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Seat of the week: Makin

Held by the Liberals throughout the Howard years, the north-eastern Adelaide seat of Makin swung heavily to Labor in 2007 and 2010, and remains firmly in the party fold despite the 2013 election defeat.

Red and blue numbers respectively indicate booths with two-party majorities for Labor and Liberal. Click for larger image. Map boundaries courtesy of Ben Raue at The Tally Room.

The north-eastern Adelaide seat of Makin extends from Pooraka near the city to Tea Tree Gully and Greenwith at the limits of the metropolitan area. Labor is especially strong in the areas nearer the city, from Walkley Heights north to Salibsury East, beyond which are generally newer suburbs with more mortgage payers and families, who have helped keep the Liberals competitive or better for most of the seat’s history. Together with Kingston in the south of the city and Wakefield in its outer north, Makin is one of three Adelaide seats which the Liberals held in the final term of the Howard government before blowing out to double-digit Labor margins at the 2010 election, and which remain securely in the Labor fold despite the 2013 election defeat. In Makin’s case the Labor margin reached 12.0% in 2010, before the 2013 swing reduced it to 5.1%.

Makin was created with the expansion of parliament in 1984 from an area that had mostly formed the southern end of the safe Labor seat of Bonython, the majority of which was in turn absorbed by Wakefield when it was abolished in 2004. It was held for Labor by uncomfortable margins from 1984 to 1996 by Peter Duncan, a former Attorney-General in Don Dunstan’s state government. A 4.8% swing put Duncan on the Keating government casualty list in 1996, and he returned to the headlines in 2007 after being charged with fraudulently obtaining government grants for his plastics recycling company. The seat was then held for the Liberals by Trish Draper, who emerged as a prime ministerial favourite after strong performances at the next two elections. A swing against Draper of 0.2% in 1998 compared with a statewide swing of 4.2%, and she consolidated her margin by 3.0% in 2001. Draper hit trouble in the lead-up to the 2004 election when it emerged she had breached parliamentary rules by taking a boyfriend on a study trip to Europe at taxpayers’ expense, but she survived by 0.9% in the face of a swing that was not reflected in neighbouring seats. Draper retired at the 2007 election citing an illness in the family, before unsuccessfully attempting a comeback in the state seat of Newland at the March 2010 election.

The seat was then won for Labor on the second attempt by Tony Zappia, who had been the mayor of Salisbury since 1997, a councillor for many years beforehand, and was at one time a weightlifting champion. Zappia was widely thought to have been a victim of his factional non-alignment when the Right’s Julie Woodman defeated him for preselection in 2001, and a repeat performance appeared on the cards when a deal ahead of the 2004 election reserved the seat for Dana Wortley of the “hard Left”. The arrangement displeased local branches as well as party hard-heads concerned that a crucial marginal seat should be contested by the most appealing candidate, and Premier Mike Rann successfully prevailed upon Wortley’s backers to throw their weight behind Zappia. The move appeared a dead end for Zappia in the short term as he proved unable to win the seat, whereas Wortley was elected from the number three Senate position she was offered as consolation. However, Zappia performed considerably better with the electoral breeze at his back in 2007, demolishing the 0.9% Liberal margin with a swing of 8.6%. This was achieved in the face of a high-impact publicity campaign by Liberal candidate Bob Day, housing tycoon and national president of the Housing Industry Association who has since been elected as a Senator for Family First.

The once non-aligned Zappia is now a member of the Left, and is believed to have been a backer of Kevin Rudd’s leadership challenges, and of Anthony Albanese over Bill Shorten in the post-election leadership contest. After spending the period in government on the back bench, he won promotion after the election defeat to shadow parliamentary secretary for manufacturing.

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    Puff, the Magic Dragon.
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    It seems I was was wrong, the Tour Down Under is being shown live on Gem TV. So I retract my call for everyone on the Good Ship Ch9 be twice rogered with a barbed wire dildo. Once will do.

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    Just Me,

    You’re meant to watch it sober first? I/we thought the exercise was to understand German while drunk. Hence why I found the way they killed off characters far funnier than it probably was.

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    Just Me
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    You’re meant to watch it sober first?

    Good catch.


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    05:46:00 20/01/2014 ——- Nett_NEWS++™ http://bit.ly/1aQcqOy NB Pique of the Week

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    Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    Another reality for Pyne to gleefully ignore.
    MUST READ! An opinion piece by the victim of an unprovoked vicious assault. He knows why they did it.
    Bill Shorten outlines how he will limit Abbott to one term.
    Here’s a good one for the Estimates Committees.
    Is Maurice Newman a dangerous idiot or what?
    Amanda Vanstone really piles into Corgi Bernardi.
    MUST SEE! Alan Moir on Abbott’s “accountabilty”.
    Brilliant work from Cathy Wilcox!
    Pat Campbell with a ripper on Pyne’s new history curriculum.
    Some ugly imagery from David Rowe.

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    And from the Land of the Free –

    Bernie Sanders calls out the political talk shows for ignoring the biggest issue of all – climate change.
    FoxNews’s “War on Science”.

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    Tony Abbott promised foreign policy “less Geneva, more Jakarta”.

    With relations to our north in the gutter and sinking fast, what does he do? Issues a YouTube selfie and jets of to the Davos junket in Switzerland.

    Maybe he has picked up a yen for skiing after his French Alps holiday a few weeks ago?

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    ABC24 reporting that Fed Govt planning to sell some Murray-Darling water licenses back.

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    Their excuse is they need the money for something – but I didn’t catch what it was.

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    Two asylum seekers jumped off their boat into the water as the Australian navy was escorting them back to Indonesia in December, in what one fellow passenger said was a suicide attempt.
    Sailors from the accompanying ships pulled them from the water and put them back on board, asylum seeker Rahman Ali said.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/witness-reveals-asylum-seeker-suicide-attempts-on-high-seas-20140119-312s1.html#ixzz2qsZiX1JU

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    Morning all. If anyone wonders wht turning Pacific islands into refugee camps does to their local politics, this story gives a taste:

    Nauru’s justice system is in disarray and cases against scores of asylum seekers are in limbo after the Nauru government sacked its only magistrate and denied its Australian chief justice a visa to re-enter the country.


    I hope Nauru does not go the way of Fiji. I fear it will.

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    Amanda having a bob each way. She has to tow the party line on free speech. “So what?” is typical Amanda, isn’t it.

    I don’t share many of his views but so what? I believe it is in our interest to promote a society where we all enjoy freedom of expression. That freedom gives each of us the right to express ourselves. Importantly it also allows us to benefit from the rich diversity of views expressed.

    That’s good in theory. Perhaps Amanda should remind her friend Chrstopher about “diversity of views” as he tries to bring the curriculum into line.

    If he was advocating that men and boys take responsibility by never having sex without using a condom people might react in a more positive fashion. Women in particular. Bernardi, as a not bad looking, if obsessively fit, middle-aged man, might be just the sort of person to take the responsible sex message out to young Australian boys. He would be helping to shut the gate rather than complaining about the horse having bolted.

    There is a hint here that Cory is another fitness-obsessed male who has to work off his frustrations/anger through physical activity.

    Not a team player? Obviously. Even in his marriage the love is all about Cory.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/attention-seeker-has-had-his-last-chance-20140119-312ih.html#ixzz2qsaG36eL

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    It was a notable feature of The Australian’s coverage of the recent heat wave that it did not mention global warming.

    Maybe Murdoch is demanding dumb and dumber from the Oz.

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    According to twitter, Abbott’s latest utterance

    Our wood duck PM has spoken! Apparently,house-razing bushfires are just “one of the perils of Summer”! Like bluebottle stings. I despair.

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    Looks like the climate scientists are willing to put their money with their mouth is but that Newman, who wants to bet other peoples’ planet that he is right, is unwilling to bet his own money.

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    I would be sure that Environment Minister Hunt, fully aware of the parlous state of the Murray Darling Basin, would refuse to countenance the sale of environmental water back into the irrigation estate.

    I am equally sure that all those Greens who spent the last six years assuring us that there was no difference between Labor and the Liberals will now publicly announce that there were wrong, VERY wrong, all along.

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    With relations to our north in the gutter and sinking fast, what does he do? Issues a YouTube selfie and jets of to the Davos junket in Switzerland.

    Expect our relations with Switzerland to take a dive soon.

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    The first tremors were reported in 1986 nearby in Assen, and since then about 1,000 have been recorded in the area, with a maximum magnitude of 3.6 on the Richter scale, according to the Dutch Meteorological Institute. Local residents want gas production to stop after the tremors caused cracks and other damage to homes and buildings.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/carbon-economy/netherlands-reduces-gas-output-after-tremors-increase-20140120-313c3.html#ixzz2qshVURaN

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    Of course the wood duck would say that as 2GB shock jocks declared the heatwave and fires as just being summer weather.

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    “CO2 emissions are being ‘outsourced’ by rich countries to rising economies
    Greenhouse gas output of China and elsewhere is increased by making goods that are then used in the US and Europe”

    “If we are just looking at our national inventory to understand the emissions trends, it is just not telling the full picture of our impacts,” said Cynthia Cummis, an expert on greenhouse gas accounting at the World Resources Institute. “We need to understand the full life cycle of all the goods and services that we are purchasing and selling.”

    There is now growing debate about how to assign responsibility for emissions generated producing goods that were made in one country but ultimately destined for another.

    “The consumers that are importing those goods have some responsibility for those goods that are happening outside of our boundaries,” Cummis said.


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    The LNP just can’t help themselves can they?

    The Murray-Darling Basin at least a little bit put on the right track by the previous government? What ho, better stop that one in its tracks! Disregarding anyone who knows what they’re talking about and selling some of the over-extended water allocations that were the problem in the first place! What could possibly go wrong with that?

    God damn lying vandals. If they did nothing our country would be in a much better state when we finally kick them out, but nooooo they have to fuck everything they touch.

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    Amanda having a bob each way. She has to tow the party line on free speech. “So what?” is typical Amanda, isn’t it.

    The free speech thing is a furphy. It’s like John Howard’s reaction to Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech. In neither case was anyone saying that either Pauline or Cori should not be allowed top say what they said; that they should be silenced, fined or imprisoned for what they said. On the other hand, lots of people exercised their right of free speech to say that Pauline and Cori were talking crap. The question is, in both cases, whether the Liberal party wanted to be associated with their views. In fact, the Liberal Party wants it both ways. They want to make it clear to bigots and far right crackpots that their votes have a home with the Liberals.

    A more appropriate target for those concerned about free speech would be our libel laws.

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    Player One
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    So, when is Abbott going to pick up the phone and call his mate, the President of Nauru?

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    Meanwhile there is a proposal to let big business do its own taxes for the tax office.

    Whats wrong with that – you’re just racist against big business. Without big business humanity wouldn’t even exist and yet you question their trustworthiness. I dunno. You must be a traitor to Australia and the ANZACS!!! and footy.

    You must be related to Sean.

    You can’t be racist against an corporation.

    Humanity existed before corporations. Without workers corporations can’t exist.

    Why would anyone trust corporations. Look at the lives they have destroyed. They declare bankrupt causing shareholders to loose their life savings while the executives run off with multi-million dollar bonuses and continue to live millionaire lifestyles.

    You would be out of your depth in a car park puddle

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    Good Morning.

    Good to see Mr Shorten getting some media coverage.

    I am not surprised about the Murray Darling retro step. This is a mob willing to risk trashing the Great Barrier Reef.

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    I think Jules was piling on the sarcastic humour there.

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    The trouble with views expressed about ‘rorters’ and government payments last night was that it’s possible the (largely) unjustified concerns about rorting government payments costs us as taxpayers more than the actual rorts.

    Once upon a time you could go into Centrelink, and go on the dole relatively simply. Now there’s all sorts of bells and whistles, which includes (as standard) an hour long interview with a Centrelink staffer, the provision of detailed information (which one assumes is checked) and the filling out of numerous forms (which must be entered onto the system by someone).

    Then there’s the eight or more job applications which must be reported to Centrelink a fortnight (and which, in theory at least, must be verified), regular face to face interviews and the requirement to sign up with a Work placement service.

    Some of these activities are token. Anyone who’s been on Newstart for any length of time knows that it’s highly unlikely anyone is going to check that you’ve genuinely applied for the jobs on your form. (When the requirement doubled from four applications a fortnight to eight under Howard, as part of a ‘proving we’re tough on dole bludgers’ strategy, not one extra dollar was provided to Centrelink to employ the staff needed to verify the extra applications – a sign that governments themselves regard this as a token effort).

    So job seekers are made to jump through hoops because one in one thousand might be rorting the system. (the cost of this is apparently difficult to determine, but the relevant Department receives $64 million a year simply to manage compliance policy. Add to that the time Centrelink staff spend on these activities as part of their daily work).

    And all of these requirements cost the taxpayer money – espcially the jobseeker networks, which (from the experience of several people close to me) I can attest are basically useless, and yet which cost the taxpayer $1 billion a year.

    So we can guesstimate (with some confidence) that the cost to the taxpayer of such activities is a couple a billion a year.

    Now, I’m not arguing they should all be scrapped. There should be, for example, genuine assistance available to those looking for work. There should be a requirement to look for a certain number of jobs (but these need genuine scrutiny, not a ‘has the person ticked the boxes?’ approach).

    But it can be said with some confidence that there are a lot of unnecessary measures in place at present, which cost the taxpayer a significant amount of money, and only exist to pander to the fear that jobseekers are rorting the system.

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    @OxfamAustralia: “Oxfam calls for tax haven crack down as Tony Abbott heads to World Economic Forum” [SMH] http://t.co/aH0s3Xh3Zc

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    May have been posted here already but worth a read. This is from last week before the issue of territorial incursions blew up:

    The cloak of a military campaign has been adopted to inflate the importance of the asylum seeker issue and to justify the Abbott Government’s cult of secrecy, writes Mungo MacCallum.


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    Keeping the asylum seeker issue at the forefront has kept many people from examining the terrible state of the economy, the ever growing debt issue and job losses.

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    “fire destroyed 56 homes after a wooden power pole on the property of an 82-year-old woman collapsed, damaging wires leading out of the meter box and sending sparks to the ground.

    and the WA Liberal state govt now trying to tell land owners the poles are their responsibility

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    The Nauru mess nay mean High Court will overturn sending to Nauru.

    Highlights not safe to send AS offshore. Thus breaching treaty we have signed and affirmed with domestic law backing that treaty.

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    Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and the State Government are set to announce the revised terms of the WA loan package today, nine months after it was unveiled by the previous Labor government in Canberra.

    – a govt ready to hit the ground running – slow runners?

    Mr Fitzgibbon said one of Mr Joyce’s first acts as minister was to cut $10 million from the $60 million, two-year package allocated to WA in the Federal Budget.

    While WA’s funding was cut, Mr Joyce bumped up the $60 million packages for Queensland (to $80 million), NSW (to $70 million) and Victoria (to $70 million).

    “This was done without consulting WA,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

    – and then looking after the larger supporter base in the east

    Mr Joyce has not visited WA since becoming minister and was unavailable for comment.

    – too busy attending rugby games and weddings at taxpayer expense?

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    Never Ending:

    The second stage of the inquiry into the murder conviction of David Harold Eastman is expected to resume in Canberra today.


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    Re Guytaur @ 728 “Oxfam calls for tax haven crack down as Tony Abbott heads to World Economic Forum”

    He should, but the chances of this happening are approximately equal to the chances that Tony Abbott will:
    – support an Australian republic
    – urge that asylum seekers be treated humanely
    – support gay marriage
    – support effective action on climate change
    – condemn News Corporation as a peddler of lies and disinformation

    The linked article says that Tony Abbott “…is expected to outline where he plans to take Australia as a global economic player”. Shouldn’t he have told us first?

    In a press release, Mr Abbott said his attendance would be an opportunity to ‘showcase Australia and the government’s reform agenda to international and business leaders’. Again, maybe he should have told us first, before the election, but I’m sure the business leaders will love it: wind back regulation to protect employees, consumers and the environment; reduce taxes for big business and wealthy individuals, to be paid for by cuts to benefits for those who actually need them; withdraw from action on climate change; protect tax rorts for businesses and the wealthy.

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    I’m sure these extra hoops from Centrelink lead to more frustration, hopelessness and general cynicism about government. Maybe the productivity commission should look into the waste of money ;)

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    I wish there was some sort of “statute of limitations” or similar which would prevent a subsequent government from tearing down agreements, say for a period equal to the length of time it took to negotiate them. MDB, carbon pricing and Gonski all took years, not weeks to negotiate and should be given a period of stability before smashing them.

    Nothing this government does is good for Australia.

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    @dobes: Looks like “operational matters” are about to heat up http://t.co/CADc9GZZTd

  • 739
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    Re 737: not for the Abbott Government. I want Abbott’s legacy to be shredded and binned in the shortest possible time once he’s kicked off the stage.

  • 740
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  • 741
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    The LNP doing what they do best: sowing division. This is their standard tactic. They are truly vile.

  • 742
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    The theory could still apply. Most of the Coalition’s decisions have been instantly fabricated rather than considered, so they could be scrapped just as quickly.

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    Did you read the post the other night from poster whose name escapes me re diagnosis of father that took a long time re lung issues?

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    The Big Ship
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    Boerwar @ 715

    Looks like the climate scientists are willing to put their money with their mouth is but that Newman, who wants to bet other peoples’ planet that he is right, is unwilling to bet his own money.

    At 76 years old, Newman is very unlikely to still be around in 2034, so if the old dinosaur had any integrity or guts he’d get out from behind such a limp challenge and put the $10,000 in a trust, to be either paid out when he is inevitably proven wrong 20 years down the track, or, on the 1 in a 100 chance that he’s right, to collect his winnings on behalf of his descendants.

    Don’t hold your breath, as arseclowns like Newman are nothing but empty rhetoric.

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    Abbott did say they would be a govt of no surprises. I guess this is true

    I am not surprised at all by how terrible this govt would be

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    Lizzie re Bernardi…\
    I wondered reading the Vanstone stuff today if she is ….as my mother was wont to say in certain circumstances…I wonder if she is “firing” the bullets,which Abbott is making for her in her criutique of Bernardi…who clearly is becoming a worry for them?
    I’vew nokted several times that Bsrnardi is remarkab;le sim,ilar ion viewpoints to some of the hARd-line Tea Party types in the US
    I spent some times there last years…and in previouis years having some family there and I follow all the local politics…and Bernardi…\ campaigned for Romney

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    Had to smile at an ABC report that Abbott was taking his “reform agenda” overseas.

    If ever there was a new government which has come to office with less of a “reform agenda” than this one – other than cut and slash, I would like to know which one it was.

    It was likely to be another conservative government as Tories, essentially, do not do reform.

    An apt line in Foyle’s War last night as a Labour politician in post-War UK, bemoaned how hard it was to change things and how easy it was to be a Conservative as they just stick with the status quo.

    Has anything really changed in that regard?

    “Reform agenda” must now be the new spin put on the disaster this government has been to date.

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    Yes, thank you, I caught up with it much later. It was Jules.

    I suspect the delay in diagnosis is partly because it was the weekend. OH had already lost a lot of one lung’s function through sudden mysterious onset of pulmonary fibrosis (IPF for the experts). We’re hoping that today will reveal something from the “samples” he’s been coughing up.

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    No worries. All the best

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    I’d like to know just what Abbott thinks of Bernardi, because he was happy enough to give him a ‘ministry’ as a reward for voting for him. Amanda almost says wtte Bernardi’s views match Abbott’s (particularly on abortion) but he expresses them tactlessly.

    I suppose we must give Tony a bit more time to work out what to do, since he’s ‘so busy running the country’ :lol: