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The rise and rise of the anti-Fox – how Rachel Maddow rattles the right

Maddow is tough, smart-as-a-whip (she is a Rhodes scholar and has a PhD from Oxford University) and is no milquetoast liberal lightweight. And she can be very funny. Her presentations are dense, complex and – perhaps this is hardest of all in political commentary – often hilarious.


Wayne LaPierre and the NRA – pissing on the graves of the Sandy Hook dead

“The association presents itself as a grass-roots organization, but it has become increasingly clear in recent years that it represents gun makers. Its chief aim has been to help their businesses by increasing the spread of firearms throughout American society” – the New York Times.


You call that a flood? THIS is a flood – the Mississippi River in May…

The real story, however, is what this is doing to the Mississippi river basin. Thankfully, we are protected by the best levees in the Valley (northern Delta counties), which did not even fail in 1927 (Cleveland hasn’t been flooded by the River since 1903!), so unless there is an earthquake, we should be all right.


Valverde, the “Texan”, TDU2010 and what The Australian didn’t tell you…

As the recent fall from grace of the ‘world’s greatest golfer’ Tiger Woods has illustrated, there are very real risks associated with the deification of sportsmen. When they are inevitably proved human both they and their sport suffer. There are some in the Australian media that would rather gouge their eyes out with their pen than write a negative word about the demi-god that is Lance Armstrong.


Australia’s shame Part 2: Tiwi Forestry – 30,000 hectares of “bankrupt monoculture”

Senator IAN MACDONALD—What is your concern about the Tiwi Islands, from the Tiwi Islanders’ point of view? Dr Ajani—I think they have a product which is not well placed in the play that is going to unfold over the next few years as our hardwood plantation resource comes onto the market.


Po’ Monkey’s Lounge – Merigold, Mississippi

$5 entry, $3 beer – no fire or liquor licenses or other permits or authorities – and Po’ Monkey vigorously enforces his own strict set of rules – no baseball caps, no guns, no baggy-ass pants – this effectively excludes young teenage gangsters from the lounge – no fighting, no beer bought in and no dope smoking.