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ANGELA MEYER | September 19, 2011 | COMMENTARY | |

Extrapolations: stories re-imagined from the tangible, a guest post by Kent MacCarter

By Kent MacCarter In the preface on page six of Dupain’s Sydney, an art book featuring photographic plates of cityscapes, city dwellers and urban whatnot by acclaimed photographer Max Dupain, there is a photograph of the artist fussing with the aperture on his 4×5 large-format camera perched on a fully extended tripod. You can detect […]

ANGELA MEYER | September 15, 2011 | 20 CLASSICS IN 2011 | 1 |

20 Classics in 2011 #7: Death on Tiptoe by RC Ashby

I’m reading 20 classic, modern-classic or cult books in 2011. Read more about this project here. Why did I want to read it? In The Children’s Bookshop in Edinburgh, I discovered a wall of yellow books with purple pinstripes: rediscovered, republished books by women. There were all kinds of stories, but the fact that Death on Tiptoe was […]

ANGELA MEYER | September 10, 2011 | OTHER PEOPLE'S WORDS | |

Guest review: Rachel Edwards on Bearings by Leah Swann

Affirm Press, 9780980790429 (Aus) Reviewed by Rachel Edwards Australia has seen an increase in the publishing, and the recognition of, short stories and their authors over the last few years. Cate Kennedy and Nam Le set the bar high, and Affirm Press are presenting reading audiences with some refined new voices through their innovative publishing of the […]

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The big bucks: Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2011

Last night I went along to the ‘streamlined’ Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, run by the Wheeler Centre. The awards took place in the grand Plaza Ballroom (part of the Regent Theatre), built in 1929. The decadent entrance and room is apparently in the Spanish Rococo style, but it seemed very eclectic to me: nouveau flourishes, […]

ANGELA MEYER | September 06, 2011 | REVIEWS + ANALYSES | |

Review of :etchings 9 – Love & Something on Cordite

I recently reviewed issue nine of the journal :etchings for Cordite Poetry Review. The focus of the review is the issue’s poetry, as that is Cordite‘s focus, but I mention the fiction and nonfiction also. It begins: ‘Love & Something is the sub-header of :etchings 9, and the something seems to stand for the multitudinous meanings the […]

ANGELA MEYER | September 01, 2011 | REVIEWS + ANALYSES | |

Read just now: Re: Reading the Dictionary by Tim Sinclair

Spent the morning writing and editing. Checked my email. Read a press release on Tim Sinclair’s new poetry book Re: Reading the Dictionary. Clicked the link. Bought it. Downloaded it. Read it from A to Z. Loved it. Wanted to tell you about it right away. Each piece from ‘Afflatus’ to ‘Zombie, Philosophical’ takes a […]

ANGELA MEYER | August 30, 2011 | COMMENTARY | 3 |

Birds of a feather: Melbourne Writers Festival 2011 diary, part two

Left: A burrowing owl [source] In the back of my notebook is the beginning of a drawing of an escalator. I was hiding between things, being alone; couldn’t sit still, started tweeting. Should have gone outside and found some birds. I attended the session Birds of a Feather mainly because I love to hear people […]

ANGELA MEYER | August 27, 2011 | COMMENTARY | 2 |

Lab coats, lit journals & marrying frogs: Melbourne Writers Festival 2011 diary, part one

It’s that time of the year again, where authors, poets, thinkers and drinkers congregate in Melbourne, and we go along to hear their thoughts about work and life. As I was away in the lead-up, I’m not doing any chairing or official duties this year. I get to go along and enjoy the talks, readings, […]

ANGELA MEYER | August 25, 2011 | SELF-INDULGENCE | |

I’m back! A quick note…

I’m up at 1:27 eating cheese, which means I’m back, and jet-lagged baby. My intentions for the blog while travelling were very good, but, you know… Europe, summer, etc. Once my head feels right again (I also have a rotten cold) I’ll be back in blog-land with news, reviews, some travel-related discoveries and more. I […]


Guest review: Portia Lindsay on Berlin Syndrome by Melanie Joosten

Scribe Publications, 9781921844140, July 2011, Australia Melanie Joosten’s debut novel is a taut and intimate psychological thriller. Clare meets Andi while on a working holiday in Berlin and they immediately share a strong attraction. At Andi’s behest, Clare decides to delay travelling on to Dresden, but their intense connection quickly morphs into a more sinister […]