the Wheeler Centre’s wicked head of programming, Michael Williams, is a week-long series titled “Critical Failure” with panels on Film, Books, Theatre and […]