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BEN SANDILANDS | September 11, 2015 | SPACE | 4 |

Latest Pluto images cause ‘excited bewilderment’ at NASA

A synthetic perspective of Pluto's 'heart' region made with real images

Speeding ever further away from its July encounter with Pluto, the slow stream of data from the NASA New Horizons probe has shocked scientists analysing the latest downloaded images and data.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 10, 2015 | MARKET FORECASTS | 9 |

Boeing says more women pilots needed for airline growth

Will the boom in short haul flying provide long term pilot positions for women?

Boeing is battling the IT sector and a lack of female participation in airline careers in its efforts to attract the brightest and best into becoming pilots and aviation technicians.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 10, 2015 | SPACE | 7 |

Ceres bright spots are … even more mysterious closer up

The resolution is 140 metres per pixel in this closest view yet of Ceres Occator crater

Those bright spots on micro-planet (or macro-asteroid) Ceres are not giving up their secrets easily.

The latest image release from NASA’s Dawn mission is the closest view yet of the crater floor that houses them, and ‘everything’ has just become more complicated as a result.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 09, 2015 | AIR SAFETY | 40 |

BA’s Las Vegas runway fire tell us it’s time to lock up overhead bins

A clearer rendering of this view of BA2276 seconds after it came to a halt

Today’s dramatic runway fire on a British Airways 777 at Las Vegas has again exposed the stupidity and selfishness of passengers slowing down emergency evacuations to grab their shopping and other carry-on items.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 09, 2015 | GROWTH | 6 |

Qantas takes on Hong Kong, Manila demand with more flights

Qantas A330: More seats than its 787-9s but maybe too few for Hong Kong in future?

Qantas is making a determined run at Cathay Pacific’s dominance on the Australia-Hong Kong routes with an additional four A330-300 flights a week from Sydney from 26 October.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 09, 2015 | AIR SAFETY | 30 |

British Airways 777 fire emergency at Las Vegas airport


Only minor injuries have been reported after a spectacular engine fire broke out on a British Airways 777-200 while on the ground at Las Vegas airport today.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 08, 2015 | AIRLINER DESIGNS | 10 |

Airbus A330 NEO underway as airlines deal with changed world

The smaller A330 NEO the -800 ordered by Hawaiian

What must be one of the fastest hi-tech makeovers of a wide body jet is underway at Airbus where the first metal cutting for its A330 NEO or new engine option variants is now underway.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 06, 2015 | SPACE | 23 |

Dreamliners, Starliners, will Boeing do a Stratoliner?

The Starliner, a natural successor to the Apollo capsules of long ago

Boeing’s forthcoming reusable manned space craft were retitled Starliners this last week, a name that immediately identifies the airliner maker’s illustrious legacy with the impending second space age of large scale orbital industrial and research oriented activity.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 04, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 28 |

Positive ID of MH370 part leaves cause, location of disaster unknown

Like pallbearers, police bear the flaperson off the rocky shore of La Réunion

The public prosecutor’s office in Paris has issued a statement confirming  that the wing part of a Boeing 777 that was recovered from the shores of La Réunion on 29 July comes from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, missing since 8 March 2014.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 03, 2015 | GROWTH | 11 |

Emirates has a huge day, takes 150th 777 and 66th A380

Emirates now has 147 Boeing 777s, has 46 more -300ERs to come, plus 150 of the X series

In 24 hours Emirates has put into service its 150th ever Boeing 777, after taking two more -300ERs, and its 66th Airbus A380, and a 777 freighter.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 02, 2015 | SPACE | 7 |

A space platform to pave the way to finding gravitational waves is ready for its rocket

LISA Pathfinder, a spec amid the stars, testing ways of finding spacetime ripples

In terms of using space to make discoveries about the way the universe works the scale of the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna or LISA project is far larger than planet Earth itself, but a micro sized pathfinder mission to test the technologies it will use has just passed all of the essential ground checks needed before it is launched from the Kourou Space Base in French Guiana this November.

BEN SANDILANDS | September 01, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 12 |

German researchers go vague about their ‘new’ MH370 theory

This GEOMAR drift model looks like the one the CSIRO later dropped

Anyone hoping for a breakthrough in the search for MH370 from much hyped new German research will be disappointed tonight, as the scientists involved have suggested looking at a much larger part of the Indian Ocean!

BEN SANDILANDS | August 31, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 27 |

MH370 theories might take a new drift from German study

False MH 370 finds on La Reunion, collected after the flaperon recovery

Tuesday morning German time several researchers from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel are to hold a media conference suggesting that the search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 needs to be shifted closer to the equator and middle of the Indian Ocean.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 29, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 32 |

MH370 wing part mystery defies resolution

Children once thought their parents on MH370 might come back

The New York Magazine has published a succinct article as to why the wing part of a Boeing 777 washed up on La Réunion in the west Indian Ocean late in July continues to defy positive identification as having come from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 28, 2015 | DRONES | 7 |

ATSB says radio interference caused MCG drone crash

In its first drone crash investigation report, the ATSB blames a potentially serious incident at the Melbourne Cricket Ground at the world cup cricket final on 29 March this year on radio interference.

BEN SANDILANDS | August 27, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 3 |

MH 370 search seeks a clearer look into deep sea shadows

An example of a synthetic aperture sonar scan of a sunken tanker

There are ‘shadows’ and ‘holes’ in the depths of the south Indian Ocean that have defied the sonar scanners used by the searchers for MH370, but they may give up whatever it is that lies within them when a change in the sea seasons arrives after about October. 

BEN SANDILANDS | August 27, 2015 | CABINS | 16 |

United to move to all 787-9s on Australia routes in 2016


The Dreamliner 787-9, a lovely cabin ruined by bean counters?

Routes Online has tweeted but not yet posted that United Airlines will operate the 787-9 Dreamliner on all of its Australian services during the northern hemisphere spring and summer seasons.


Air New Zealand vows to take more of Australian market

A record day in the black for NZ's owners as it eyes more Australian growth

The end of the capacity war between Qantas and Virgin Australia has run into a problem.  It didn’t include Air New Zealand.


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