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BEN SANDILANDS | April 04, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 26 |

MH370: What If Malaysia’s Air Force had pursued the 777?

A MiG-29, no match for a determined airliner, as used by Serbia's Air Force.

While the news vacuum about MH370 is being filled with supposition, David Learmount at Flighglobal has asked the realistic question “what would have happened if Malaysia’s air force had chased the off-course Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER with 239 people on board?”

BEN SANDILANDS | April 03, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 35 |

MH370: Criminal investigation moves onto centre stage

Where does this lead us? It leads us to a suspicion that something shockingly evil happened to MH370, which ended, whether intentionally, or because of some other factor, in the far southern Indian Ocean.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 02, 2014 | ROUTES | 8 |

Jetstar adds Brisbane-Honolulu this December

The dynamics of Jetstar and Qantas competing for the Hawaiian travel dollars with each other, as well as with Hawaiian seem stable, with steady growth in visitor numbers on Australia-Hawaii routes.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 02, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 16 |

UK nuclear sub joining MH370 search

HMS Tireless broke through ice near the north pole in 2007 in a medical emergency

The UK nuclear submarine HMS Tireless is joining the search for MH370 ‘soon’ and its hi-tech underwater targeting system is capable of detecting the sea floor location of the missing Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 02, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 7 |

MH370: Media plunges into disaster porn and RSR*

The news vacuum in the wake of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is starting to suck in the daft and desperate when it comes to media coverage

BEN SANDILANDS | April 01, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 17 |

MH370 ‘Good night’ transcript released

The problem with small factual disclosures in the case of MH370 is that they become burdened with the weight of competing and often elaborate constructs.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 01, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 6 |

MH370 PR stunt sees ATSB try to avoid its dismal black box record

ATSB supplied image of its recorder laboratory at work

The ATSB has sought to leverage a bit of reflected glory out of the MH370 black box search today with an illustrated and indeed useful primer on their uses in air accident investigations.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 01, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 33 |

MH370: Changed last words raises other questions

Is this diagram a consequence of serious misinformation?

It’s not an April Fool’s joke, but something that involves the death of 239 people, yet Malaysia authorities have changed the last words for missing flight MH370 to “Good night Malaysian three seven zero”.

BEN SANDILANDS | March 31, 2014 | AIRPORTS | 13 |

Budget to announce $50 domestic boarding gate opener

Upmarket refreshment area for happy UK air tax payers at Heathrow: Commons


Australian domestic flyers and their airlines will cough up an extra $14 billion in fare levies and an auction for sole use taxiways and dedicated air corridors in the four year forward estimates period to be revealed in the May federal budget according to sources.

BEN SANDILANDS | March 31, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 8 |

MH370: Malaysia says truth will prevail … and more

Malaysia’s minister of defence Hishammuddin Hussein will press for more deep sea search equipment from a range of countries in Hawaii on Tuesday when he meets with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and other parties at the ASEAN Defence Ministerial meeting.

BEN SANDILANDS | March 31, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 1 |

Parallel to MH370, search for fishing ship cancelled

It is unknown whether there has been a tragic fishing boat sinking in icy Antarctic waters, but the Australian search that responded to an emergency beacon on Sunday has been cancelled on advice that there would be no survivors.

BEN SANDILANDS | March 31, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 15 |

MH370: A black box search looking for a starting line

The 31 March AMSA map of the current and previous search sweeps

With the sailing later today if not early tomorrow of the RAN support vessel Ocean Shield for the current MH370 search zone the best metaphor might be that of a race against time in which this runner can’t even see the starting line.

BEN SANDILANDS | March 31, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 2 |

MH370 task given scale by Sub Antarctic maritime emergency

When a 75 metre long Tanzanian registered fishing vessel set off an emergency beacon yesterday in the far Southern Ocean it gave what appears to be tragic scale to the task confronting the search for missing flight MH370.

BEN SANDILANDS | March 30, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 9 |

Sub Antarctic boat in distress diverts MH370 Orion

A maritime emergency in sub Antarctica waters has caused a reshuffling of the aircraft involved in today’s search for traces of the missing Malaysia Airlines line.

BEN SANDILANDS | March 30, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 18 |

MH370: Australia sets up top level Perth command post

The truth about MH370, whatever it may be, will not be easily uncovered, even if seats, clothing and cabin fittings are recovered in the near future.


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