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Mar 15, 2013

Julia Gillard - gone by next Wednesday

I'll call it now. The tap on the shoulder has finally come for Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She will be out of the job by Wednesday next and second-time-around Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will face one day of parliamentary sittings as leader before the long spring break. Roll on September 14 2013.

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The Northern Myth has it from solid Labor sources that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been tapped on the shoulder today and will leave office next Wednesday, March 20.

While the timing at first appears curious – why wait five days? – a quick glance at the Parliamentary sitting calendar shows that this would give her replacement – tipped to be Kevin Rudd – just one day of Parliament before the long break through to budget sittings in mid-May.

So Rudd would have one day to make his mark and appear on TV screens from question time, without facing weeks of parliamentary scrutiny and glee from the Coalition.

And there is an ironic twist in the tale.

When Kevin Rudd was rolled by Julia Gillard on 24 June 2010, she had a single day of uproarious glory in the Parliament before the long winter/spring break through to late August.

Social media has been ablaze this week with talk of a spill and of Gillard being tapped by a delegation of senior Labor figures, rumours that were until recently denied.

Gillard has been in an election-losing position in the opinion polls for some time and her decision to name the election day (September 14) precipitated a series of events which have not helped her attempt to hold onto power.

Her recent attack on alleged rorting of the 457 visa program has prompted some criticism from within Labor.

Many political experts think Labor powerbrokers would not force a spill on Gillard, so the only way the crown would pass to another is if she agrees to step down.


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