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November, 2007

The Room by Ray Melnik

2007, 9781589615427 There are people who can write, and there are ‘writers’. Ray Melnik uses his imagination to spin a yarn around issues and interests he is passionate about. The Room is definitely readable, and interesting, but the word ‘quaint’ comes to mind. The narrative revolves around Harry, a decent man from an abusive background. […]


Rohypnol by Andrew Hutchinson

9781741668223, Random House Vintage, 2007 (Aus, Kindle) Rohypnol is about bad people. They follow the rules of the ‘new punk’, meaning that they can take what they want, when they want it. They are young, male, rich, and live by the motto – ‘f**k people’. The group’s main activity is spiking the drinks of women […]


Paint It Black by Janet Fitch

Virago, 2007 (Aus, US) If your lover ended their life, would you feel you had ever really known them? Josie Tyrell is an artist’s model and student-film actress in punk ’80s LA. She escaped her white trash upbringing for a life of parties, drugs, music and intriguing people. She met Michael, who gave up a […]


The Artist

Published in Slow Trains Literary Journal, November 2007. 1 Tattoos like stamped patterns on folded silk. She’d gotten them in Paris when she was eighteen, when a beggar was her friend, the concrete her pillow, and a hard knock her income. Read more…