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BEN SANDILANDS | August 14, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 14 |

Surprise! Concrete slabs found in Maldives not from MH370

An observer checks the seas near La Reunion this week from a French CASA turbo-prop

Multiple news reports from Malaysia are quoting its transport minister Liow Tiong Lai  as saying debris found in the Maldives did not come from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 14, 2015 | LEASING | 12 |

Rising power of leasing drives Airbus changes in Australia

Air Lease will never actually fly one of its A320s in this symbolic livery

When Isabelle Floret took charge of the Airbus the commercial team in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Hong Kong the European plane maker was briefing the aviation media about its interest in seeing a balance in the market place between the leasing companies and airlines. 

BEN SANDILANDS | August 13, 2015 | ROUTES | 8 |

Move over Sydney-Dallas, here comes Dubai-Panama City

Try this for more than 17 hours and a slow boat to Panama will look good

This won’t cause consternation in Qantas, but its bragging rights about the world’s longest scheduled airline service with an A380 between Sydney and Dallas Fort Worth are about to be usurped.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 12, 2015 | LOW COST CARRIERS | 2 |

The AirAsia X factor comes to the too often ashen skies over Bali

Is this jet more disruptive for Australian carriers than Mt Raung shown down the page?

It’s quite possible that the expansion of AirAsiaX’s reach to the Sydney-Denpasar route from October announced today will do more damage to Jetstar, VirginAustralia and the planned Tigerair Australia flights to Bali than the all too frequent eruptions from the nearby Mt Raung volcano. 

BEN SANDILANDS | August 12, 2015 | LOW COST CARRIERS | 3 |

Why not make all Qantas turbo-prop flights Propstars?

The first 'propstar' sees daylight as it is readied for NZ service later this year

Jetstar has previewed its upcoming turbo-prop operations in New Zealand by wheeling its first Q300 in its livery out of the paint shop in Townsville.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 12, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 19 |

MH17 missile parts possibly found, but why was jet there?

BUK mobile missile unit on display at a Russian defence show in 2011

“Possible” is a word that dogs the twin disasters involving Malaysia Airlines. Possible parts of a Russian BUK missile have been found amid the wreckage of MH17, death toll 298. A wing part, possibly indeed almost certainly, from MH370, death toll 239, has been recovered from La Reunion island, in the west Indian Ocean.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 11, 2015 | ROUTES | 11 |

Emirates keeps eating the competition in A380 sized bites

No, this isn't a twin engined A380, it's just a strange choice of perspective for a PR graphic

The stresses Emirates with its A380s puts on its competitors, and ally Qantas, continues to grow, this time by converting a daily 777-300ER from Melbourne to Singapore and on to Dubai to the larger sized Airbus from 1 March 2016.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 09, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 35 |

MH370, Is team Dive or team Glide right, and why it matters

Despite weather delays France has started an air search off La Reunion using this CASA turboprop

Did MH370 dive to its doom or did it glide to a controlled ditching in the Indian Ocean, and, was the missing Malaysia Airlines 777 taken by a terrorist attack?

BEN SANDILANDS | August 07, 2015 | CABINS | 4 |

Tigerair to get roomiest economy seats in an Australian jet!

Will this Virgin 737 soon fly for Tiger with rows of roomier economy seats than it now offers?

In a no doubt unintended consequence, Virgin Australia is planning to transfer some 737-800s to its low cost brand Tigerair that will have the most legroom in economy class in a main line single aisle jet in the country.


Virgin Australia defers jets keeps cost advantage over Qantas

Virgin Australia has pulled a number of levers to engineer what is the most confident guidance of a return to profitability it has given in the 15 years since the launch of the original Virgin Blue.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 07, 2015 | ROUTES | 8 |

Virgin Australia turns Tiger loose on Bali in route changes

Is Tigerair telling us it will adopt mixed pitch cabins like those on easyJet?

Tigerair Australia will take over some Virgin Australia 737-800s and fly a bunch of routes to Bali that its full service parent is leaving in a major realignment of the groups international product offerings.


Emirates lifting A380 flights to UK to 70 per week

The A380, the plane that eats airlines that don't have any

For those who think downsizing from A380s to 777s would make sense, Emirates will lift its daily A380 frequency into the UK to ten from 1 January, eight of them to two London airports, and two to Manchester.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 07, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 31 |

MH370 debris search chokes on a pile of misinformation

Mr Liow (left) and Deputy PM Warren Truss on an occasion when flags outnumbered breakthroughs

Things are in a mess in the search for MH370 wreckage on La Reunion island this morning, at least in terms of official statements.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 06, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 9 |

More MH370 debris on La Reunion island includes seat, window parts

It takes much force to break a window pane out of a fuselage

Malaysia’s transport minister Liow Tiong Lai says more MH370 debris has been found on La Reunion island including parts of windows, seat cushions and aluminium foil.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 06, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 16 |

IG review says torn MH370 flaperon implies mid air break-up

IG's annotated image of the damaged 777 wing part

The Independent Group of scientists studying the MH370 disappearance thinks that the 777 flaperon found on La Reunion island was torn off the wing of the jet after it ran out of fuel and before it struck the ocean.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 06, 2015 | SPACE | 4 |

Moon-Earth transit as seen from a million miles away

The far side of the Moon in front of the Earth in more detail

Stuck in traffic? Packed into a peak hour train?  Here’s a different view of your typical day from a million miles away, when suddenly the Moon comes into view.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 06, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 14 |

MH370 criminal inquiry in France seeks candour in KL

Najib Razak reacts to a question on MH370 in KL yesterday but before announcement in France

More than a wing part has surfaced in the MH370 saga overnight.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 06, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 4 |

France says strong presumption part is from MH370 more tests to come

The wing part from MH370 being recovered on La Reunion last week

The public prosecutor’s office in Paris says there are multiple strong presumptions that the wing part recovered from La Reunion island last week comes from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, but more tests will be done later today, Thursday, in Toulouse.


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