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Andrew Bolt

Feb 24, 2010

Evil biased leftist free markets

Could this be the most pointless and petty post ever publi

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Could this be the most pointless and petty post ever published on a mainstream news site? A columnist/blogger who himself claims to study the science and make it accessible to the public derides the fact that someone else has produced an accessible, evidence-based summary of climate science. But the silliest part comes at the end where he tries to blame this on some horrible, biased bogeyman:

Oddly enough, iTunes offers no such help to the sceptic.

Here’s how it works, Andrew – iTunes is a repository for applications that run on Apple’s digital devices. Most of those applications are developed by third-party software developers – in this case, a Melbourne IT company demonstrated Aussie ingenuity to the world by developeing the Skeptical Science application.

iTunes is just a central place for consumers to locate apps they might like – a marketplace, if you will. As a conservative, I would have though you’d have no objections to a free market for apps.

If you want a tool summarising the arguments supporting climate change denial, write one yourself and submit it to the iTunes App Store. Or find someone else to do it. Whining about some iTunes conspiracy makes you sound a bit sad.

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29 thoughts on “Evil biased leftist free markets

  1. monkeywrench

    While we’re on the subject of Bolt and Evil Biased Leftists, he’s having another swipe at Crikey “taking over” The Drum. He uses as evidence a blog by Gavin Atkins which makes the following assertion:
    During January and February, we have been treated to columns on ABC online by Alex Cook, John Hewson, David Horton, Christine Milne, David Shearman, Clive Hamilton (soon to be a set of five articles over five days), Arek Sinanian, Kellie Tranter and Malcolm Turnbull – that’s 13 articles with very similar points of view about global warming.

    Over the same period there have been precisely no articles by anthropogenic global warming skeptics.
    Atkins seems to have acquired Bolt’s taste for cherry-picking his dates, for there have been a number of ( quite silly) anti-AGW rants on The Drum before this. A two-minute search got me this doozie from some angry hoot called Bob Carter published in the month before, called “Kill the IPCC”. Nothing terribly even-handed there then.