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The Australian

Sep 19, 2011

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Pure Poison IconThe Australian‘s Media Diary announces:

THE Australian’s Paul Kelly has decided not to participate in a debate with historian Robert Manne on his essay, Bad News, which focuses on the newspaper and its role in Australian life.

The cancellation of his appearance follows a response by Kelly to Manne’s essay published in The Australian last Thursday.

Last night [Editor of The Australian, Chris] Mitchell told Diary: “The Australian has finished with the issue.’’

The Australian devoted eight thousand words to Manne’s essay on the weekend, in addition to Kelly’s spray on Thursday, but now it’s done? Forgive me if I think that this looks like the Oz is leaving the field because they’ve realised that their effort to date has done nothing more than provide further examples of the type of behaviour that Manne criticised.


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25 thoughts on “Finished with the issue

  1. monkeywrench

    SHV, I notice the one outlet that can be trusted on coverage on the News Ltd cesspit, The Guardian, suggests that the issue is still in negotiation. I hope the Dowlers hold them to account, and the queue of litigants keeps increasing. It remains to be seen whether the politicians of Britain, Australia and the US have the collective moral fibre to do something realistic about the corruption that is News Ltd. Somehow, I think that they will squib it. Certainly, things are looking less than encouraging here.

  2. SHV

    Speaking of ‘finished with the issue’:


    There is just one problem with this story, it originates from News Int. – Therefore, using history as a guide – it probably isn’t true.