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Newspoll: 51-49 to Coalition

Newspoll's recent run of erratic form has come to an end with a voting intention result only slightly different from last fortnight's. However, there's a significant move on Tony Abbott's personal rating – and once again, it's downwards.

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James J reports Newspoll has ticked a point in the Coalition’s favour, so that they now lead 51-49 on two-party preferred. This is down to a two-point increase in their primary vote to 43%, with Labor steady on 36% and the Greens steady on 10%. There is yet again bad news for Tony Abbott on personal ratings: his approval is down three points to 27% and his disapproval is up five to 63%. This marks a new low for him on net approval, and has been matched since the inception of Newspoll (in late 1985) only by the polls which preceded the downfalls of Alexander Downer in January 1995 and John Hewson in April 1994, and several for Andrew Peacock in the lead-up to the 1990 election. Julia Gillard meanwhile is respectively up two to 37% and up one to 52%, and her lead as preferred prime minister has widened from 45-34 to 46-32.

Today’s Essential Research survey included its monthly personal rating questions, and these too found Abbott falling to new lows. Whereas the previous survey showed both leaders up in the immediate aftermath of Julia Gillard’s sexism and misogyny speech, the latest result has Abbott down four on approval to 33% and up four on disapproval to 58%. Gillard is steady on approval at 41% approval and down two on disapproval to 49%, and her lead as preferred prime minister is up from 43-36 to 45-32, her best result since February 2011.

Essential is also chiming better with Newspoll now on voting intention, with the Coalition’s lead now at 52-48 (down from 53-47 last week) from primary votes of 37% for Labor (steady), 45% for the Coalition (down one) and 9% for the Greens (steady). Also canvassed are options on how the government might rein in the budget, with reducing or means testing the baby bonus and increasing tax for those on high incomes respectively coming on top.

Preselection news:

Ben McClellan of the Blacktown Advocate reports there are “at least” 10 candidates for the Liberal preselection in Greenway, of whom the highest profile is former Rose Tattoo singer Gary “Angry” Anderson. However, the presumed front-runner is the candidate from 2010, Jayme Diaz, whose work as a migration lawyer and family background in the locally numerous Filipino community is believed to stand him in good stead. Diaz is aligned with the David Clarke “hard Right”, but he apparently has an opponent in Tony Abbott, who no doubt has a strong recollection of Diaz’s failure to win the crucial seat last time. Also mentioned as starters have been Ben Jackson and Brett Murray, who are associated with federal Mitchell MP Alex Hawke’s “Centre Right” faction.

• The Tasmanian Liberals have preselected Brett Whiteley, who held in state parliament from 2002 until his defeat in 2010, as their federal candidate for marginal north-western seat of Braddon. The party originally chose local businessman Michael Burr, but he withdrew for health reasons. Whiteley did not contest the original preselection, saying at the time he was focused on returning to state politics.

Chris Johnson of the Canberra Times reports that Kate Hamilton, a former councillor in Leichhardt in inner Sydney, and local party member Stephen Darwin will join former GetUp! director Simon Sheikh in the contest for Greens preselection for the Senate in the Australian Capital Territory.

Phillip Coorey of the Sydney Morning Herald reports on the prospect of federal executive intervention if Noreen Hay, state Wollongong MP and member for the Right, uses her influence over the local numbers to back a preselection challenge against Stephen Jones, federal member for Throsby and member of the Left.

• Don Farrell has agreed to accept relegation to the second position on Labor’s South Australian Senate ticket in deference to Penny Wong, after his victory in the state conference ballot met a hostile response within the party and without.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, is one of the most heavily trafficked forums for online discussion of Australian politics, and joined the Crikey stable in 2008.

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3,942 thoughts on “Newspoll: 51-49 to Coalition

  1. MsAdventure

    The one feature I would like to see back here is the ‘show all’ pages. That way makes searching using ‘find’ so easy when hunting for a particular poster or post subject. Instead of having to click page after page, just scroll straight down.

  2. Kinkajou

    hardly, chuck rock run away…

  3. fiona

    AJ Canberra,

    More power to both of you!

    My inclination is that it’s more a nurture than a nature divide: my paternal grandmother suffered a severe stroke when my father was approx 11, and he and his next brother up effectively had the sole care of her and of the household for the next 3 years until she died – no fancy social security stuff back in the 1930s.

    So he learned how to fend for himself, how to look after other people, and – most importantly – how to do this weird planning stuff that mostly women have had to do from time immemorial.

    As I said, somewhat of a paragon.

    So for you, AJ Canberra, it’s likely to be more of an intensive learning process, and please for your own good and that of your child/ren it’s an exercise well worth learning.

    Just one little hint that I will give you: if you are ever jointly cooking something, take care that you don’t wash up the saucepan where some stock has been reducing for ages … 🙂

  4. This little black duck

    [I simply don’t know what needs to be done, or I’m worried that I’ll stuff it up.]
    Do your stuff as you think right. Worrying is crap. If your OH has a problem with your stuff you best sort it.

    My OH did the household for 25 years. Now, I’m doing it. No issues here.

  5. fiona

    Night, sausages.

  6. Space Kidette

    Talk about funny. Kids came home today an were madly talking about The Sex Pistols. Apparently they had an in depth discussion about anarchy and how bad the behaviour of the band members were.

    I said yeah some of them were pretty bad, others were ok, and that they should remember that it was entertainment and what they presented to the world was not necessarily who they were but for some bands the way they behaved was a deliberate act.

    Upon which I was told no, the teacher said they were really, really bad people. I told them that I had dinner with John Lydon when he was in another band after he was in The Sex Pistols after a Sydney gig and he was a real gentleman to my girlfriend and I. Even putting us in a taxi and paying the driver to ensure we got home safe.

    The cherubs were shocked. I got a huge lecture about how I shouldn’t spend time with really bad people and that my Mum wasn’t going to be happy about it!

  7. Captain Obvious

    Why is there no Royal Commission into the AWU? $600,000 has vanished into thin air…

    Desert Fox answered hir own question.

    But it’s informative to see that in Lib-bot land the alleged buggery of hundreds if not thousands of children by priests is an equivalent outrage to the alleged mis-use of $600,000.

  8. Greensborough Growler

    Hi Fess,

    I always thought I treated you with kindness and respect.

    It appears you now believe that standing up for proper process and considered opinion constitutes frothing at the mouth.

    It’s good to know your fair weather friends.


  9. Kinkajou

    Is that you Erica?

  10. zoomster


    my own grandfather, a Methodist Minister, did all the laundry – in those days, a gigantic undertaking, taking at least a day – because he realised the strain that being a Minister’s wife was on my grandmother.

    Of course, in those days, it was unheard of for a man to do anything like that.

    The Methodist church had a rule that Ministers had to move out of a parish every three years and apparently there were always awkward moments when my grandmother would be asked by the movers how she wanted the laundry set up.

  11. Greensborough Growler

    Desert Fox,

    It was only $300mill in the AWB scandal. Downer could not even remember he was Foreign Minister at the RC.

  12. confessions


    Sorry, don’t know what you’re referring to.

  13. scorpio

    Desert Fox,

    [Why is there no Royal Commission into the AWU? $600,000 has vanished into thin air and Gillard is doing everything to avoid scrutiny on this subject. She set up a slush fund, (her description) for what purpose? Why didn’t she call the police when she found out what was going on? Why was money placed into her bank account on behalf of her boyfriend? (Why doesn’t she simply deny it?)
    Why does Ian Cambridge, a Gillard appointee to Fair Work Australia, demand a Royal Commission now? ]

    Because if the LNP are stupid enough to call for one if they take office in 2013, the business community will crucify them.

    It will be another “Bottom of the Harbour” exercise. Hundreds of businesses have been paying into these sort of funds for decades. In return, they get favours from Union Administrations in the line of favourable Award variations, running dead on Wage cases and a range of on the quiet agreements between each other.

    Membership of these organisations would be horrified if these deals ever came to light and there would be more than blood on the wattle.

    Your mob are playing a “very” dangerous game with their traditional support base who would be getting slightly nervous at the moment.

    This issue is likely to die very quickly now IMO as it is getting a bit too close to the mark of outing the real reason why business supported such funds.

    But carry on and let as much light in as you can. This one is a dead set loser for the LNP. Big time. 😉

  14. Space Kidette


    Lol! Thoroughly modern man!

  15. HaveAchat

    my say@3796

    o one more thing if any of you wher e say church of england or other denominations i would of gone in to bat for you expaining that you are just bystanders to a bigger picture that the r c will look after
    honestly as if i could do anything to change anything

    Maybe you should read what people have written instead of looking through your own slant on things. I wrote last week of the destruction of my brother’s life by a church of england vicar.

    Do you have no understanding of the pain that his suicide caused my mother, the person who sent him to the church each week. A pain she feels constantly and one that leaves her almost inconsolable on the anniversary of his death and what would have been his birthday. He died in 1996 and none of my family will ever forgive the church for knowing what the vicar was like, we were the second district that he had been accused of abusing children in. They simply moved him along after a suitable time in a church retreat.
    I came here last week and told my brother’s story and I said I wanted the RC into all religions but you come here continually defending your particular flavour of a fairy story. You must know what has been done by priests of every denomination but you want to shut your eyes to what has been done within your particular denomination.
    I hope that the RC reaches deep into the disgrace that seems to be a stinking fetid part of all religions the abuse of people.
    There are many good people doing good things inside all religions, as there are people of no religion going good for no eternal reward but for the simple desire to do good things. But the putrid vile stench that the bad inside all religions is what is turning the stomachs of people. It is time that this putrid festering sore on religions is cut out even if the hierarchy of your religion, the anglican, the mormons, and all the rest resist it. If they cannot cleanse themselves then it is up to the rest of society to clean them out. They have ruined enough lives, caused enough pain and suicides.

    Surely you would want a clean and respected religion to follow, how can you not want your religion to be free of this obscenity.

  16. Greensborough Growler


    Your 3807 is pretty ordinary.


  17. Desert Fox

    Captain Obvious’

    “the alleged buggery of hundreds if not thousands of children by priests”
    I would be very surprised that overwhelmingly the RC didn’t find that Aboriginal kids were the most abused of all and not by Catholic priests but fellow Aboriginals

    But that’s a red herring. Do you believe that Australia wants a corrupt Prime Minister?

  18. confessions

    [Your 3807 is pretty ordinary.]


    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to compare bemused’s obsession with comments about Rudd to yours and my say’s reaction to comments about the catholic church. The record would appear to speak for itself on that front.

  19. my say


    u miss the point i am afraid

    yes of course i do
    but it not my fault
    these things happen
    i am and gg are being treated as though
    we did these things

    i say again people effected should not take their anger out on bystanders,

    dont tell me what i should think or say.
    loook here i dont have to defend my self
    i am good person i think . good mother good grandmother
    i have been effected in my life to by things
    especially by having a mental mother but i dont blame any one else for that.
    it was not her fault it was not the dr, fault my fathers fault
    i didnt get nasty to bystanders who did nothing like my aunties my grandmother did they know or understand i have no idea
    but we all have things happen in our lives we all suffer from something
    i dont blame any one
    and i try my best to be kind to all people
    as they may be suffering at the time
    i have had one trumatid year but not like some people i dont live in everyones pocket here
    i maninly come here to discuss politics
    if you are upset about past happening i can change nothing
    of course i want wrong doers to be found out,
    but i and millions of other catholics have done nothing.

    as i have said before i hope none of you need an institution ran by a church
    i sad for you that that happened but it not my fault
    the same as my mum it was no ones fault i blame no one

    i hope the royal commission gives you what you want

  20. cud chewer

    Actually clicking on the wheel does bring up a link in a new window,

    But I still think the correct DEFAULT behavior should be a new window – as it is in most other places.

  21. Space Kidette

    What is it about this site that posters go nuts at night? I’ll catch the dawn patrol thanks.

  22. MsAdventure

    SK I am a trifle nuts 23/7 so I might as well stay up.

  23. cud chewer

    Its the demon drink, SK 🙂

  24. MsAdventure

    1 hour off for good behaviour.

  25. Greensborough Growler


    Good for you.

  26. zoomster


    [i am and gg are being treated as though
    we did these things]

    Nonsense. You are not.

    [i say again people effected should not take their anger out on bystanders]

    No one is doing that.

    [if you are upset about past happening i can change nothing]

    No one is expecting to you to.

    [but i and millions of other catholics have done nothing.]

    No one is blaming them.

    [as i have said before i hope none of you need an institution ran by a church]

    If we do, we would want to know that it was being run – as we expect all institutions in society to be – in accordance with the rules of the land.

    We would also want to know that an institution like the church is doing what we expect churches to do – protecting the innocent from harm.

    [i sad for you that that happened but it not my fault
    the same as my mum it was no ones fault i blame no one]

    Again, no one is blaming you.

    All anyone is saying here is that people, no matter who they are, who have abused or are abusing young children, should be stopped from doing so.

    The aim of the RC is to look at the whole problem of abuse, not just in the churches but in society, and work out if there are real, workable ways of minimising harm.

    In the case of the Catholic church, it is not Catholic bashing to talk about things the church itself admits has happened – that is, priests who were, by their own admission, abusing children, not only going unpunished but having their interests put ahead of those of the children concerned.

    Of course, the Catholic church was not the only church (or institution) which did this. But it is impossible to look at the problem of child abuse, and why it has gone unreported and unpunished in the past, without looking at cases like those.

    We’ve had several posters here talk about their own experiences, and explain how just the announcement of an RC – just the idea of it – has already helped them come to grips with what happened.

    mysay, you need to understand that you and the Catholic church aren’t the same thing. An attack on it is not a personal attack on you.

    And anyone, involved in any institution or organisation, understands it has its flaws and that there are matters in its past that one would rather weren’t mentioned too loudly in public places. But, if you really want any institution to thrive, you also understand that these issues must be confronted honestly and openly, so that the problems can be identified and a way forward found.

  27. Greensborough Growler
  28. Gorgeous Dunny

    Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 at 9:00 pm | Permalink


    my mother ‘does’ funeral services for people (did both my in laws, which was nice).

    She once had to do one where NOBODY – not even herself – had a good word to say about the deceased.

    There was a famous Hollywood story about the funeral of one of the Cohen brothers who died. They were immensely powerful millionaire rogues who were universally despised by one and all.

    The funeral oration was to be delivered by a notoriously obsequious preacher (probably for a high price). Just as he was about to speak, a man(obviously a victim who had waited long for this day) jumped up and shouted out,
    “I dare you! I challenge you! Say one good thing about Morton Cohen!”
    The preacher looked up, a little dazed, and responded,
    “He’s dead.”

  29. bemused

    zoomster @ 3867

    You are wasting your time.

  30. victoria

    Stephen Colbert was a hoot tonight. Click onto video that says General’s Hospital. He does an hilarious monologue on the Petreaus affair. Classic stuff.


  31. confessions

    The only commenters “going nuts” are those who flounce in here expecting to be the center of attention, only to find they aren’t, and so have a tanty and flounce out again.

  32. victoria


    If you are still around. Your kids have a lot of spunk!!

  33. scorpio

    Looks like Desert Fox has headed back to the sand hills. A Royal Commission into the AWU won’t find too much in the last 20 years but could open up a Pandora’s box of shady deals with business prior to that.

    I’m sure they would just love that to have a light shone on it. Much more problem than for long dead or retired Union Officials.

  34. MsAdventure

    Cud Chewer I am using Chrome as my browser and instead of a new window the link opens in a tab.

  35. Greensborough Growler


    As opposed to yourself who does the gratuitously smug routine.

    PB is a pot pouri of pontification, don’t you agree?

  36. adrian

    Very well said zoomster @ 3868, but I think bemused is right, your patience and kindness is wasted unfortunately.

  37. Gorilla

    Don’t mention pontiffs!

  38. deblonay

    Israeli leaders seek electoral advantage
    An attack on the Palestinians always goes down well wih the extreme right wingers in Israel
    A US Jewish writer Sternfeld writes in Prof Cole’s Blog … of the growing desperation of Netanyahu and his extremists who are engulfed by a major economic crisis at home…and how this plays into this crisis

  39. Greensborough Growler


    Did Ricky make another duck?

  40. Greensborough Growler


    You’re hours behind on that revelation, comrade.

  41. Carey Moore

    [Israeli leaders seek electoral advantage]

    Agreed. This is nothing more than some hardline “dick waving” to improve the government’s image for the January elections.

    I really don’t know enough about internal Israeli politics to know if the RW bloc are polling well or not right now though, to be 100% sure.

  42. victoria

    This was from May last year.

    [PRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard tried her hand at black comedy yesterday, describing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as ”the love child of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin”.]

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/tony-abbott-the-love-child-palin-and-trump-never-knew-20110521-1exrf.html#ixzz2CO7zQRay

  43. Gorilla

    LOL GG

  44. my say

    and confession what ever make u both happy

  45. HaveAchat

    My Say

    Nobody here is saying that the Catholic Church raped little girls and boys, neither are they saying that Anglican, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever flavour of fairystory people believe in raped little children.

    What people are saying is that vile and disgusting putrid excuses for human beings raped and abused little children and everyone condemns then just like you do. Some of these have hidden themselves in organisations that are supposed to help and protect people and sadly some of these have been religious organisations.

    What people here are saying is the organisational hierarchy that represents some of these religions has protected this scum, hidden them from prosecution and has stained every religion with a stench that needs to be cleansed.

    I really don’t give a tinkers cuss whether a person worships the seven dwarfs, or postraits themselves nightly and kisses the bare arse of beelzebub, or their god shits gold coins into a bucket at the end of the rainbow. What I do care about is the right of children to live free of abuse and protected from rapists and I curse anyone that would protect those that have raped or abused children, or protect those that are protecting these rapists.

    You must live your life the way you believe is best for you as all people have to. I and no one here has the right to tell you how you should think or whether you should or should not believe in a god or a dozen gods.

    We only get one life, it is not a rehearsal for another. No one whether a priest, a brother, a vicar, a nun, a rabi, an imam, or whatever has the right to destroy other peoples lives and raping children destroys a lot of lives. These foul fetid pustules on humanity are what I hope the RC roots out.

  46. confessions

    [As opposed to yourself who does the gratuitously smug routine.]

    I’m no more or less smug than anyone here.

    Not that I particularly care what commenters here think of me, but anyway.

  47. deblonay


    Back from Gaza with a US academic delegation .the notes USW academic Noham ..Chomsky said he found the Palestinians “inspiring” in their efforts to survive despite the Israeli blockade on food and essentials

  48. victoria


    Well said

  49. Greensborough Growler

    My Say,

    Everyone appears to want to tell you you’re wrong, misinformed or batty.

    I’m here to sharpen your knitting needles.

    You keep posting exactly what you like.

  50. Greensborough Growler


    You’ve got a designer line of smugness.

    Don’t be so modest.

  51. confessions

    [as i have said before i hope none of you need an institution ran by a church]

    Based on what we’ve seen, I sincerely hope I don’t need the buggers either.

  52. confessions


    Well now you’re making me blush. 😳

    Designer line? Way too cool for lil ol bogan me.

  53. guytaur

    Egypt treaty with Israel is now under discussion. If Gaza/Israel conflict continues it could be under threat.

  54. Greensborough Growler


    Oh, you’re a bogan icon.

    Gratuitous slips and zippers that don’t know how to close are your specialities.

  55. deblonay

    Carey Moore 3883 re Israeel
    Thera are a number of very good israeli-‘jewish websites that denounces the hard-line Netanyahu regime

    His problems flow from the immense costs of the illegal settlements on the West Bank on Palestinian land..all illegal…but he props them up..while cutting back on the needs of many Israeli who are hostile to him

    In addition his blatent entry into the Florida campaign in the US election obviously angered Obama ..who is no friend of Netanyahu…so his friends in the US are on the outer..they spent a fortune on Romney…so can’t expect much help from Obama

    On of the best left-wing Jewish sites is “Mondoweiss.com” from a team, in New York..who never let up on Netanyahu and his extremists
    The polls in the US show that Jewish voters went 70% for Obama which would disappoint Netanyahu and his financial backer Sheldon Adelson a billionaire casio-owner and famed union-buster who with the help of Gingrich..(.who he bankrolled.in the Primari)…set out to break the unions in the casino in dustry, He describes himself the richest Jew in the US…some claim !..and gave it’s said 70 million $ to the Romney campaign…all to no avail
    as the Dems won Nevada where Adelson runs many of the Casinos..as he does in Macau..China

  56. Lord Barry Bonkton


    On the bung hip thing, I received my disabled parking sticker the other day.

    Fat lot of use it is.

    Because I don’t need a wheelchair, the reasoning is that I don’t need a special disabled parking space (because I don’t need extra room to get out of the car).

    So the sticker I have doesn’t let me park in a disabled space. All it does it let me park in a normal space for twice as long.

    As I only needed it to get close enough to where I need to go so that I can walk there, it’s effectively useless.

    My mother is 90 yrs old and blind in 1 eye and after a stroke lost part vision in the other eye and is on warafin. We got a disabled sticker for my van and park in the handicapped spots.No wheel chair , just a walker. I use it when I go to the v8’s at Ipswich Raceway and get to park in the VIP car park right next to the Pit area. Saves me about 1km of walking from the dirt paddock with chair, camera bag and lunch/drink bag.

  57. guytaur

    It is in the US interest to oppose a ground war by Israel into Gaza. Any such war will break treaties and destabilise whatever stability remains in the middle east. It would tremendously speed up efforts by Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.
    Israel is truly playing with fire this time.

  58. Greensborough Growler


    Do you ever get tired of repeating the same bullshit over and over?

    Genuine question.

  59. deblonay

    Carey Moore
    the best US Jewish site for comment on Gaza et al..Mondoweiss

    Great stuff each day it is updated

  60. confessions

    [Gratuitous slips and zippers that don’t know how to close]

    Is this some kind of Jenny Craig weight loss FAIL fantasy? Cause it ain’t ringing any bells with me.


  61. guytaur

    Establishment of Marine Parks again getting BBC coverage

  62. deblonay

    GG 3900
    Do you ever get tired of repeating the same silly offensive comments to so many on this site
    Genuine question !
    I can’t remember you ever making a comment of value
    just snide comments and abuse

    You’ve had a big task defending Pell and Netanyahu in the one week

  63. Greensborough Growler


    I found your whole range of products and publicty campaign. there are no secrets.


  64. Greensborough Growler


    You first!

  65. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Desert Fox, what about a RC into Howard and wife spending $20 MILLION Tax payers money , on flying around the world in 11 years ? That disappeared too.

  66. Greensborough Growler


    My only issue is she came back.

  67. guytaur

    For election watchers Japan is having one on December 16

  68. deblonay

    Big List of protessts re Gaza worldwide


  69. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Any news about Tony Abbott and his court case today? Didn’t see or hear anything ?

  70. Lord Barry Bonkton

    GG , don’t you mean THEY came back ?

  71. guytaur


    I heard zilch

  72. Henry

    You know, a funny thing happened last night at the Emmylou Harris concert I went to last night in Sydney.

    In the banter between songs she mentioned how being on the road for so long, it meant she had to do a pre vote for the US presidential election. She laughed and said it would be no surprise who she voted for.
    There was huge applause which amazed me in what in theory would have been a 50-50 audience.

    She then launched into a bit of a monologue about how amazing Obama was, what a brilliant man he is and how lucky etc the world was to have such a progressive, intelligent black man as president. What surprised me was the audience reaction. They went nuts.Cheering her all the way.

    I was amazed at the reaction. At that moment it really got me thinking that maybe the progressive movement/govts are really on the ascendent and that people are sick of the negativity of the conservatives.
    Oh at 64, Emmylou is still a babe.

  73. Greensborough Growler


    You don’t mean that not only did she come back but we missed a 2 for 1 opportunity?

  74. swamprat


    [It’s funny how (for example) a Catholic might have the gall to mock Mormons for the American Jesus thing but simultaneously believe they are LITERALLY eating the flesh of Christ every Sunday]

    I know it was ages ago in this forum but absolute twaddle writes absolute twaddle.

    Catholics do not “believe” they are LITERALLY eating the flesh and blood of Christ, unless they are cannibals.

    They believe in the REAL presence of Christ. It is a belief that the Eucharistic celebration is “outside” time and when celiberated makes the universal actions of Christ real today.

    It may be similar to the Aboriginal concept of “dreaming” whereby rituals now make real ‘now’ the creation reality.

  75. guytaur

    @suellewellyn: Super useful guide for journalists. How to search #socialmedia for stories by @sarahmarshall3 @journalismnews http://t.co/P0GPLhND

  76. scorpio


    [ Oh at 64, Emmylou is still a babe. ]

    Was the concert any good though?

  77. deblonay

    Nate Silver’s research in the NY Times re Gay vote
    Perhaps it’s no suprise but Gays voted nearly 80% for Obama

    One wonders why any Gay would vote for the Repubs with their bigoted/religious views on gay matters
    Still the support would have been worth many millions of votes to Obama
    The poll shows the Gay pop at 5%..and would have been inportant in many close state votes


  78. deblonay

    Nat Silvber’s poll re Gay vote in US election


  79. scorpio


    [ Catholics do not “believe” they are LITERALLY eating the flesh and blood of Christ, unless they are cannibals.

    They believe in the REAL presence of Christ. It is a belief that the Eucharistic celebration is “outside” time and when celiberated makes the universal actions of Christ real today. ]

    Been a while since you read your missal it seems. Dust it off and have another look.
    What you wrote there is a heap of ………….

  80. Henry

    Scorpio the concert was brilliant.
    She still rocks and her red dirt band were a tight, smokin unit.

  81. guytaur


  82. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Got to go to bed before the Newman curfew kicks in, night all.

  83. swamprat

    scorpio @ 3921

    [Been a while since you read your missal it seems. Dust it off and have another look.
    What you wrote there is a heap of …………]

    No idea what you are saying… The missal is a book of ritual, not a theology, but maybe t you are not referring to that.

  84. scorpio


    It outlines the Eucharistic celebration as instructed by Christ at the last supper as written in the New Testament.

    I can’t imagine “any” Catholics, or Christians generally for that matter, being happy to accept some philosophical or other translation of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

    But you are welcome to any interpretation that you wish to follow but they would not be the traditional interpretation.

    I’ve got no intention to give your issue any more oxygen than I have so far.

  85. absolutetwaddle

    swamprat –

    That’s my understanding of transubstantiation. If you have a more acceptable/progressive/modern view that’s great but it doesn’t change the fact lots of Catholics believe the Eucharist is Christ’s flesh and blood.


    As for your explanation, I found it to be esoteric gobbledygook but essentially that’s what we’re discussing here so I forgive you.:)

  86. scorpio


    [ The missal is a book of ritual, ]

    Sure! It is based totally on the New Testament and the words/teachings of Jesus Christ. Most of the rituals as you call them, word for word to Scripture.

    Are you saying that they are open to interpretation? If so that then casts a shadow over the reliability of those rituals, doesn’t it?

    Anyway, enough for me. Off to bed. God bless and be good to each other.

  87. Kevin Bonham

    Laurie Oakes:


    The premise of it is that now Abbott plays Nice Guy because he is becoming unpopular for being too negative.

    But wasn’t he supposed to be such an effective opposition leader by being so confrontational and relentless in the first place? So he ditches what was supposedly working and plays hippy? Hmmmm, good luck with that …

  88. scorpio

    Here’s a lovely Johnnie Cash song by Emmylou to serenade everyone on the east coast. One of my favourites.


  89. Tom the first and best


    I remember there was a poll about religion in America surveying knowledge about various different areas by religion and 43% of people identifying as Catholic did not know about the Catholic Church`s teachings on transubstantiation and this was a higher proportion than the proportion of Atheists who did knot know.

  90. absolutetwaddle

    Still that post did make me laugh.

    “It’s not Christ’s flesh and blood! How absurd! It’s ACTUALLY an eternal “representation” of Christ that exists outside of the space-time continuum (in cracker and wine form). Duh!”

    Oh ok. NOW it sounds perfectly plausible. What was I thinking comparing such a reasonable-sounding supernatural superstition to the Mormon faith?

    Good night. Crackers and cask wine be with you all!

  91. scorpio

    Damn, still awake. Shouldn’t mess around with You-tube. Here’s a beautiful song by Kris Kristoffersen sung by one of his sexiest spouses. Elvis Presley loved this song and recorded it on just about every album he recorded and performed it live most nights.

    I love this song also and our birds love hearing me play it to them.


  92. Ratsars

    Why must people always assume the worst interpretation on any subject I suggest that it is done to put their particular spin on a topic and that the interest in the truth is if not nonexistent is extremely limited.

    We have Desert Fox @#3812 posting …
    ”She set up a slush fund, (her description) for what purpose?” as though a slush fund is always a dishonest approach to an issue and he the asks the idiotic question “for what purpose”.

    A quick search found the following definitions of a” slush fund”

    A slush fund, colloquially, is an auxiliary monetary account or a reserve fund.

    The term slush fund is used in accounting to describe a general ledger account in which all manner of transactions can be posted to commingled funds and “loose” monies by debits and credits cancelling each other out.

    All through my life I have had a number of “slush funds” operating for particular purposes and not one of them broke any law. Even today well into retirement I have a number of such funds operating because it is of benefit for me to do so.

    As for that stupid question by Desert Fox, “for what purpose?” – well the answer was because the client wanted it that way. All she had to do was ascertain that it was not for illegal purposes and the rest was none of her business.

    So it is clear to see that Desert Fox is talking out of his/her nether region and doing nothing by showing his/her ignorance

    As for the question “Who do you think is less corrupt, Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott? I consider neither to be corrupt though I believe that Abbott has scant regard for the truth and will say anything (just like a 6 year old) to either ingratiate himself or get himself out of trouble. As for Centenary House, I do not believe that there was any corruption involved but if, for the sake of argument we assume there is, it has nothing to do with Gillard.

    This is just sleazy mud throwing by Desert Fox. He/she is hoping some mud will stick but alas as far as I am concerned it is Desert Fox who had show that he is somewhat less than ethical.

  93. Henry

    Here is Emmylou at her finest…

  94. frednk

    [Desert Fox
    Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 at 10:25 pm | Permalink


    Do you think it’s satisfactory that 600,000 can vanish from a union and no one knows why?]

    Quite frankly Desert Fox I am completly fed up with the Liberal party dirt unit.

  95. BK

    Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    And the SMH continues to look under the rocks for spiders.
    Another Liberal Incubator comes under scrutiny for misogynistic behaviour inculcation.
    Do I detect an element of ridicule of Tone in this article?
    A good AFR article on Abbott connection with the Catholic church.
    Richard Ackland writes about last week’s decision to reduce the penalties on some James Hardie directors.
    Mike Carlton magnificently excoriates Pell in this contribution.
    Leunig has a cartoon of a classical bent.
    Ron Tandberg continues on the same subject.

  96. Mad Dog

    GG Have you read the SMH this morning about your heroes. Some of us deal in facts about criminal behaviour. Others support the criminals. Everybody here knows which side you are on. Suffer the little children, indeed.

  97. my say

    swamp rat correct

    o dear o deary me

    why do intelegent catholics have to keep educating
    we dont of course if people stuck to what this site is

  98. don

    Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 at 10:09 pm | PERMALINK

    You mean I must throw away OH’s collection of paper clips???]

    You use the gently, gently approach. First move them to a different place. Then to another, closer to the door. When he can no longer find them, he will start another pile.

    Then ditch the original pile. At least it keeps the whole thing under control.

    [This little black duck
    Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 at 10:11 pm | PERMALINK

    Leaving aside, the hedonistic aspect, how is Oz faring?

    At my ripe old, I have the luxury of not caring much about a hoot about what is left for me. That is focussing my attention much more on what that which is about to come for my progeny.]

    My son gave me a birthday present when I expressed discouragement about the state of my shed, full of useless junk but which I couldn’t face sorting through.

    It was a skip. It was only there for a week, and it was parked just outside the roller door of the shed.

    It was cathartic, tossing stuff out that I knew in my heart of hearts I would never actually repair or fix up or put back into useful service or might need someday.

    I thought it was way too big, but I filled it to the brim and over.

    Posted Friday, November 16, 2012 at 10:11 pm | PERMALINK
    And biros that no longer work?

    And cardboard boxes that might come in handy for something?]

    YES, chuck the lot!

    Moreover, my father has no Scots ancestry whatsoever, and doesn’t believe in any of those standby appliances. They are all religiously switched off at the powerpoint whenever not in use. What’s more, my mother takes the battery out of her wristwatch every evening, and reinstalls it in the morning (and I’m not kidding).]

    But…. but… the microwave has to be reprogrammed with the time when it is switched off! I believe you (because it is you) when you say you are not kidding about the watch, but that is unbelievable! I hate to reprogram my watch when daylight saving comes and goes!

    Some clocks such as watering timers I don’t change for DS, they just come on an hour later or earlier as applicable.