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BEN SANDILANDS | April 17, 2015 | ROUTES | 51 |

Qantas returns to Perth-Singapore route (but with 737s)

A very special Qantas 737-800, Qantas photo.

It’s taken a while, but Qantas has given in to common sense and pressure from its Western Australian customers and re-instated services between Perth and Singapore from 26 June.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 17, 2015 | AIR SAFETY | 6 |

Boeing rejects concerns computer hackers could take over jets

Hard at work on new hacks, a Berlin Chaos Communication Congress in action

Boeing has dissented from US government agency fears that airliners like the 777 that was operating missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 can be taken over by computer hackers.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 16, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 9 |

MH370 search extension comes with a not so subtle hint

No wreckage means no closure for furious next of kin

While there were no surprises in the official statement at the end of today’s tripartite review of the MH370 search, there was one not so subtle hint from Australia’s deputy PM Warren Truss.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 16, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 12 |

MH370 search will be extended if current zone proves empty

A moderate sea state for Fugro Discovery, one of the search vessels

The next of kin of the victims of missing flight MH370 have been informed by text message that the ocean floor search will continue if nothing is found within the current priority search zone by a sonar scanning exercise due to finish by the end of next month.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 16, 2015 | ROUTES | 7 |

Houston … Qantas might not have a problem!

Guest ranching in Texas, at Twin Elms

Air New Zealand’s new service between Auckland and Houston from December might not be quite the challenge to the Qantas service between Sydney and Dallas Fort Worth that is being suggested elsewhere.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 16, 2015 | AIRPORTS | 14 |

Sydney 2nd airport curfew row started with campaign brain fade

Why did Anthony Albanese disavow years of support for a curfew free 2nd Sydney Airport?

The current row over a curfew for Sydney’s second airport at Badgerys Creek began with a spur of the moment reversal of Labor policy over the issue in the heat of a moment in campaigning for the last month’s NSW state election.


Virgin’s full service roll out ends, the real battle begins

Behind the smiles, this will be much more than a food fight

Virgin Australia’s completion today of its moves to offer complimentary food and drinks (as fitting the hour of travel) across its services, as well as free checked luggage is not so much the start of a bun fight between the major carriers, but the onset of harsh performance comparisons.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 15, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 12 |

Asiana crash lands another airliner, this time in Japan

The earlier bad landing by Asiana at SFO in 2013 killed three people.

The news just in from Hiroshima is quite remarkable, in that Asiana has not just crash landed its second jet in two years, but done so with enough force to get it from an initial impact outside the boundary of the city’s airport to a standstill near its intended gate, where passengers were then evacuated down slides.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 15, 2015 | CRAP MARKETING | 3 |

Disgusting Woolworths Anzac campaign recalls Tiger anger

The ignorance and disrespect of Woolworth’s shabby, shabby attempt to sell more groceries using the Anzac centenary has been slapped down, but didn’t they pay any attention to what happened to Tiger Airways in 2009?

BEN SANDILANDS | April 14, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 13 |

MH370 search review unlikely to deal with official lies

When will Malaysia tell the relatives of the dead what it really knows?

Will anyone at the tripartite review of the search for MH370 being held in Kuala Lumpur this Thursday have the guts to ask why Malaysia deliberately misled its partners about the course taken by the missing Boeing 777 from day one, back on 8 March 2014?


Airbus, Boeing face continued issues with A380s, 737 MAXs

The 737 MAX, selling like warm beer in a bush pub in summer

They are very different airliners but they both face important issues that continue to attract analyst and carrier scrutiny. The giant Airbus A380 needs more sales, and the comparatively miniscule Boeing 737 MAX needs, according to a range of reports, a better new tech engine.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 10, 2015 | AIRPORTS | 14 |

Qantas sets up 717 heavy maintenance base in Canberra

The smooth and quiet riding 717, except for the rows nearest the engines

In a move that is good politics as well as good business Qantas is putting a heavy maintenance base for its Boeing 717s in Canberra later this year.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 10, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 38 |

MH370: What did ships notice on the day it disappeared?

Mike Chillit's graphic archiving trackable shipping when MH370 crashed

Updated* When Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 inexplicably changed course on 8 March 2014 and from all indications eventually flew to its doom in the southern Indian Ocean, it must have crossed paths with the shipping below.

But has anyone systematically interrogated those container ships, or those fishing fleet mother ships that were legal?

BEN SANDILANDS | April 09, 2015 | ROUTES | |

Virgin Australia adds Spain and Scotland codeshares

Toledo is very close to Madrid, unless you insist on driving there

As promised earlier this year, Virgin Australia keeps adding new international codeshares with Etihad that can compete with the Qantas-Emirates partnership.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 09, 2015 | CABINS | 7 |

Boeing patents an in your face passenger comfort device

Haneda Tokyo. The spacious part of the trip, checking in.

When Boeing patents a ‘face relief aperture’ device to hold your head in place while you try to sleep you just know that the crisis in passenger comfort is becoming more …. pressing.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 08, 2015 | ULR FLIGHT | 41 |

An airline critique of mid air refuelling as a SYD-LHR solution


A military solution to an airliner problem? Not likely

A UK story about how a university research program could solve the problem of ultra long range (ULR) flights like Sydney-London non-stop is behind a terse email from an airline contact of note this morning.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 06, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 20 |

PED chips more vital in MH370 mystery than in Germanwings crash?

A tragic jet age version of a message in a bottle?

Nothing more has been heard for some days of the mobile phone chip claimed to have been recovered from the Germanwings crash site, showing the chaotic last few seconds of the flight that ended in disaster in the southern French alps on 24 March.

BEN SANDILANDS | April 04, 2015 | AIR CRASHES | 49 |

Germanwings marks difference in crime and safety probes

After the mourners have left, a lonely memorial under the vastness of the alps

If there is one thing that stands out apart from the utter horror of the Germanwings crash, it is the speed with which the blame was placed on a pilot.


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