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Mar 8, 2012

A News Site


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14 thoughts on “A News Site

  1. Aliar Jones

    It’s almost like news and the quality thereof comes a distant second to drawing clickbait from a nation of self-entitled people obsessed with consumer electronics!

  2. Dave C

    Well, they’re not real floods, are they? I mean, they’re not happening here in Perth. Now, back to the iPad…

  3. Matthew of Canberra

    I see that apple continues its avoidance of the number 3 (or ///, as the case may be)

  4. liliwyt

    Floods of Apples?

    Oooh – look! Bright, shiny new toy!

  5. RobJ

    Awww c’mon, what could be more important than overpriced shiny computers???

  6. Angra

    RobJ – how can a comedian with cerebral palsy and no voice do a stand-up act?

    With an iPad!

    Check out the Lost Voice Guy.


  7. RobJ

    He could use a Galaxy Tab, they’re better (IMO).

  8. Brown Bob

    I bet Flannery was more interested in the Apple story 🙂

  9. SHV

    This calls for a reprise of the famous “i-rack” video:


    Looks like they really are about to release the “i-ran”!

  10. Aliar Jones

    [I bet Flannery was more interested in the Apple story :-)]

    Bob, I’ve finally realised you are in fact an artist who suffers for their art everyday.

    You’re like a clown that dashes in here and pies themselves in the face everyday for our amusement.

    Why else would anyone slime in here and write the boneheaded gibberish and witless tripe you do without the intention of parodying and affirming every ugly, dumb, sad right wing impulse?

    thankyou for your service.

    Thankyou for reaffirming every sad

  11. Coldsnacks

    I bet Flannery was more interested in the Apple story 🙂


  12. Matthew of Canberra

    “I bet Flannery was more interested in the Apple story”

    And I’d hope so too.

  13. Trippi Taka


    Touché or douche?

    It’s a thin line