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Essential Research: 54-46 to Coalition

Essential Research records next to no change on voting intention, and a general lack of sympathy for the view that unemployment benefits haven't kept up over the years.

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The latest weekly Essential Research result maintains the outfit’s record of consistency with the major parties unchanged on last week – the Coalition leads 48% to 36% on the primary vote and 54-46 on two-party preferred – and the Greens up a point from last week’s unusually poor result to 9%.

Whereas attitudinal questions often point to a social democratic bent among the population at large, questions posed this week on Newstart indicate that this particular buck stops with unemployment benefits. Fifty-three per cent agreed with the proposition that the current welfare system created a “culture of dependency”, with only 30% opting for the alternative proposition that current benefits are “the least a civilised society should provide”. In relation to Newstart benefits specifically, 33% said they were not high enough, 30% about right, and 25% too high. As Bernard Keane notes in Crikey today, variation by party support was not as pronounced as it often is in relation to such questions.

Further questions dealt with trust in various industries, with good rankings for agriculture (72%), tourism (68%) and manufacturing (56%) and poor ones for banking (33%), mining (32%), media (30%) and, tellingly, power companies (18%). Crikey will tomorrow publish Essential’s biannual “trust in media” results, which always makes for fun reading for critics of the fourth estate.

UPDATE (25/1/13): An automated phone poll for the Tasmanian seat of Bass, conducted by ReachTEL for the Launceston Examiner, has produced a dire result for Labor, with incumbent Geoff Lyons trailing Liberal candidate Andrew Nikolic 60.3-39.7 on two-party preferred. The primary votes are 54.7% for Nikolic, 26.7% for Lyons and 8.7% for the Greens. The sample size for the poll is 543.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, is one of the most heavily trafficked forums for online discussion of Australian politics, and joined the Crikey stable in 2008.

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    * January 25 EU provides € 11.45 to support Palestinian agriculture sector 25Jan13
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    * January 25 Army invades several West Bank districts, kidnap several residents 25Jan13
    * January 25 Israel erects new checkpoints in the occupied West Bank and breaches the ceasefire again 25Jan13
    * January 25 US protests “State of Palestine” placard in UN 25Jan13
    * January 25 Palestinians say they may have no choice but to take Israel to Hague court 25Jan13
    * January 25 Arbitrary arrest of human rights defender Mr Hasan Karajah 25Jan13
    * January 25 Conditions in Israeli prisons take toll on Palestinian families 25Jan13
    * January 25 PCHR Weekly Report: 10 civilians, including 3 children, wounded by Israeli forces this week 25Jan13

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    * January 24 Ky-Many Marley, “Get up stand up” against Israeli Apartheid! 24Jan13

    * BDS campaign enters mainstream discourse as St. Louis mayoral candidates take sides over city Veolia contract 23Jan13
    * Party’s over for Perry Farrell – Lollapalooza Israel collapses as artists said to stay away 20Jan13
    * VIDEO: Sodastream – How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid 19Jan13
    * ‘Fantastic’– MSNBC’s Hayes airs segment critical of Superbowl advertiser SodaStream for working in illegal West Bank settlement 16Jan13
    * Israeli settlement products need EU ban, says human rights report 15Jan13
    * Support Jake Lynch’s academic boycott of Israel and end USyd’s collaboration with the Technion 15Jan13
    * BDS AMSTERDAM: Yuri Honing, cancel Red Sea Jazz festival in Israel 11Jan13

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    * MERC: Krudd (Kevin Rudd) – preferred poster boy for pro-Israel propagandists? 23Jan13
    * J-WIRE: Technion fires back 21Jan13
    * THE AUSTRALIAN: Pyne slams Carr as ‘dangerous amateur’ 21Jan13
    * THE AGE: Arab MP struggles to persuade a disillusioned community to vote 21Jan13
    * MERC: Mike Kelly’s mission impossible 21Jan13
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    * THE AGE: “Settlements stay, vows Netanyahu” by Robert Tait, 20Jan13

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    * January 21 Dr Vacy Vlazna writes to British High Commissioner re British support for Israel 21Jan13

    * Dora McPhee (VIC) responds to Cameron Stewart’s report “Bob Carr in joint plea to US on Mid-East 19Jan13
    * Dr Vacy Vlazna writes to Foreign Minister Carr re Australia’s hypocrisy 16Jan13
    * Senator Lee Rhiannon (NSW) responds to Australian editorial labelling her an “anti-Israel extremist” 11Jan13
    * Andrew Greig (NSW) writes to The Australian re Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies’ refusal to host Israeli academic 30Dec12
    * Prof Bassam Dally (SA ) responds to Rubinstein’s “Settlements are not the great obstacle to Mid-East Peace”, The Australian, 21Dec12
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    * July 17 Torpedoing the two state solution: summary of 2011 in the settlements 17Jul12

    * Medical Aid for Palestinians/Save the Children Report: “Gaza children – falling behind” June 2012
    * AMNESTY REPORT: “Starved of Justice” 12June12
    * DCI-Palestine Report on the rights of the child 9Jun12
    * War on Want report: “Stop the bulldozers – JCB’s complicity in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people” June 2012
    * AL HAQ REPORT: The Jerusalem Trap 28May12
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    * DCI Report: “Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” 31Mar12

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    * Activists show international solidarity with Palestinians at World Forum 7Jan13
    * 25 trucks of aid from Namibia at Gaza border 5Jan12
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    * December 30VILLAGE PROTESTS: Israeli forces attack Friday marches against settlement and wall in West Bank 30Dec12
    * December 16VILLAGE PROTESTS: Dozens of injuries reported as army attacks nonviolent protests in West Bank 16Dec12
    * December 15BIL’IN: Young man injured and dozens suffocated in weekly march 15Dec12
    * December 9BIL’IN: Soldiers attack weekly protest against Wall, settlements 9Dec12
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    * November 11QUFR QADDOUM: Israeli forces stop weekly protests 11Nov12

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    * May 17Interactive map of Palestine villages destroyed in Nakba 17May12
    * February 27Israeli Apartheid Week 2012 resource list 27Feb12
    * January 6ISRAEL’S HASBARA TOOLKIT 6Jan12
    * July 8BADIL: Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons Q & A
    * March 8SETTLEMENTS: Bankrolling Colonialism (Ma’an Development Centre) 2010
    * March 8AMERICANS FOR PEACE NOW: Facts on the Ground, Maps re settlements, wall 6Mar11
    * February 22BDS Song/Dance Flash Mob: Step-by-step how-to kit

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    * August 19 VIDEO: “One state, two states or even three states?” 19Aug12
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    * August 14 VIDEO: Aljazeera’s “The enemy within?” 14Aug12
    * July 30 VIDEO: Palestinian diplomat Afif Safieh at the FEPS ‘Call to Europe’ Conference 30Jul12
    * July 18 VIDEO: Debate with Ali Abunimah and Jonathan Tobin “Are Israeli Settlements Legal?” 18Jul12
    * July 16 VIDEO: Jeff Halper on “Countdown to Apartheid in Israel” 16Jul12
    * June 28 VIDEO: Attacks on the children of Silwan 28Jun12
    * June 12 AUDIO: Beyond Tribal Loyalties Forum – Jews, Palestinians & Identity after the Arab Spring 12Jun12
    * June 10 VIDEO: Harry Fear’s Gaza Report 10Jun12

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    * BOOK: “The Bride and the Dowry” by Avi Raz, 21Jan13

    * ART: On the Exhibition “THIS IS also GAZA” 20Jan13
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    * January 19 VIDEO: Sodastream – How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid 19Jan13
    * January 19 SULTANY: Another voice – as Israel moves right, Obama must become tougher 19Jan13

    * EID: Will the new Palestinians end security coordination? 19Jan13
    * DAWBER: Did Israeli troops deliberately provoke teenager so they had an excuse to shoot him? 17Jan13
    * VIDEO: Israel uses control of birth registry and ID cards to control Gaza population 17Jan13
    * HASS: Israel’s Palestinians are not a minority 17Jan13
    * COOK: How 20 tents rocked Israel 16Jan13
    * ABU SARAH: Eviction of Palestinian outpost exposes double standard on settlements 15Jan13
    * HASS: E-1 protest marks change of tactics by Palestinian activists 15Jan13
    * KESTLER-DAMOURS: Can the PA govern occupied Palestine? 14Jan13
    * VIDEO: Noam Chomsky on the responsibility of privilege 14Jan13
    * BENNIS: Human Rights Watch – Time to stand with human rights defenders 12Jan13
    * BAROUD: History of the people: articulating ‘Palestine’ despite Israeli hasbara 11Jan13
    * VIDEO: When the boys return 11Jan13
    * KUTTAB: The new line on the State of Palestine passport 10Jan13
    * HILAL: Reclaiming the Palestinian narrative 9Jan13
    * MERRIMAN: To Stanley Jordan – you don’t get to peace without real solidarity 8Jan13
    * MASSAD: Palestinians, Egyptian Jews and propaganda 8Jan13
    * THE AUSTRALIAN: “Palestinians eye best of a bad bunch” by Samah Sabawi 7Jan13
    * INTERVIEW: Finkelstein on the meaning of the Arab Spring for Palestinian rights 7Jan13
    * SABAWI: Israel’s Gaza Bantustan 6Jan13
    * KARPEL: Hanin Zuabi – Not here to be loved 6Jan12

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    FREEMAN: Grand waffle in the Middle East 25Jan13

  2. Mod Lib

    Do you get paid per character for posts or something?


  3. Greensborough Growler


    I note you have changed your gravatar to a big hole and congratulate you posting to that dream.

    Seriously, out of context extrapolations make you look a genuine dill.

    A bullshit survey that tells you that people pine for the good old days.

    Big fuckingdeal

  4. Fran Barlow

    Yes Diogenes (I want to abbreviate but the aphetic “Dio” is Italian for God and I’m not doing that)


    [The fact that only 11% of Labor voters rate Gillard best of that 5 show they are distinctly underwhelmed by her.]

    I’m no admirer of Gillard, but one suspects that ex-PMs are ceteris paribus, looked on more favourably than current PMs …

    Past PMs are less threatening. People’s memories dim, and of course, they aren’t as relevant since you aren’t voting for them.

    Rudd has the benefit of the News Ltd sympathy machine, which is cranked up to undermine the current leader for obvious reasons.

  5. deblonay

    Sorry about the other post 3875…which came up inadventently

  6. Mod Lib


    R U trying to reach Orc status with that comment GG?

  7. Henry

    nobody quote that post…

  8. Diogenes


    Gillard isn’t popular, even amongst Labor voters.

    No amount of denial and turd polishing will change that fact.

  9. Psephos

    However, as has been pointed out about ten times now, Gillard doesn’t have to beat Howard, or Hawke, or Keating, or Pitt the Younger. She only has to beat Abbott, who is the most despised opposition leader since, oooooh, let me guess, Dr 7%, Brendan Nelson.

  10. Mod Lib

    The reason for the post of the 2006 poll which showed Howard at 32% for Best PM ever is that it was at the end of his government.

    The poll at the end of the Gillard government shows that only 5% think she is the Best PM in the last 30yrs.

  11. Carey Moore

    The problem with a few of your analyses is that you are assuming that somebody who voted for Hawke, Keating or Rudd all disapprove of Gillard or rate her badly.

    I am not saying Gillard is popular or anything like that, just that this poll doesn’t mean anything. Sorry. It doesn’t. And cults of personality need to get over that too. Okay?

  12. Rossmore

    Which MSM journo has the guts to challenge Brough for lying about their professional colleagues.. I have more faith in the work experience student from the Koo Wee Rup Times.

  13. Greensborough Growler

    Mod Lib,

    You can orc off as far as I’m concerned.

  14. Diogenes

    [I’m no admirer of Gillard, but one suspects that ex-PMs are ceteris paribus, looked on more favourably than current PMs …]

    In the US, the current President always rates very well no matter who they are.

  15. Fran Barlow

    Gosh Deblonay … couldn’t you have just posted the link with a sampler and suggested people support it?

    That was serious spam. Nothing personal, but I hope William snips it.

  16. Mod Lib

    Right. That comment does it.

    The Fellowship announces GG is now an Orc.

  17. Henry

    Not true Diog, I just advised you of the Newspoll/Nielsen scenario. She comes out ahead v Rudd.

  18. deblonay

    Sorry again post 3789 should have read “sorry about the other post 3875 ..which came up inadvertently”

  19. Diogenes

    [However, as has been pointed out about ten times now, Gillard doesn’t have to beat Howard, or Hawke, or Keating, or Pitt the Younger. She only has to beat Abbott,]

    Abbott is the best thing that Labor has going for it, followed by Newman.

  20. Mod Lib

    [Carey Moore
    Posted Friday, January 25, 2013 at 11:55 pm | PERMALINK
    The problem with a few of your analyses is that you are assuming that somebody who voted for Hawke, Keating or Rudd all disapprove of Gillard or rate her badly.]

    …but the same applies for Howard. The non-Howard voters may well have respected him, but not thought he was the best PM ever.

    For the sitting PM to get 5% is bad.

    For the sitting PM to get the same rating AMONG ALP VOTERS as one of the most detested Lib PMs for ALP voters is bad.

  21. Diogenes


    Did they ask who was the best prime minister over the last generation or was it a different question?

  22. Greensborough Growler


    I’ve said before the Ruddistas are the ones holding back the Government’s re election campaign.

    It’s a case of wheher they want to continue their games or live with a Liberal Government for the next ten years.

    It’s up to them.

  23. Carey Moore

    You’re just spinning Mod Lib.

  24. Fran Barlow

    [In the US, the current President always rates very well no matter who they are.]

    G W Bush didn’t by 2007

  25. Mod Lib

    [or live with a Liberal Government for the next ten years.]

    is that a prediction?

  26. Puff, the Magic Dragon.


  27. Henry

    Julia should be Dirty Harry to a few more ALP hacks in the parliament, senator and HOR.
    My local member, John Murphy, is a good bloke and I live next door to him but by gee by jingo by crikey he is not the most inspiring bloke in the world. Bit of fresh blood would be nice in the seat. His opponent, whilst gormless, is a relative youngster.
    Noticed he had his shingles on a few lawns around the suburb last week. Interesting…

  28. Diogenes


    [G W Bush didn’t by 2007]

    His approval ratings sucked but a lot of wackos still rated him highly in best President ever surveys.

  29. Puff, the Magic Dragon.


  30. Mod Lib

    I suspect the ones who are defending Gillard’s poor showing are the spinners here Carey:

    Gillard won 11% of the vote for best PM among ALP voters
    Howard won 35% of the vote for best PM among all voters!

    Howard was wiped out shortly after scoring 32% for Best PM in Australian history…..I wonder how the 5% bodes for Gillard?

  31. Henry

    Head to head Dio, ie more relevant.
    Oh and ML Julia is still preferred pm over budgie boy 🙂

  32. Diogenes


    Ruddistas are a convenient scapegoat.

  33. Puff, the Magic Dragon.

    I type faster with my left hand than my right. It destroys my accuracy and makes for some interesting words.

  34. Greensborough Growler


    No, it’s a consequence.

    BTW and here’s some gratuitous advice, this Fellowship crap you go on with is likely to lead to you being banished from PB.

    I’ve only got history on my side.

  35. Greensborough Growler


    Is that meant to mean anything?

  36. Mod Lib

    Posted Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 12:04 am | PERMALINK
    Head to head Dio, ie more relevant.
    Oh and ML Julia is still preferred pm over budgie boy]

    You mean like Keating was preferred pm over Howard in 1996 (just before he was trounced by Howard at the election)?

  37. Diogenes


    It’s quite a different question though. Galaxy asked who did you like better; the others asked who should lead Labor.

  38. Puff, the Magic Dragon.

    Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister. Everything else is breadcrumbs under the picnic table.

  39. Rossmore

    Mod Lib. There was a word for you in school. Try hard.

    Won’t stop u trying harder, I know.

  40. Mod Lib

    Yoda: No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try

  41. Diogenes


    [BTW and here’s some gratuitous advice, this Fellowship crap you go on with is likely to lead to you being banished from PB.]

    I remember Edward St John and I had a DeathWatch competition (choosing famous people who would die in the next year) which was banned.

  42. Rossmore

    Puff, mere dust, on a gnat’s eye lash.

  43. Fran Barlow


    [His approval ratings sucked but a lot of wackos still rated him highly in best President ever surveys.]

    I wonder how he’s have gone with Reagan and his father in the list…

    How would Dems have rated him v Clinton?

  44. confessions

    [However, as has been pointed out about ten times now, Gillard doesn’t have to beat Howard, or Hawke, or Keating, or Pitt the Younger. She only has to beat Abbott, who is the most despised opposition leader since, oooooh, let me guess, Dr 7%, Brendan Nelson.]


    Meanwhile, is there any analysis of the PM’s national security announcements in OM?

    I get that party hacks here are less inclined to want to do policy substance, but I’d at least expect the press gallery (paid to report on these matters) would be all over the announcement the other day.

  45. imacca

    Since you are on a Tolkien kick this eve ML, you may like this. There is a download link for the english PDF on the page. Not a bad read. In it the Fellowship are right prats of little consequence. 🙂


  46. This little black duck

    For Friday-night dating, that was shall we say: non-optimal!

  47. confessions

    [Ruddistas are a convenient scapegoat.]

    After the observed whiteanting behaviour of the Rudd Cult the last few years, that is an extraordinary comment.

  48. Greensborough Growler


    Yes we’ve had our fill of rude, crude and disgusting over the years.

    These young uns don’t know how piss weak they are these days……..

    However, Mod Libs fantasy to insert themself into a marital couple’s bed to “listen to the patter”, is right up there imho.

  49. Mod Lib


    Thanks for the link, might be interesting, but I am a little worried about the little virus issue….don’t think I will download it.

  50. confessions

    [Jessica Wright ‏@jesswrightstuff
    @janecat60 I reckon I rang Mal 20 times. He has never responded to a single message since ashby yarn.]

    Brough said he hadn’t been contacted by any journalists in the wake of Ashby.

    Lying seems to come naturally to Liberals.

  51. Henry

    Diogenese, totally different scenario.
    Labor had 4 pms to choose from. Libs one.
    Totally contrived.

  52. Mod Lib

    Thank God ALP types like Obeid don’t lie…

  53. Diogenes


    Basically everyone in politics is being whiteanted by someone from their side.

    It’s what these people do.

  54. Henry

    No ML, like Julia is preferred pm over Abbott in 2013.
    No connection to 96 at all. You can’t deny the acts. 😉

  55. Henry

    or facts…

  56. Henry

    Why is the format different tonight, cannot quote posts.

  57. Greensborough Growler

    Mod Lib,

    Your fearless leader has been caught out on this isssue before.

    Do you really think politicians’ lying is a wiiner for the LIbs.

  58. Diogenes


    I can’t see how they could have asked it any differently.

    If they included Fraser and Whitlam, it would have been more interesting but wouldn’t have affected Gillard at all.

  59. Mod Lib

    I am not denying the facts at all

    Fact1: Gillard is preferred PM over Abbott.

    Fact 2: Keating was preferred PM over Howard (just before getting thrashed by Howard at the election.

    I take it you accept these facts too?

  60. Mod Lib

    [Greensborough Growler
    Posted Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 12:20 am | PERMALINK
    Mod Lib,

    Your fearless leader has been caught out on this isssue before.

    Do you really think politicians’ lying is a wiiner for the LIbs.]

    Gillard being perceived as a liar is a huge winner for the Libs, yes.

  61. Greensborough Growler


    You are the only person I know who white ants themself.

    Must be the water.

  62. bemused



    No. Amongst Labor voters, Gillard was rated the best PM by 11% and 23% rated Rudd best.

    The fact that only 11% of Labor voters rate Gillard best of that 5 show they are distinctly underwhelmed by her.

    This is PB Diogenes. We are not reality based here. Do not use facts, it is most disconcerting. 😛

  63. confessions

    [I take it you accept these facts too?]

    Who cares! You may as well ask whether Santa Claus or the tooth fairy are real, for all the meaning derived from that poll.

    Honestly Mod Lib, you are carrying on so.

  64. imacca

    Mod Lib@3833


    Thanks for the link, might be interesting, but I am a little worried about the little virus issue….don’t think I will download it.

    I did, scanned with three different updated tools. No prob.

  65. confessions

    Oh and speaking of the tooth fairy….


  66. Greensborough Growler

    Mod Lib,

    Howard was called a liar continually over his whole career and it did not stop him.

    The propagation of this myth by the Libs will not have any effect on the election result. It may sure up the vote of those who always vote Lib, it may get a few feversished acolytes their five minutes of fame and ir might keep the MSM busy for a couple of years with censorial coverage.

    However, won’t make a skerrick of differnece on the day.

  67. Aguirre

    Brough is one of the few politicians around who will just stand there and give you a blatant lie. Lots of them obfuscate, and at least cover their tracks. Brough doesn’t bother with any of that. If it’ll get him through the next minute, it’s fine with him. Admirable in a way, I suppose.

  68. Henry

    Diogenes, of course it would have affected the result by including two more pms. It spreads the 100% around more.
    You don’t realise that by including Whitlam for example this obviously affects the vote?

  69. Henry

    Good ML, your rehabilitation continues, ie you accept Julia is more popular than Abbott.
    Keep learning. 😉

  70. Henry

    Bottom line is Gillard is preferred PM over Abbott.
    Are some people slow around here or what.

  71. confessions

    [Jessica Wright ‏@jesswrightstuff
    @BridgetOFlynn @margokingston1 @janecat60 agreed but remember outcry over Craig Thomson and reporters at his house? Can’t force to answer.]

    Right, so it was okay to stalk Thomson outside his home, but heaven forbid we do the same to Brough. ‘Remember the outcry’ for heaven’s sake.

    There’s one rule for Labor and another for the coalition. It’s a disgrace.

  72. Mod Lib

    Posted Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 12:32 am | PERMALINK
    Good ML, your rehabilitation continues, ie you accept Julia is more popular than Abbott.
    Keep learning]

    Good Henry, your rehabilitation continues, ie you accept Keating was more popular than Howard just before getting thrashed by Howard


  73. Mod Lib

    [Are some people slow around here or what.]

    No, you got there eventually!

  74. Henry

    Good work ML, live in the past, meanwhile in the current, real word Julia is pantsing Abbott. 🙂

  75. Mod Lib

    Gillard is losing to Abbott by around 5% where it counts (in actual voting intentions) right now…..according to Bludgertrack

  76. Henry

    It’s about 2% and closing.
    The trend my friend.

  77. Mod Lib

    OK, my beauty levels have now reached critical levels….time for some beauty sleep.

    Good night all.

  78. ShowsOn

    RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS MOFOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







  79. Kevin Bonham


    However, as has been pointed out about ten times now, Gillard doesn’t have to beat Howard, or Hawke, or Keating, or Pitt the Younger. She only has to beat Abbott, who is the most despised opposition leader since, oooooh, let me guess, Dr 7%, Brendan Nelson.

    Nelson wasn’t anywhere near as despised as Abbott; he just wasn’t preferred to a honeymoon-period Rudd whose party was polling through the roof.

  80. ShowsOn



  81. PatriciaWA

    Bushfire Bill @ 3644 “She’s a winner!” Here! Here! This came in my e-mail the other day.

    …..I think we should start a ‘we love Julia campaign’ and become a political force – ‘we’ being we old feminists, who are experiencing some of our dreams becoming a reality – Australia’s first female prime minister and her different way of communicating with the public and her working methods with her colleagues, but still adept at political survival. I am disappointed with Germaine Greer saying trite things about Julia’s physicality etc. and more particularly Eva Cox, whom I admired, recently refuting Julia’s Tony Abbott misogyny criticism…..

    I haven’t replied yet, ‘cos I’m not sure that’s the way to go, or if it is where to start in a way that made sure it took off and succeeded. I know you’re not an ‘old feminist’ but you obviously share our faith in PMJG, as do a lot of clear thinking fellahs. Any advice from you or any other Bludgers gratefully received.

  82. Kevin Bonham


    Bottom line is Gillard is preferred PM over Abbott.
    Are some people slow around here or what.

    Bottom line is Preferred Prime Minister is a rubbish indicator unless you at least scale it for the advantage to the incumbent:


    I do wish people would realise this and stop drawing false conclusions from PPM. It’s like using a product that’s been proven not to work. (Of course, people who think you can read the election result reliably from relatively close polls several months out are making the same mistake.)

    As for Mod Lib’s comments about the Galaxy poll, I think it could be argued that 10% of Labor supporters voting for Howard is partly a negative reflection on Abbott. If 10% of Labor supporters think Howard was a better PM than all of Hawke, Keating, Rudd and Gillard then a possible reason for that is that some of them are actually tories who have been driven away from the Coalition by Abbott and would otherwise be Coalition supporters. The other possibility is that some of these are Labor supporters at heart who are too young to remember Hawke/Keating and don’t rate Rudd or Gillard.

  83. Kevin Bonham

    Anyone know whether the public holiday will mess with the Newspoll release date? Essential are releasing on Tuesday instead of Monday because of it.

  84. ShowsOn



  85. ShowsOn

    These are all the songs they played, but they aren’t in the right order:

    Monarchy of Roses
    Around the World
    Scar Tissue
    Factory of Faith
    Look Around
    The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
    Snow (Hey Oh)
    Universally Speaking
    What in the World (David Bowie)
    Under the Bridge
    By the Way

    Soul To Squeeze
    Give it Away

  86. deblonay

    Chas. Freeman …on the dangers of contradictory US policy in the N East
    A former US Ambassador to Saudi speaks on US policy

  87. crikey whitey

    Kevin Bonham
    Posted Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 1:27 am | PERMALINK
    Anyone know whether the public holiday will mess with the Newspoll release date? Essential are releasing on Tuesday instead of Monday because of it.

    JW may know.

  88. Dorrie Evans

    Dorrie Evans
    Posted Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

    I see the pretty knitters are still letting what’s left of their lives ebb into the ether.
    Some of you are bright enough to know it even if the messenger is a little shit.
    All perspective is lost if you fixate and less is more simply because it has more punch. All this handbag at twenty paces stuff is nonsense, puerile and very unbecoming.

    I apologise for being a jerk at times but I am very frustrated. I looked at posts from 2011 and even though there were psychos even then, there was humor and playfulness and far less bickering.

    There are a number of problems going on here. We have a hard core group of posters who’s positions from the Middle East to free speech and everything in between are entrenched and even if JC descended and said otherwise people on any side of any debate would not be convinced (those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still as Mother would say).

    The other hurdle is that many of them are very intelligent, have very long memories and have all day, every day to argue their case.
    Unfortunately for the rest of us who are just trying to find a bit of truth amongst all the sparkling propaganda (let’s face it, most of it is), it becomes difficult to discern what is truth and what is opinion parading as fact.

    The other glaring thing about some of the regulars is the hypocrisy inherent in the way they conduct themselves. They rail against the tactics used by the MSM but they have not only absorbed the tactics but ape them at every turn.
    They refuse to see that they themselves are a clique and a claque that flatter each other and studiously bolster the ramparts that hold them afloat from day to day.
    Interlopers are viewed as Icarus types who will be sent to Coventry if they dare challenge the prevailing orthodoxy.
    Personally, I think I understand what is going on here. There are a lot of people on here who are lonely and bored who would be devastated if this blog were taken away from them.
    Hence the ferocious border protection policies that go something like this- “Hi Dorie, welcome aboard. Gee Dorrie, don’t know if I agree with that. How long before Dorrie falls underneath the PB bus lol”. It has become their lifeline and they will defend it with every bit of gumption they possess.
    This is problematic on so many levels I don’t know where to start.
    Frankly there are about 20 regulars who should take a very long holiday.
    Imagine being invited to William’s house for a party and being sat next to one of them. They talk and talk and talk and manage to say nothing (except of course about how wonderfully intelligent they are), talk over the top of each other and eventually hurl the simplest and most embarrassingly unoriginal insults at each other at the top of their voices for the entire evening.

    The other more temperate guests (lurkers all),try to lighten the evening with a joke but it is immediately wrung though the post modern and entirely humorless mincer of Medusa’s molars.
    The club consists of a group of people who are lamentably puffed up by being the first to report a tweet or an ‘update’ or god knows what from the 24 hr news cycle.
    Some of them are so desperate for praise that they will stay glued to 79 news feeds just to be cyber patted and and clucked over by all the other headless PB chooks.

    I think the blog deserves better than this. There are many people who lurk and occasionally post astonishingly beautiful things but they are drowned out by the loud mouthed and excruciatingly boring bullies who don’t know that they are bullies and refuse to shut up.

  89. crikey whitey

    So nice. Perhaps you could advise William.

  90. Gecko

    In another bulletin: recent polling results on conservative forethought were returned late and had to be abandoned.

  91. Dorrie Evans

    And CW, mate I am not a troll or anything else you care to imagine. We do not know each other. That’s it. People here get carried away. Some of them do it in the most spectacular and amusing way but perspective is the only thing that will save you and me from making complete fools of ourselves. My friends like and put up with me. I presume it is the same for you.
    My whole life has been a endless succession of gormless fools barking their dogma at me. I don’t have to put up with it anymore and feel enormous sympathy for those who still have to.

  92. crikey whitey

    Well then. Don’t.

  93. absolutetwaddle

    Welcome to the Internet, Dorrie.

    I agree with pretty much everything there though – I would add that even as someone who may very well kill for JG to win the next election the hubris surrounding the next election from Labor supporters here is quite galling.

    Ultimately lots of the people here have been alienated from the MSM and have found a small niche they kinda fit into – particularly the Labor optimist crowd. In reality these are dark days for Labor and the future looks pretty bad so I understand it. Any port in a storm and all that.

    Still, a holiday for some here would be a good idea. Maybe. It wouldn’t surprise me if this blog was the only thing standing between a few posters and a complete mental breakdown.

  94. Dorrie Evans

    That is almost cute cw. Do you always back away from a fight even though you might lose?

  95. crikey whitey


    Change of shift.

  96. Dorrie Evans

    I am not your enemy cw. Rest son. Can you really judge me from the little we have said to each other?

  97. crikey whitey


  98. Dorrie Evans

    Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight cw. I am advised by another poster that you are an Ok person. Will you personally benefit from putting me down? Will it make you feel any better if you do so? A complete stranger? Can you explain how that is any good for you or me?

  99. Dorrie Evans

    I don’t mind a rock hard argument but what I will not abide is a hand full of sand thrown in my face by a weak opponent who stands behind a lifelong love affair with his or her own ignorance.