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ReachTEL: 53-47 to Labor

After a fortnight in which Nielsen found the Coalition back in front and Newspoll found Labor further ahead than ever, the monthly result from ReachTEL has Labor maintaining the lead it recorded in the previous poll a month ago.

GhostWhoVotes relates that a ReachTEL poll, which I take to be its monthly poll for the Seven Network, has Labor’s lead unchanged on a month ago at 53-47, from primary votes of 40.3% for the Coalition, 39.2% for Labor and 10.5% for the Greens. The poll also finds Malcolm Turnbull to be favoured over Tony Abbott by 53.2% of respondents with only 27.7% opting for Abbott (and 19.1% for Joe Hockey), but this is down to a massive disparity between Coalition supporters, 58.6% of whom favour Abbott versus 27.6% for Turnbull and 13.8% for Hockey, and Labor supporters, of whom 76.5% favour Turnbull, 17.9% favour Hockey, and only 5.6% favour Abbott.

UPDATE: Essential Research has the Coalition up 51-49, reversing the result from last time. The Coalition is up two on the primary vote to 44%, with Labor and the Greens each down a point to 38% and 8%.

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    I agree and glad I’m not the only one who has noticed deblonay’s conspicuous and inexplicable Ukraine hatefest. At this stage I’m unsure it’s because in deblonay’s mind any enemy of the USA is her friend or that she hasn’t heard that the USSR has collapsed and is still a Stalinist.

    In any case the situation in the Ukraine is far more complex than boiling it down to brave Russia invading to save them from “fascists”. If you want to find a fascist state these days the Russian Federation presents a pretty eerie simulacrum, which is why I find the strident apologetics of their behaviour – coming from quarters who would normally describe themselves as anti-imperialist – very odd indeed.

    I confess to simply not knowing enough to have an entirely formed opinion on what’s happening over there, but I know I am no fan of the present Russian government and view much of what they do with suspicion.

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    Re the Ukrainian crisis
    Point I…The previous govt though corrupt was properly elected and was overthrown in a coup which has the endorsement of the neo-cons in Washington who are seen by the Russian leaders as bringing NATO to their borders

    Why does the USA have bases and forces all around the globe I wonder ?…over 700 I understand ! do the Russians have any such outside their borders?

    Point 2..The Crimea is a place with a majority of Russians in it’s population and an anti-Russian Govt in Kiev was seen by the Russians as menacing such people,and also menacing the Russian naval base at Senastopol

    Te Crimea has been after all The centre of Russian naval power for centuries Now it’s again under Russian control and may well be a small independent state…but never Ukrainian

    Spain for example claims Gibralter…but will the Brits ever give it up???
    The Crimea is Russian and nobody really doubts that now will that ever change

    Point 3… All the evidence I have read from a variety of sources,like Counterpunch and several other US sites,and what apears today in Der Spiegal.has convinced me that the new regime in Kiev contains a great many poisonous .racists fascists,with euro links Fascism is back in town and growing everywhere in Europe,and the Ukraine is their first real victory..and they won’t be restrained for long
    Indeed some jewish leaders have already spoken of this ,and the US may see the folly of it’s ways soon

    Of course Russia is an authoritian and nationalist state,but nor do I think it is fascist
    Nor do I think they want a conflict

    Obviously they will wait to hold a referendum in Crimea later this month.then proceed along the course I have spoken of earlier
    In Kiev will have some harsh and biter lessons to learn from the villians of the IMF and as the axes fall on many people they will react with shock and pain
    I daresay most don’t know about the harsh treatment metered to the Greeks and others in the Euro zone …
    when that sinks in the Kiev regime will have more to worry about than Putin,and,more bitter than anything we saw in Greece
    we can watch as it unfolds

    PS Deblonay is NOT a female

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    Fulvio Sammut
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    This question may have been asked here before, but does anyone know what the “health” issue that sidelined Troy Buswell so suddenly is really about?

    The secret squirrell nonsense from the Premier sounds like BS to me.

    Whatever’s afoot it can only be bad news for the Liberals when the truth comes out.

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    Absolute Twaddle
    silly remarks
    Your comment that I may not have know that the Soviet Union had collapsed is silly and trivialises the debate here
    try to be more sensible and respect others intelligence if you can

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    Fulvio Z re Buswell…Pardon my gnorance but what has happened to the awful Buswell any ideas
    Hope it’s nothing trival!

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    From a US site Lew Rockwell .com
    A USD writer Daniel Andrews ask why some people in the USA are ignoring the fact that some people on the streets have been raising their arms in Hitler salutes and why do some section of the US media choose to ignore these fact

    a point I have made here

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    Lew Rockwell on The Ukraine

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    Fulvio Sammut
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    From the West Australia, the Premier was told Buswell would be off (no reason given) for a day last week. His own Party MP’s were apparantly kept in the dark about it.

    Today the Premier announced he would be off for two weeks for health reasons, and “as the Premier” he has demanded that Buswell’s “privacy be respected”, in other words, no questions to be asked. Mind you, this bit of non information only came out as a result of a morning ABC radio host making a song and dance about it this morning.

    The Lib Government is in the throes of formulating it’s budget and has now had its under treasurer resign, it’s Treasurer go awol and Buswell chief treasury honcho, Rachael something or other, take sudden leave.

    Barnett has assumed the treasury and the transport departments from Buswell until further notice.

    And we are expected to take this nonsense at face value.

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    Fulvio Sammut
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    My suspicion is that Barnett wanted Buswell to take a hit for the team over the budget nasties and Buswell and his crew told him to stick it.

    Time will tell.

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    Fulvio Sammut
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    Hilarious, when you think about it.

    The organ grinder having to take the place of his monkey.

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    → → 03:26:00 05/03/2014 —-G4 Nett_NEWS++™ @ http://bit.ly/1aQcqOy #auspol http://bit.ly/1fESxKP

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    Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    If this is true commercial TV channels in Australia should feel very proud of themselves.
    The Guardian continues to evade the 66 spin doctors.
    Looks like Jay Weatherill won South Australia’s “Rooty Hill” debate.
    Don’t get injured at work whatever you do!
    The Libs’ answer to this would be to slash penalty rates.
    Albo has an op-ed in The Guardian on vision. And lack of it.
    Just stands to reason.
    This will be interesting. What tactics will Morriscum employ to stymie it?
    Lenore Taylor exposes the “age of continuing entitlement” for private businesses under Abbott.
    It will be a long, drawn out process for Qantas, regardless of whether there is a change to the QSA.

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    Section 2 . . .

    Now the pressure is going to be on Joyce and his cohort of directors.
    MUST SEE! Alan Moir has Popeye Abbott standing right in (on) it.
    David Pope on fire again. This time Brandis and his ICJ troubles.
    MUST SEE! David Rowe takes us to the Senate Air check-in counter.
    Ron Tandberg on the age of entitlement as it extends to the Royals.

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    AFR saying Abbott refused qantas a debt guarantee because they would not condemn the Carbon Tax as he wanted them to.

    Disgusting if true.

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    Abbott praising the loggers – the greatest environmentalists!
    All progressive measures in our society are under attack.

    Is there nothing this mob is not attempting to destroy?

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    And from the Land of the Free –

    The Democrats fancy their chances in some marginal seats in the 2014 Congressional elections.
    The Weekly Upchucks.

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    “Abbott praising the loggers”

    Was he really? That is soooo last century. Since they brought in the Big Machines and clear felling, things changed a lot. What’s he on about?

    Heard someone say this morning that the aid to farmers will benefit cattle & sheep farmers, but fruit, nursery growers will not benefit at all. Again, 50s attitude of “riding on the sheep’s back”.

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    Phil Vee
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    Today we have opposite stories from the dailies, each one trying to massage their respective audience. For the SMH, Sydney’s CBD is the engine room of growth and for the Tele it is Western Sydney.

    My take is that something must have been going very right over the last six years when the Press are arguing over who is growing the fastest.

    From the SMH
    The march of globalisation and the advance of technology are helping to add jobs near Sydney’s CBD at a much faster rate than the rest of the metropolitan area, undermining efforts to spread employment growth evenly.

    Four in every 10 jobs created in Greater Sydney over the past five years were in one council area – Sydney City – a major survey of inner-city businesses has revealed.
    Employment in the City of Sydney grew by 52,000, and an extra 2000 firms opened their doors in the area between 2007 and 2012..

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/city-shines-but-burbs-need-boost-20140304-345bl.html#ixzz2v1m7yaka

    And from the Daily Telegraph………..

    A GROUNDBREAKING report has confirmed Western Sydney is the real growth engine room of the state’s economy.

    And the unique research breaking down growth by suburb reveals building a second airport at Badgerys Creek would supercharge growth across the city, centred on the west.

    The research by PwC Australia challenges the assumption that Sydney’s economic might lies in its CBD, finding Western Sydney’s economic growth outstripped the city centre for much of the past decade.

    It found the west’s economy was growing at a stronger pace than the whole of greater Sydney combined.


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    Yes he spoke at a forrestry dinner last night – reported on ABC News this am.

    The attitude is sooo reminiscent of Bjelke Petersen and the bible belt. “Dog” will look after everything – it’s all been put there for man to do with as he wishes.

    It is really turning back the clock with religious fervour.

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    Phil Vee

    Interesting contrasting reports.

    The SMH seems to provide genuine statistical backing for it’s story.

    The DT seems to be providing a “puff” piece to help influence the decision re Badgerys Creek airport approval.

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    There is always a good news story to cheer us up. Gina Reinhardt is getting poorer. She must not be working hard enough.
    [Her wealth has declined from two years ago, as the price of iron ore fell, and she focussed on securing $7 billion in debt for her massive Roy Hill iron ore project.

    Have a good day all.

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    Off to open the newsagency at 8am – selling less Australian than ever. Why? (Maybe it’s me – they may go somewhere else because I point out government ineptitude).

    Have a good day everyone.

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    Regarding Sydney airport – if a second one is needed, the only way that makes sense is to put internationals at Badgery Creek, domestic at KS, and a high speed rail link to Badgery Creek. It will all cost $20 billion+

    It will generate some extra economic activity in Sydney, but not much. There are other much higher priorities for investment, including NBN and rail tunnels to fix PT crowding in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


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    he spoke at a forestry dinner last night

    Now that he is PM and can no longer speak in three word clips, Abbott has revealed himself as the moral vacuum and social crawler that he really is. Whoever he is with is his bestest friend. No wonder so many people think he has promised something that he thinks he hasn’t. He agree with everything and everyone, because he’s a coward, and then says they misunderstood when they try to make him pay up.

    I suspect that his god is looking down and shaking his head in sorrow at the lack of spine.

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    and she focussed on securing $7 billion in debt for her massive Roy Hill iron ore project.

    Gina has debts? I thought debt was Teh Evil.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/gina-rinehart-tumbles-down-forbes-rich-list-20140304-3425h.html#ixzz2v20ekqG6

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    Ms Barker called on the national executive to direct the Victorian branch to reopen all upper house seats for a full preselection vote, including rank-and-file members.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/labor-called-on-to-reopen-preselections-after-breaking-partys-own-rules-on-women-20140304-345b5.html#ixzz2v22DDgB6

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    Just thinking – since most businessmen and entrepreneurs thrive and grow on well-managed debt, why does the Coalition, “the party of business”, get so worked up about the country’s debt. (Rhetorical question, obviously, they just want to scare the living daylights out of the average householder.)

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    Posted Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 2:13 am | PERMALINK
    Re the Ukrainian crisis

    ——–so those crowds in kiev fearing russian authoritanism were all nazi saluting fascists? i dont think so. and the state machine of russia and its potential for fascism can be trust more than a few extremists? if russia is not a fascist state now what is it?
    now, say something about russia and syria and the refusal of formal to allow any intervention, and demands that territorial integrity be respected despite war crimes by its leader

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    Oh, ffs.

    First my post gets eaten by the 8 am bug and then it magically reduces itself to one sentence.

    To cut to the chase — the ALP National Executive’s decision regarding preselections for the Victorian Upper House has been ruled invalid on affirmative action grounds.

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    I’m no fan of Putin, and I can understand Western Ukrainian dislike of Russia, but if democracy is government of the people, by the people for the people I reckon there isn’t much doubt which way the majority of Crimeans would choose to go if given the choice. Hard to see the Russian speaking majority there faring well there either, under a right wing Ukrainian govt, with far right elements.

    Let’s face it, too. Russia is never going to give up its longstanding Crimean bases, in an area that has a long Russian history and that only became part of Ukraine because of an administrative decision by Kruschev in 1954!

    Crimean peoples own interests, language and history, coupled with realpolitik, trump any notion of “sovereign territory” here. Kruschev’s administrative decision should have been overturned at the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union, but, regardless of current western huffing and puffing, I doubt that any of the leaders concerned really believe this will end in any way other than Crimea remaining an “autonomous Republic” , but under the aegis of Russia rather than Ukraine.

    Let’s just hope neither side overplays its cards and it doesn’t get out of hand.

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    Save the whales judgment (Australia v Japan) to be delivered on 31 March by the International Court of Justice.

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    Good Morning


    Two things. See Putin comments in his presser last night about fascists.

    Also it is not in the interests of fascists to join the EU as Ukraine wants to do.

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    No surprises here :(

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia has enough national parks and he will set up a new Forest Advisory Council to support the timber industry.

    Speaking at a timber industry dinner in Canberra overnight, Mr Abbott said too much forest is currently locked up in Tasmania.

    He also recommitted to repealing part of the state’s Wilderness World Heritage Area made under the forest peace deal.


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    @abcnews: Manus riot: Labor, Greens team up to hold Senate inquiry into violence at asylum seeker centre http://t.co/6okLd0Kij6

    Glad to see Labor supporting this. Proves my belief that Labor has some core values above politics and are willing to risk their decision to set up Manus being branded a horrible mistake to see the right thing done.

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    The problem with your approach is that crowds in the city square forcing out a government, it is NOT democracy, it is rule by the mob.

    Consider in Australia IF there was any serious unrest. Crowds gather. Now prominent in any such mob (whether right, left, bottom dwellers or top mile highers) will be organised scary groups such as bikies, red neck gun lobby, truckies, trots, drawn like flies to trouble. They make a lot of noise and are scary and could force a government out of office. There will be strange alliances, left right and red, green yellow and brindle

    So if Abbott and Hockey were dragged out from under their beds and forced to flee (or put on trial) by a newly installed Prime Minister Katter and ministers Xenphon, Cory Bernadi, Barnyard, Lee Rhiannon, Doug Cameron and Wilson Tuckey it would still be a coup. Ordinary voters usually avoid mass crowds and you always get a skew to the most extreme views.

    IT IS NOT democracy nor would the new leadership be legitimate. If the crowds in Kiev wanted to genuinely replace the government and reflected the will of the people then hold a bloody election. It was I think just a matter of months away.

    The west should have intervened to make Ukraine have an early election NOT recognise a government imposed by crowd support. I say exactly the same about Thailand and Egypt.

    Democracy is a precious unstable flower and it must never be allowed to be undermined. Even when (especially when) the democratic process yields results you do not like. it is up to the people of the country to learn that non violent democratic elections is the best way to change an unpopular government.

    Now the way Abbott and Hockey are going, I am expecting mass demonstrations of the unemployed (all 30%) sometime in 2015. Should we stage a Ukrainian style coup. Hmmmm!!! tempting. Abbott locked in a cell 23/24 hrs unable to exercise and Hockey on bread and water. Maybe Ukraine has it right.

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    80 protesters shot dead by Ukranian “police”. At that point, a government forfeits its right to govern.

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    The protests were for a President to set an election date. The President refused to have an election.

    This contrasts with Thailand where the protestors are trying to stop elections.

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    Abbot on National Parks.

    What a f@ckwit.

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    One of the problems with fascism is that fascists do not generally realise they are fascists. Corporatist, elitists, oligopolies etc generally do not see themselves as anti democratic fascists.

    Now obviously the EU would not accept a frankly fascist regime, but it is not clear if this is is well understood by the masses in the square. Cold reality of a Greece style EU bail out may not be welcome. Rule of law might also be required.

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    Abbott blames


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    Quite. However the President was still elected and due date was 26 February 2015. If crowds cannot wait 12 months for an election then what hope democracy. Mind you I am rather inclined to the view that in emerging democracies there should be some kind of election every two years to allow the let off of steam.

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    Morning all.

    Why does one get the feeling this isn’t going to end well? And seriously WTF? He isn’t the PM or even the FM anymore.

    Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has dispatched himself on a one-man peace mission to Moscow as all-out war looms between Russia and Ukraine.

    _The West Australian _ can reveal that Mr Rudd arrived in the Russian capital on Monday with plans to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top advisers.

    It is also believed that Mr Rudd plans to go to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev this month to attend a “conference”, although senior Australian diplomatic officials are baffled, saying they are unaware of any major event scheduled in the battle-scarred city.


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    There are fascists thought Europe. The fact that some are trying to take advantage of a people’s movement does not invalidate the people’s movement.

    Much as Putin wants to use this as an excuse for his actions.

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    Why Turnbull has a bigger problem than he will admit.

    Before the election, Malcolm Turnbull, now our communications minister, was full in full pomp about the questions he believed could not be answered regarding the old NBN plan.

    Questions about fibre to the node and just how much work will be needed to get it working for residents with problems similar to mine? That’s another matter entirely.


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    You ignore why the peole came out and called for elections.
    By doing so you ignore Putin’s role.

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    Yes once shooting starts I would agree that the government MUST go, but you do not oust the whole government. You bring forward elections.

    Mind you I suspect that in any country where police regularly use firearms, a riot in the streets could quickly lead to bloodshed.

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    The lying Hunt.

    Hunt didn’t even bother to schedule a media conference. Instead he simply issued a press release.

    As media releases go, it was one of the most dishonest in recent memory. Hunt’s reaction to a complex and important public report was simply to blame Labor for the carbon tax.

    “The Climate Change Authority’s Targets and Progress Review Final Report shows the ineffectiveness of Labor’s carbon tax,” he wrote in a statement. “In its first year of operation, the carbon tax was a $7.6 billion hit on the Australian economy and a direct hit on around 75,000 businesses — yet emissions reduced barely 0.1 per cent.”

    There’s no polite word for this: it’s a lie. The report does not show that the carbon tax was ineffective. In fact, it argues precisely the opposite. On page 76, the report provides a list of “the main policy tools used to address climate change”. Top of the list are “market-based mechanisms”, including carbon taxes.

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    krudd … FMD

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    Not cutting green tape. Cutting out all environmental considerations.

    Up to 200 more public servants at the Environment Department are set to lose their jobs as the government strips the agency of funding and responsibilities.
    The department’s environmental assessment division will be almost wiped out with the survivors acting as a rubber stamp for state environmental approvals in line with the Abbott government’s policy of cutting “green tape”.

    The department’s boss has told staff that 25 per cent will be slashed from the budget over the next four years with most of the cuts coming in staffing numbers, a move that could reduce departmental numbers to fewer than 1700 – from 2300 last year – in coming years.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/public-service/up-to-200-public-servants-to-lose-jobs-in-environment-department-20140304-345lv.html#ixzz2v2EalcJ4

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    Not cutting green tape – just cutting green.