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FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | August 15, 2012 | MISC | 1 |

First Dog’s Inaugural Video of the Day!

Here is an exciting new crikey thing! Each day (mostly) we will post here one of the suggested Crikey Videos of the Day that don’t make the cut, a kind of “Videos Jason Whittaker Rejects”. Today’s inaugural First Dog’s Video of the Day is Teddy the Asshole Cat You’re welcome.

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | August 03, 2012 | MISC | 2 |

No seriously.

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | June 19, 2012 | MISC | 2 |

Hug a climate scientist day 2012 was hugtastic!

Here are the wonderful photos of people hugging people who may or may not be climate scientists! Look at the bottom of the post to see who has won the coveted First Dog on the Moon Mouse Pad! This one was sent in by Harriet who says “Attached is a photo of me hugging Alessio, […]

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | June 12, 2012 | MISC | |

Happy Hug A Climate Scientist Day Everyone! We have photographic proof it works!

Today is Hug a Climate Scientist Day, a long tradition started last year for us to say thank you to Australia’s Climate Scientists just for being them. It is not easy being a Scientist apparently although doing experiments and stuff must be awesome. This cartoon explains it all. And so does this press release. This […]

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | May 24, 2012 | MISC | 1 |

Hug a Climate Scientist Day 2012!

Hi Science fans! This press release was sent out by the First Dog on the Moon Institute earlier today to EVERY SCIENTIST AND SCIENCE JOURNALIST ON EARTH (or at least some of them). It is all fairly self explanatory – the links to various resources are below. If you have any questions we won’t be […]

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | April 13, 2012 | MISC | 2 |

Merchandise Update Update

Cash for Comment! This post is simply to flog stuff – read on at your money’s peril. If you want First Dog merchandise you now have a plethora of options. I know it would be nice to have everything on the one website, but capitalism does not currently support this option. There are now First […]

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | April 10, 2012 | MISC | 1 |


You may have noticed i haven’t updated my blog for a while. This is because of the ongoing technical issues we have here at crikey which make running the blog too onerous also i am lazy. In the meantime you can always go to my new online shop and buy a poster instead. http://firstdogonthemoon.myshopify.com/

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | December 21, 2011 | MISC | 6 |

First Dog’s First Ever Podcast Guided Tour Extravaganza!

Oh my goodness! Here is your handy spoken word guided tour of my exhibition The Universe According to First Dog on the Moon in the form of a Podcast! My first one ever! I am quite excited. If you download it on to your mp3 player, and then go and walk through the exhibition whilst listening […]

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | November 08, 2011 | MISC | 8 |

Upcoming First Dog on the Moon actual official Exhibition…

There is a wonderful exhibition space underneath Flinders St Station that calls itself Platform. More specifically it is under De Graves St with access from the Train bit of the station and Flinders St itself. Thousands of Melbourne’s finest commuters pass through it every single day. Woo! I will be exhibiting there from the December […]

FIRST DOG ON THE MOON | October 05, 2011 | MISC | 1 |

Climate Change Poetry Slam

For reasons which are not immediately clear I am “performing” a “spoken word piece” at the St Kilda MeMo Theatre Climate Change Poetry Slam on Friday the 7th. There will be cartooning, there will be words and so far that is all I have. Possibly also Giant Parasites. Here are a bunch of images of […]