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BEN SANDILANDS | October 03, 2014 | LOW COST CARRIERS | 6 |

AirAsia’s next hub could be Dubai

AirAsia CEO and group founder Tony Fernandes has made a pitch to authorities in Dubai to set up his next franchise at either its major airport, Dubai International, or its future mega airport Al Maktoum at the emerging Dubai World Central trade precinct.

BEN SANDILANDS | October 02, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 20 |

Darwin ATC deletes vital message unread, imperils Qantas jets

Defence air traffic control at Darwin is arguably a greater risk to aviation than home grown terrorists

BEN SANDILANDS | October 02, 2014 | AIR CRASHES | |

First MH370 deep sea search ship now due to be on site 5 October

GO Phoenix, first to start the deep sea search soon

The earliest start date for the next phase of the search for the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 now looks like 5-6 October, when the GO Phoenix is expected to reach its allocated target area in the southern Indian Ocean southwest of Perth.

BEN SANDILANDS | October 01, 2014 | ALLIANCES | 3 |

We should all now go to Nashville, and it’s just become easier

Dolly Parton at the Grand Ole Oprey show 2005

Just a few days ago the question was what Virgin Australia might do to compete with really truly non-stop Qantas flights to Dallas Fort Worth?

Well, the answer is Nashville, as in Nashville, Tennessee

BEN SANDILANDS | October 01, 2014 | AIR CRASHES | 6 |

MH370 Deep sea search due to start today?

Cue political theatre at any moment. The sea floor search phase for MH370 is about to deploy ‘towfish’ high definition scanners searching for wreckage

BEN SANDILANDS | September 30, 2014 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 12 |

In terms of photos, airliner certification is changed forever

There was more to the formation flight of five A350s over France yesterday than met the eye. This was about the approaching end of the jet age, and the radical machines that will (or must) follow

BEN SANDILANDS | September 30, 2014 | LABOUR RELATIONS | 8 |

Qantas: Is it finding its way back?

More Qantas, less Jetstar, goodbye London? hullo (more of) America? Major changes in strategy at Qantas are becoming apparent

BEN SANDILANDS | September 29, 2014 | ALLIANCES | 14 |

Qantas A380s DFW-SYD could open competing US routes

With its A380s now serving Dallas non-stop both ways, Qantas hasn’t just done what has been urged on it for years, but could cause a large competitive focus on new routes to America

BEN SANDILANDS | September 28, 2014 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 6 |

Etihad 787-9 follows A380 from paint shop to seat shop

Airbus and Boeing prefer not to talk about their latest airliners complementing each other in fleet decisions, but that isn’t stopping Etihad making such a point with its first A380 on Thursday last week and its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner over the weekend.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 27, 2014 | LEASING | 2 |

Macquarie unit buys 40 CSeries 300s in boost for troubled jet

Flying in the shade, a rather apt Bombardier graphic of a CSeries 300

Although it flies under the radar in terms of media coverage Macquarie Air Finance, based in Ireland, has just given the ambitious but troubled Canadian CSeries regional jet program a huge boost.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 26, 2014 | BRANDING | 14 |

Etihad CEO explains how the halo effect is A380′s real power

How to get 23 million people to search for information about an airline in a day: Offer a luxury apartment, and keep them waiting for a dramatic new livery

BEN SANDILANDS | September 25, 2014 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 37 |

Airbus A320 NEO inaugurates the age of re-engined jets

The first A320 NEO airborne: Airbus photo

The A320 NEO first flight now underway, begins an age of putting existing airliners through hi-tech makeovers rather than the pursuing all new designs.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 25, 2014 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 12 |

It’s the morning of the GTF in Toulouse and it will change flight forever

A radical yet old engine concept is approaching its moment of truth in Toulouse today, and it could make life much quieter for those living near airports

BEN SANDILANDS | September 25, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 1 |

Pel-Air crash victim Karen Casey speaks of her suffering

Nurse Karen Casey’s comment on the most recent Pel-Air story has been given a post of its own because some readers may not always have the time to follow the discussions that articles give rise to.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 24, 2014 | REWARDS | 8 |

Virgin Australia upstages new Qantas business class, seat wars anyone?

Will Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines force Qantas to ditch its new bizclass seats and fix its ‘complex’ new loyalty program? Or are we dreaming?

BEN SANDILANDS | September 24, 2014 | COMPETITION ISSUES | 9 |

Is IATA right about how airline tickets are sold?

Tony Tyler, DG of IATA, picking a fight over fares

Is IATA sounding the death knell for Australia’s consumer protection laws when it comes to advertising air fares,  or is it on the wrong side of history?

BEN SANDILANDS | September 23, 2014 | CORPORATE AIRCRAFT | 15 |

Airbus might be part of a supersonic business jet by 2021

Even a small scale successor to Concorde has proved elusive. Can a liaison between Airbus and team of US engineers make one work?

BEN SANDILANDS | September 22, 2014 | AIR SAFETY | 9 |

Pel-Air: Is 2nd rate crash report good enough for Australia?

For months Plane Talking  has been asking the office of the Minister responsible for aviation, Warren Truss, for updates on the Pel-Air issues.


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