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BEN SANDILANDS | September 17, 2014 | ROUTES | 3 |

Qantas SriLankan code share will save lives

Boat $10K 4 weeks. Qantas (not shown) $2k one day: Easy choice

The newly announced Qantas code share on SriLankan Airlines Singapore-Colombo flights could prove a life saver for those mislead into illegally entering Australia by boat.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 17, 2014 | RAIL | 8 |

NSW Govt confirms it will vandalise Epping-Chatswood rail line

A full sized duplex train set at the Epping end of the Chatswood line: Commons photo

As reported in the Fairfax media and Plane Talking previously the NSW government has confirmed it will physically  and deliberately destroy the heavy rail capabilities of the almost brand new Chatswood-Epping rail line to pursue its toy train set ambitions for the NW Rail Link from Epping to Cudgegong Road.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 16, 2014 | ROUTES | 7 |

Qantas lobs non-stop 744s in ski holiday fight with Air Canada

Real snow, real deep, in Canada, via a real jet icon, a 744: Qantas photo

Qantas is doing something this January that many customers have wished for in the past, and flying non-stop between Sydney and Vancouver.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 16, 2014 | AIR CRASHES | 2 |

Is the Pel-Air cover-up going to drag on forever?

Commons photo of a similar Westwind jet foreground.

It isn’t known when the  Transport Safety Board of Canada’s review of the how the ATSB handled its botched accident investigation into the 2009 Pel-Air crash will be released, but some sort of struggle to prevent it being made public has been going on behind the scenes for months.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 15, 2014 | REGIONAL FLIGHTS | |

Bush pilots, remote communities, get a boost from subsidy

Too late for some, the battler air services of the bush have been given a partial reprieve from air traffic charges.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 14, 2014 | AIR CRASHES | 22 |

MH370 Is the truth known to senior Indonesia police?

One of the strangest things about MH370 was the insistence of the government of Malaysia in the wasting of search resources over a South China Sea search when it knew on the morning of its disappearance that the flight had recrossed the Malaysia Peninsula to the north of the entrance of the Straits of Malacca.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 12, 2014 | BAGGAGE | 22 |

Hidden agenda behind carry on crackdown on low cost carriers

Meanwhile, over at the Tigerair check in ... Photo courtesy NT Government

There is so much more going on in airline attempts to break passenger habits than the carry-on baggage crack downs by Jetstar and now Tigerair.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 11, 2014 | ROUTES | 7 |

Qantas flies outside the box with WestJet in Canada deal

Qantas graphic of its Canadian connections including WestJet

If likes attract Qantas would have today announced a new code share deal with Air Canada, but it has gone instead for one with Canada’s newer and notably entrepreneurial carrier WestJet.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 09, 2014 | AIR CRASHES | 24 |

MH17 “It seems that its target is falling apart”

Shortly after MH17 stopped talking to Ukraine ATC on 17 July, they called Russian controllers who were also watching it on their radar and who said  “… it seems that its target is falling apart”.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 09, 2014 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 4 |

Boeing, Ryanair bring wet-your-pants cheap flights closer

Ryanair MAX 200: Graphic by Boeing

Now draws closer the hour(s) of our incontinency as well as discontent.

Even piddling little flights lasting only 40 minutes between take off and touch down can take more than an hour when you add in taxying times, air traffic delays and a lack of immediately free gates or even hard stands.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 09, 2014 | AIRPORTS | 4 |

Dubai 2034: Landing four A380s or 777-Xs simultaneously

The things we put up with at old Dubai, back in 2014: Wiki Commons

Imagine you are approaching Dubai on a stretch new engine tech A380 ten to twenty years from now. You can see three other jets flying in formation with yours, all individually headed to their own landing slot on four parallel 4500 metre runways.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 09, 2014 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 14 |

Dreamliner exposé says issues persist with 787 design, quality

The infamous shell rollout on 7-8-2007 of the Dreamliner prototype: Commons photo

At a time when airline confidence in the 787 Dreamliners is rising and problems with in-service reliability appear to be falling, a year long investigation by Al Jazeera raises matters that may concern travellers and carriers alike.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 08, 2014 | PAINT JOBS | 11 |

Southwest’s PR leak gushes all over social media

Dog help us if this is a clever social media fake!

Someone at US low cost carrier Southwest must be very, very annoyed by social media at the moment.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 06, 2014 | CABINS | 10 |

Japan Airlines puts some of the ‘dream’ back into 787s

Current livery Japan Airlines 787-8: Wikipedia Commons

Given the overall trend to destroy the amenity of air travel by airlines intent on crushing the life out of our limbs with ever tighter seating, small reversals of form merit praise.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 05, 2014 | LOW COST CARRIERS | 4 |

Air Asia Extra gets Indonesian AOC for long haul LCC

An AirAsia X A330-300: Commons photo

The question has to be posed. What makes the Air Asia low cost carrier franchise more successful than its Jetstar and Tiger rivals?

BEN SANDILANDS | September 04, 2014 | LABOUR RELATIONS | 2 |

QantasLink makes big job move in small country town

Every job in a small rural town like Tamworth is gold, and especially those that are ‘vitally skilled’, like carrying out aircraft maintenance.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 04, 2014 | AIRPORTS | 9 |

Sydney curfew review could open way to ‘bigger’ as well as ‘quieter’

A Learjet 45 over Sydney. Will silence come in larger doses? Execujet photo

The headline to this story might be disputed, but consider the details. The coalition government is reviewing the small business jets allowed to fly during the bigger scheduled jet curfews at Adelaide and Sydney airports.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 03, 2014 | AIRPORTS | 20 |

Qantaslink to fly Sydney-Wellcamp 11 times weekly from 17 November

Wellcamp Airport ready for business: From its Facebook album

Qantaslink has scored a major coup by becoming the launch mainline carrier for the Wellcamp airport near Toowoomba from 17 November.


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