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Nov 4, 2011

0 Days without an ALP leadership speculation story

The Daily Telegraph and the papers that

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Pure Poison IconThe Daily Telegraph and the papers that rely on it for content are again beating up an ALP leadership speculation story. It must be a day ending in Y.

Homer keeps track of his parent company’s Australian operations

A source told me there are concerns that have been raised in discussions by unnamed parties that a certain person is considering doing something! I wish I could share with you the reason I believe that, but just take my word for it. You know, news.

Still, I think the Daily Telegraph might have an ALP leadership speculation addiction problem. Perhaps, in the interests of helping them become functioning, credible members of the media again, we should keep track of how long they can go between indulging themselves.

Resetting the counter to 0 days.

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27 thoughts on “0 Days without an ALP leadership speculation story

  1. fred p

    A Southbank Sook column from 1 September had Gillard “almost certainly” replaced by the end of that month:

    Just keep running the same line on the first of each month and eventually you’ll be right. Lucky for Bolt, his fans are either very forgiving of his constantly incorrect predictions or have extremely short memories.