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ReachTEL Tasmanian electorates polling

William BoweMay 15, 20161316 Comments

A poll of Tasmania's electorates finds the Liberals grimly hanging on in the three seats gained from Labor in 2013, and independent Andrew Wilkie going untroubled in Denison.

Galaxy: 54-46 to federal Coalition in Queensland

William BoweMay 14, 2016571 Comments

After a week spent splashing cash at marginal seats in South Australia and Tasmania, new polls arrive from Queensland and western Sydney to steady the Coalition's nerves.

Highlights of days three and four

Highlights of days three and four

William BoweMay 13, 2016862 Comments

Pre-election High Court action, reports of a Labor surge in the Melbourne seat of Dunkley, Labor's candidate crisis in Fremantle, and a closer look at Labor's now-finalised Senate tickets.

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Newspoll: 54-46 to Labor in Western Australia

William BoweMay 12, 201614 Comments

As poll aggregation points to a big swing to Labor in Western Australia federally, Newspoll's latest state result suggests an increasingly unpopular Barnett government is providing some of that lead in the Liberal saddlebag.

Day two: Essential, Lonergan, BludgerTrack and more

Day two: Essential, Lonergan, BludgerTrack and more

William BoweMay 11, 20161527 Comments

Individual polls continue to record a statistical dead heat on two-party preferred, but the BludgerTrack poll aggregate detects a subtle shift in favour of the Coalition since the release of the budget.

Highlights of day one

William BoweMay 10, 2016797 Comments

Reports this morning of a looming preference switch by the Victorian Liberals in favour of the Greens, and a line-ball internal poll in the new Perth seat of Burt.

It's on: Newspoll, Ipsos, Galaxy

It's on: Newspoll, Ipsos, Galaxy

William BoweMay 8, 20161094 Comments

The official start of the election campaign has been marked by three new polls confirming the impression of a very tight race.

Tasmanian upper house elections: Apsley and Elwick

William BoweMay 7, 20162 Comments

Summaries and live count commentary on today's elections for two of the fifteen seats for Tasmania's Legislative Council.

ReachTEL: 50-50

William BoweMay 6, 20161575 Comments

Little post-budget movement one way or the other in the latest ReachTEL poll for Seven, while Roy Morgan offers yet more evidence of Malcolm Turnbull's diminishing personal standing.

BludgerTrack: 50.6-49.4 to Labor

BludgerTrack: 50.6-49.4 to Labor

William BoweMay 5, 20161178 Comments

The BludgerTrack poll aggregate continued to inch its way in favour of Labor in the lead-up to Tuesday night's budget.