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The Australian

Nov 30, 2010

What's missing from this picture?

Ok news hounds, what's missing from this picture?

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Ok news hounds, what’s missing from this picture?

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Audio backs tweets in editor's defamation row

How long do we think it will be before the Australian updates the story about its editor threatening to sue a critic, now that audio of the event that was being live-tweeted has been released? It’s interesting to compare how quickly the Australian seems to have lost interest in this story with the continuous commentary that it produced over the unmasking of Greg Jericho.

For background on the #twitdef issue take a look at Andrew Dodd’s piece for Crikey

And a quick reminder of how well the Australian ‘gets’ new media.

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Elsewhere: Jonathan Holmes at the Drum and Tim Lambert at Deltoid

Update: As mentioned by Neil Walker in comments, the audio gets a post on Caroline Overington’s Media Diary. This still doesn’t explain why it doesn’t show up in the search, or as a related item on Sally Jackson’s article about Mitchell’s threatened legal action.

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25 thoughts on “What’s missing from this picture?

  1. confessions

    Andrew Elder on #twitdef in his usual visceral style. I esp love this para:

    [After Watergate, we know that any attempt to cover up can be worse than the crime itself, and so it is here. Jackson’s responses to tweets challenging her to respond to the Wahlquist audio are astonishingly inept for a social media expert. She won’t participate in a debate that she can’t frame. Criticism that addresses the issue is lumped in with ad-hominem attacks, so that any criticism of her article is a personal attack upon her. That’s why reasonable challenges are met with shrieks like “nasty”, “troll” etc. ]

    Jay Rosen’s tweets make a similar observation about Jackson’s alleged social media expertise, and that it looks like an attempt to shut down debate and criticism. The OO is a proponent in Australia’s Right To Know campaign. Surely that’s in jest?

  2. confessions

    I’ve just searched out NYU journalism academic Jay Rosen’s twitter account after Holmes mentioned it in his column. Rosen has 45,000 followers across the world, which means the OO’s humiliation has gone global. 😆