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Open threads

Apr 27, 2010

Open thread April 27-30

It's the open thread, freshly baked for another week. One of the funniest things I've read in a long time is the saga surrounding

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It’s the open thread, freshly baked for another week.

One of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time is the saga surrounding Gizmodo’s purchase of a lost iPhone prototype. The latest chapter has seen police seize the computers of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, which has unleashed a new sideshow about whether or not it’s legal to seize a journalist’s property. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation

“There are both federal and state laws here in California that protect reporters and journalists from search and seizure for their news gathering activities.

Which the Macalope snarkily summed up;

Shorter EFF: buying stolen merchandise is fine as long as you write a story about it.

If you were a journo exempt from search and seizure laws what would be writing about? I think I would suddenly become a prolific motorcycle reviewer.

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85 thoughts on “Open thread April 27-30

  1. GavinM

    Hi Rob,

    Yes I was in the Congo (3 tours there), and Rwanda (twice, once when France intervened unilaterally and then later with the UN), and yes I’ve seen a fair bit that I wished I hadn’t — some images I will never forget.

    I haven’t read that book, but I’ll see if I can find a copy somewhere, thank you for the recommendation.


    For the record — I’m pro-choice and don’t support the new law in the US in any way, however, to compare a country, in which one or two states introduce a law that requires women to undertake a compulsory ultrasound — (incidentally I believe this Bill hasn’t actually been passed into law as yet) – with a country that stones them to death for “immoral” behaviour and sentences them to imprisonment and lashes for “immodesty” is unbelievably stupid — even by your standards.

    Perhaps you could ask the women here how they would feel about being stoned to death or publicly hung for being raped or being jailed and whipped for dressing inappropriately or for having a suntan, then you can ask them how they feel about Iran being given a voice on what their rights should be.

    This has nothing to do with Left or Right – not that I identify as either, for the UN to allow Iran to hold a position on a council for womens’ rights is the height of hypocrisy, and to appoint that same country to said council through a secret political deal rather than by putting it to a vote is a disgrace and is another clear example of the corruption and lack of integrity that has permeated the UN.

  2. GavinM

    They are on a council that consists of 10 nations Rob — If you take a look at the link in #62 it gives some idea of how much voice and what influence they will have.

    As for a replacement for the UN, I’m not sure, maybe rather than disbanding it, an expanded NATO type organisation could take on some of the UN’s current roles and the UN could concentrate on human rights and health issues ? Trouble is of course getting countries to fund and support another large international body.

    Not an easy question to answer on short notice 😛

    Hello DesBenkt

    I’m not decrying the UN on one action — I’m criticising it for this latest action, which unfortuneately is just one more to add to a long and ever increasing list.

    Having served as a UN peacekeeper in various places at different times over a period of 15 years I can assure you that my disdain for it runs a little deeper than just this one event.

    And any organisation that does deals behind closed doors that see countries like Iran on a womens rights committee is not respectable. That is playing politics at the expense of extremely vulnerable people and now this is done, Iran will be able to hide even worse abuses against women in that country.

    “now when Iran offers one of it’s sillier opionions it will be to a commitee that is unlikely to let them get away with it.”

    Yes Surly, because of course we all see how quickly the various UN bodies jump down the throats of other despotic regimes whose leaders make silly statements and whose actions are even worse.

    I’m yet to see any on this committee or in any other UN body say anything about this week’s statement from Iran that women with suntans or who look like “shop mannequins” will be arrested (presumably that means women wearing make-up), and that women cause earthquakes through their immorality, have you ?

    “For what it’s worth I don’t see much differrence between the Iranian attitude to women and the US right wing view.”

    I don’t suppose you would see much difference, but I don’t see anyone in your article advocating stoning or lashes for women undergoing abortions. Some really do have a twisted idea of relativity.

  3. dam buster of Preston


    Mr Blunden said he was concerned with Mr Guthrie making no attempt to correct the mistake.

    “Integrity is everything and we never deceived readers like that before,” he wrote to Mr Guthrie in an email.

    What a farce. HWT are now saying the Hun inflated circulation numbers. Interesting the quote states ‘never deceived readers like that before’. Of course they have deceived readers in any number of any other ways.