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UK media

Jan 2, 2011

Where else but Capricornia?

It's not the Australian media, but it's about Australia AND IT'S FUNNY so here it is: the UK Daily Mail's representation today of

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It’s not the Australian media, but it’s about Australia AND IT’S FUNNY so here it is: the UK Daily Mail‘s representation today of the Queensland floods:

Capricornia – nonexistent one day, major state the next.

First they’re afflicted by floods – now the entire north of the state has apparently seceded!

I mean, seriously – what was the source of that image? Where would one get a picture of Australia with Queensland divided in two in the first place?

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20 thoughts on “Where else but Capricornia?

  1. Nameless

    Hah! That’s nothing! The “Daily Mail” used to support Hitler. And I’m not making this up:
    Daily Mail is basically a poxy tabloid bigoted extreme conservative rag of fancy bog roll. (I understand if the last comment doesn’t go though, but hey, it’s worth a try).