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Peter Maley. 100% Territorian

Recently appointed Stipendiary Magistrate Peter Maley is one hundred per cent Territorian. Territory born, bred and educated*,  Maley has been very successful in the law and business but his appointment to the bench is currently tearing the NT legal establishment apart.

Last Saturday evening Maley participated in 100% Darwin, the local iteration of the concept first pioneered by German theatre company Rimini Protokol as part of the annual Darwin Festival. The Festival blurb says that 100% Darwin ” … brings statistics to life, and life to statistics.” Whatever that means.


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Australia. Where the only good cat is a dead cat

Apparently last Friday 8th August was “World Cat Day.” A Google search of that phrase gives a gazillion links to … you guessed it … funny cat videos.

How did we get to this? We celebrate a vicious killer species – who kills for nought but sport – of just about any other creature that falls within it’s impressive armoury of tooth, claw,smarts and power. The moggy in the picture above – perfectly camouflaged for the centralian bush – was so intent on stalking the nearby flock of Banded Lapwings that it ignore my mate with his camera (and hopefully, his gun).


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Church of the Week: Aborigines Inland Mission Church, Newcastle Waters, NT

Newcastle Waters is a small (virtually) abandoned township just north of the small town of Elliott. Elliott is just about equidistant from Darwin and Alice Springs so if you were looking for somewhere in the middle of not much, the Elliott district is a good place to start.

Regular church services are no longer held at the Newcastle Waters church but it is used by the Newcastle Waters school next door for school concerts and functions and for the occasional funeral.


In memory of Eric Brown. A tribute to a life well-lived, by Liam Campbell

This is a guest post from my centralian mate, Liam Campbell. 

My friend Eric Brown passed away about a week ago. His son found my number in his phone and called me.

I first met Eric and Isobel when they were living at White Gums near Alice Springs about 22 years ago. They would travel between the NT and SA.

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The warbirds of Pitch Black 2014

I spent a few hours yesterday morning sitting at the end of the Darwin International Airport (which doubles as the RAAF’s local base) watching the comings and goings of the many and various warbirds taking part in Exercise Pitch Black 2014, the biennial air warfare exercise based at the Darwin airbase and at the RAAF base at Tindal, just south of Darwin. You can see my posts from PB 2012 here and here.


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La morte di un altro giornale?

Days are numbered for l’Unità, founded in February 1924 by Antonio Gramsci, one of the fathers of the Italian Communist Party [PCI} looks set to go if backers cannot be found by the end of this month.

The paper—banned under the fascists, and out of print in 2000 until it was revived in 2001—currently has 50 journalists and 15 production workers.

None have been paid since April.

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Sei isole in un mare di morti. (Six islands in a sea of death)

This is a guest post from Chips Mackinolty, an Australian artist and writer living in Vucciria in the capital city of Sicily, Palermo.

I have been reading from time to time about the situation with refugees back in Australia—specifically “boat people”—and of the rumours about boats being turned back, if not handed back to the Sri Lankan navy.

Here, Italy is in the front line of refugees arriving by boat.

While there is much to criticise about the Italian government’s treatment of refugees once on shore, the story at sea is far different, with the Italian navy and air force, assisted by merchant boats, actively seeking to save people and bring them to land safely in Italy.

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Birds of the Week: Raptors of the Barkly Stock Route

Last weekend I had the good fortune to drive along the several hundred k’s of the Barkly Stock Route from just south of Elliott to where it meets the Tablelands Highway at Anthony Lagoon Station.

I was en route to the annual Brunette Downs race week (see more here and here) and, as is my wont, I took time out to grab some photos of any interesting raptors (and what raptor isn’t?) I saw along the way.


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A call to prayer at the Brunette Downs Campdraft

Like the Islamic pre-dawn Fajr call to prayer, the beckonings of the campdraft announcer ring out across the sleeping township that is the Brunette Downs race weekend camp. I’m snug under three blankets and canvas in my swag on a chilly morning and I can see the coming day as just a golden smear low on the eastern horizon as I peer out at the coming day.


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Church of the Week: Christ the King Catholic Church, Tennant Creek NT.

I’ve not spent a lot of time inside a church since I was a pup – apart from the odd funeral or wedding.

A few weeks back I was prowling the pre-dawn streets of Tennant Creek looking for interesting subjects and the Christ the King Catholic Church caught my eye.


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