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William Bowe


William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, is one of the most heavily trafficked forums for online discussion of Australian politics, and joined the Crikey stable in 2008.


Double dissolution election (maybe) minus nine weeks

Double dissolution election (maybe) minus nine weeks

William BoweApr 30, 2016295 Comments

To tide us over through a quiet spot, a closer look at the Australian National University's latest survey on issues of public concern.

Seat du jour: Richmond

William BoweApr 30, 20162 Comments

Nestled in the north-eastern corner of New South Wales, Richmond has been transformed over recent decades by coastal development, which has changed it from safe Nationals to margin Labor.

Seat du jour: Macquarie

William BoweApr 29, 2016

Macquarie consists of a fairly even balance of the Liberal-voting Hawkesbury River region and the Labor-leaning Blue Mountains, but the Liberals have held the upper hand since a favourable redistribution in 2010.

ReachTEL: 52-48 to LNP in Queensland

William BoweApr 28, 20161 Comment

ReachTEL provides further evidence that the two parties remain closely locked together in Queensland, together with a big thumbs down for last week's sneaky reintroduction of compulsory preferential voting.

BludgerTrack: 50.4-49.6 to Labor

BludgerTrack: 50.4-49.6 to Labor

William BoweApr 28, 2016918 Comments

It's now been four weeks since the last poll showing the Coalition in the lead, and Labor has now poked its nose in front on the BludgerTrack aggregate's two-party preferred measure.

Seat du jour: Bennelong

William BoweApr 28, 2016

Bennelong gained the distinction of being one of only two seats to have ousted a sitting Prime Minister with John Howard's defeat in 2007, but it shortly returned to its Liberal-leaning ways

Seat du jour: Werriwa

William BoweApr 26, 20164 Comments

Labor came close to losing Gough Whitlam's old seat when its vote fell to historic lows in Sydney in 2013, but a shift northwards in the latest redistribution has added some extra fat to the margin.

Seat du jour: Macarthur

William BoweApr 25, 20164 Comments

What was once a bellwether seat in Sydney's outer west has become stronger for the Liberals at recent elections, but the latest redistribution has tilted the ground back in favour of Labor.

Seat du jour: Berowra

William BoweApr 24, 20161 Comment

The northern Sydney Liberal fiefdom of Berowra is set to pass on from the Father of the House, Phillip Ruddock, to Julian Leeser, former executive director of Liberal-aligned think tank the Menzies Research Centre.

We have ways of making you preference

William BoweApr 21, 201660 Comments

A major tactical victory for the minority Labor government in Queensland, which has succeeded in tacking a return to compulsory preferential voting on to an Opposition-backed bill to increase the size of parliament.