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BEN SANDILANDS | January 11, 2016 | AIR SAFETY | 29 |

Good story about MH370 gets a bit hysterical

A commons media photo of the doomed jet 9M-MRO in service

The Australian today has become the last newspaper to discover that the ATSB thinks MH370’s pilots were incapacitated for the final hours of its flight to a crash site in the south Indian Ocean.

BEN SANDILANDS | January 09, 2016 | ADVENTURES | 8 |

A very different Dreamliner completes epic vintage flight from UK to Sydney

In between the big jets at Sydney, a Boeing Stearman taxis to the end of an epic: Simon Bullard

If you were in your jet on a Sydney taxiway today you might have seen this tiny 1942 Boeing Stearman (above) complete its epic trip from the UK, emulating British aviatrix Amy Johnson’s flight to Australia in 1930.

BEN SANDILANDS | January 09, 2016 | AIR CRASHES | 33 |

MH370 and “the captain did it” revisited

A new best estimate of the most likely locations of MH370

There is a very good, but not necessarily completely or maybe even partially correct rehashing of the view that MH370 was hijacked by its captain in The Australian today.

BEN SANDILANDS | January 08, 2016 | SPACE | 2 |

Boeing’s new NASA space pilots try out Starliner simulator

The Starliner has roomier quarters, and more advanced systems for its pilots

Aerospace isn’t just Boeing versus Airbus, but versus SpaceX as the new order in privately owned manned orbital supply rockets moves closer to taking over the risks and rewards of servicing space outposts like the International Space Station (ISS).

BEN SANDILANDS | January 07, 2016 | LOW COST CARRIERS | 1 |

Tigerair teams up with Flight Centre to hunt better in the jungle

Tigerair CEO Rob Sharp (nearest engine intake) and team, keen to make buying easy.

There is a ‘back story’ to the otherwise ho hum announcement that Tigerair and Flight Centre have teamed up in a three years strategic alliance.

BEN SANDILANDS | January 05, 2016 | BAGGAGE | 25 |

Malaysia Airlines un-imposes mystery checked bag ban on Europe routes

Flightradar24’s graphic showing the longer, windier route from KL to Europe

Updated All this nonsense has now ended

Malaysia Airlines has resumed its ‘normal’ routes to Europe and lifted its idiotic bans on checked luggage in their entirety.

BEN SANDILANDS | January 05, 2016 | AIR SAFETY | 21 |

Hoverboard burns down house near airport

The hoverboard in the house it burned down, courtesy ABC

The most important thing to note about this morning’s Melbourne hoverboard fire that burned down a house which coincidentally was near Essendon Airport was that the house wasn’t at 40,000 feet at the time.

BEN SANDILANDS | January 04, 2016 | ATROCITIES | 11 |

MH17 criminal probe ticks on, and could blow up in our faces

A DSB graphic of the BUK detonation that destroyed MH17

Updated with link to new ‘citizen journalist’ report*

A recent Dutch news report, picked up by Live Leak, is a reminder that the Australian government’s rhetoric about the MH17 atrocity is on course for a rough ride this year as the Dutch criminal inquiry continues its pursuit of guilty parties in the shooting down of a Malaysia Airlines 777 while in transit over a civil war zone in Ukraine on 17 July 2014 with the loss of 298 lives.

BEN SANDILANDS | January 01, 2016 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 13 |

But, will All Nippon buy more than three Airbus A380s?

That wing, designed for a future, even larger A380


There are reports abroad, of which this in AirInsight is the best, that All Nippon Airways is buying three Airbus A380s.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 30, 2015 | GROWTH | 5 |

2016: No predictions but issues aplenty

Screen shot of montage of LAX departures on a fine day

No one ever really sees the future, but the issues for air transport this coming year are easy to pick.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 29, 2015 | AIR SAFETY | 11 |

Malaysia Airlines didn’t fly wrong way for 8 minutes out of Auckland

Aviation Herald’s comparative diagram of AKL-KL routes

For an example of hysterics in the click bait media, the persistent reports that a Malaysia Airlines jet flew in the opposite direction to that intended for a full eight minutes on its way from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur is hard to pass up.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 29, 2015 | AIR SAFETY | 26 |

Fairfax attacks Jetstar for no free upgrade for reporter yet ignores critical safety story

A Jetstar photo from Facebook, where Fairfax crowd sources stories

The decline in editorial values in Fairfax is written large in its bleating story this morning about a TV reporter who didn’t get a free upgrade because she was returning from a Thailand holiday with a broken ankle.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 26, 2015 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 46 |

Japan’s new Mitsubishi MRJ regional jet is in terrible trouble

How did this jet even get to fly given disclosures about strength issues?

No commercial jet airliner program in history has ever threatened to implode as quickly as Japan’s Mitsubishi MRJ or regional jet project did this week.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 24, 2015 | ROUTES | 22 |

Top End airline to link Wellcamp to Melbourne and Cairns with E-170s

Airnorth flies a single class 76 seat cabin in its E-170 services

It’s a great part of Australia, and its about to get the most comfortable domestic jet type in service to link its new airport to Melbourne and Cairns.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 23, 2015 | SPACE | 12 |

SpaceX’s Falcon brings ‘disruptive’ technology down to Earth

Google the YouTube of the landing, it’s so much better than this looks

Elon Musk is ‘disrupting’ more than the satellite launching game in making his SpaceX enterprise the second to have vertically landed a reusable liquid fuelled largish rocket after lift-off.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 23, 2015 | AIR SAFETY | 8 |

ATSB rates Jetstar Darwin diversion as ‘serious’

No speed or altitude problems for this Jetstar 787

That puzzling diversion of a Jetstar 787-8 on its way from Melbourne to Singapore to Darwin on Monday 21 December has been rated as a ‘serious’ incident by the ATSB, which the safety investigator defines as one that could have led to a crash.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 22, 2015 | AIRPORTS | 2 |

Brisbane brings the more meaningful picture to its airport

Robert Brownhall, about to turn his eye to everything and everyone at BNE.

There are great paintings associated with shipping, railroads and highways, and Brisbane Airport has decided it’s time to add flight to that vast canvas.

BEN SANDILANDS | December 21, 2015 | ROUTES | 14 |

Air Canada 787 doubles key Australian route even before it launches

The Air Canada 787-8 Dreamliner is changing as well as growing  Australia-Canada services

Interest in Australia-Canada travel has surged to the extent that Air Canada has turned its new route from Vancouver to Brisbane to a daily 787 Dreamliner from 17 June next year. When the service starts on 1 June it was initially set at only three flights a week.