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Feb 17, 2012

Weekend talk thread February 17 - 19

Weekend thread time. How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy

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Weekend thread time.

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56 thoughts on “Weekend talk thread February 17 – 19

  1. Sammy Jankis

    Finally! — Michelle Grattan has written an opinion piece about Gillard, Rudd and Labor leadership tensions. I thought the day would never come.

  2. Sammy Jankis

    Carbon tax fails to slow coal boom

    The impending carbon price has done nothing to deter investment in the coal industry, with spending on exploration surging faster than any other mineral commodity.

    Coal exploration spending in Australia leapt by 62 per cent last financial year as the industry dominated corporate activity in terms of both inbound investment and mergers and acquisitions.

    Investment in searches for new coal deposits reached $520 million, pushing it closer to rivalling iron ore and gold – both of which also grew significantly on the back of record high commodity prices.

    But I thought the coal industry was doomed? Tony said so!

  3. Liz A

    Oh my John Mashey @47, you’re here on PP!

    I’m a bit star struck that you have responded to my mere dabblings (by comparison) into the unravelling that you have done on the US denialist web of intrigue *blush*

    I do realise that the whole AU/NZ linkages are rather important in the overall web that is the international denialist “thing” (lack of a better word there, sorry), particularly when you look at the combined influence of Carter & Nova: they seem to be lynchpins in a lot of the pseudo science being pedaled on the internet as a whole. Your work is invaluable in helping uncover the twisted path that lies behind the funding of their outpourings (and that are constantly repeated on news.com outlets), so any inklings that you can glean are of interest.

    I have indicated that I believe (please note this is my personal opinion at this time, and has nothing to do with this PP blog) that the involvement of the IPA in the “climate denialist machina” that includes the washing of funds through the US via such entities as the Heartland Institute is more than merely circumstantial, however there is insufficient proof from the documents obtained to date to do more than implicate them by association. Until such time that the funding of this extremely influential group is laid to bare there will be little transparency of these issues in Australia.

    Unfortunately our Australian tax rules do not require the same stringent coda that apply to tax exempt status in the US. Here, all that is required is that the organisation be deemed “not for profit”, which is a far cry from the US charity status.

    The India angle is frankly a shocking one. We (www.illuminationsolar.com) have recently started doing business there and have found the country to be very open to the concepts of reducing energy poverty and carbon emissions, so to think that any Indian nationals are funneling funds for climate skeptics is a real surprise to me.

    Have you or your colleagues have sent a request to the IRS requesting some form of investigation into the funding and activities of Heartland? It would seem a worthwhile avenue to pursue.

    Regardless, I am chuffed that you have come to this blog in the far-flung corners of the world to offer your opinion / views, and please feel free to swing by any time you like! 🙂

    (PS sorry if I am stepping on your toes with that invitation Dave /Jeremy, I am not trying to usurp your role with that invitation, I am just a bit excited *squeee*)