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Articles by Dale Leorke

INTERVIEW: NYU and Zynga’s Frank Lantz on games in the real world

Frank Lantz is an academic and game designer who was one of the early pioneers of location-based or ‘real world’ games—games that incorporate the physical location of the player and their surroundings into the gameplay. Some location-based games, such as Lantz’s PacManhattan (2004) use mobile phones and GPS trackers to communicate the players’ positions to […]


Ideology and Industry: The Art of Videogames Exhibition at Washington’s Smithsonian Museum

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re very happy to bring you our first guest post here at Game On today. Dale Leorke is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne and is currently travelling in the USA for research. The opportunity to run his insightful review of the recently-opened The Art of Video Games exhibition at the […]