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Western australian politics



WA state redistribution: part the first

William BoweMay 4, 20154 Comments

A detailed look at what the parties propose for the Western Australian state redistribution.

Newspoll: 52-48 to Labor in Western Australia

William BoweApr 6, 201529 Comments

A rare state poll from Western Australia suggests Colin Barnett's government is starting to flounder, and ranks Labor's Mark McGowan among the most popular leaders in the country.

Newspoll: 50-50 in Western Australia

William BoweJan 2, 201529 Comments

Colin Barnett's personal ratings have bounced back after a fallow period in Newspoll, but state voting intention remains deadlocked on a two-party basis.

Vasse by-election live

Vasse by-election live

William BoweOct 18, 201421 Comments

Live coverage of Western Australia's Vasse by-election, where the Nationals are vaguely hopeful of poaching Troy Buswell's old seat from the Liberals.

Vasse by-election: October 18

William BoweOct 14, 201413 Comments

A brief introduction to Saturday's by-election to fill the vacancy caused by Troy Buswell's resignation from the WA state seat of Vasse, which looms as a contest between the Liberals and the Nationals.

Newspoll: 50-50 in Western Australia

William BoweOct 12, 201412 Comments

The latest quarterly Newspoll result from WA finds no change on the previous result, with the two parties at level pegging on two-party preferred, and a slight worsening of Colin Barnett's already poor personal ratings.

Newspoll: 50-50 in Western Australia

William BoweJul 11, 201418 Comments

Only the second state opinion poll for Western Australia since the election echoes the recent Senate result in finding both parties sagging heavily in the face of a Greens and Palmer United surge.

Newspoll: 51-49 to Liberal-Nationals in WA

William BoweDec 28, 201328 Comments

The first WA state poll since the March election goes a long way towards explaining recent murmurings about Colin Barnett's security of tenure.

Westpoll: 59-41 to Liberal-National in WA

William BoweJan 19, 201319 Comments

A Westpoll survey of 400 respondents in The West Australian today corroborates the bad news for WA Labor in this week's Newspoll.

Newspoll: 58-42 to Liberal-National in WA

William BoweJan 13, 201337 Comments

Months out from the Western Australian state election, Newspoll suggests it's all coming together for Colin Barnett's government at exactly the right time.