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Policy analysis



ACT Marriage Equality and the Constitution

Glen FullerDec 11, 2012

The dust has settled on the recent ACT Election and a Labor-Greens government has been returned. Student journalist Jelisa Apps follows up on

Beyond Stolen Tomatoes and Pumpkins

Beyond Stolen Tomatoes and Pumpkins

Glen FullerDec 11, 2012

Instead of funding community gardens in communal suburbs, the Labor Party are looking into extending the policy by involving community garden programs that encourage the involvement

Labor Promises to Deliver Health Services

Glen FullerNov 23, 2012

Katy Gallagher has promised to deliver 500 additional nurses into the ACT nursing workforce over the next four years, reports student journalist Madeline Power.

"I'm a foster kid, I’m different": growing up in care

Scott BridgesNov 13, 2012

A look at foster care policy in the ACT by student journalists Alison Dance and Charlotte King.

Planning in Tuggeranong

Scott BridgesOct 19, 2012

Student journalists Matthew Chown and Jessica Frecklington look at the future of planning and development in Tuggeranong.

Next stop: light rail?

Glen FullerOct 18, 2012

It may seem like a case of déjà vu, but ACT voters can be forgiven for thinking they have heard it all before when it comes to bringing light rail to Canberra, reports student journalist Alexandria Caughey Hutt.

Light on light rail details

Glen FullerOct 18, 20121 Comment

Transport is a big issue on the ACT election agenda. At varying levels of funding, the three major parties have each proposed election policies aimed at improving Canberra’s public transport system, reports student journalist Jacqui Garrity.

The active future of public transport

Scott BridgesOct 18, 2012

Student journalists Jacqui Garrity and Jelisa Apps examine active transport policies in the lead up to the ACT election.

New stadium for Canberra

New stadium for Canberra

Glen FullerOct 18, 2012

With one of the coldest climates in Australia, is it time that Canberra got a new purpose built stadium in the CBD? Student journalist Ryley McKay analyses ACT Sports Minister and ALP candidate Andrew Barr's comparison of the proposal for a new stadium in Canberra to Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Transporting Gungahlin's future

Scott BridgesOct 18, 2012

Student journalists Kate Ottewell and Aimee Mazzarolo and Josie Huynh and Molly Baxter examine the reality and promises of public transport services in the region.