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Apr 7, 2012

Easter weekend open thread

Sorry, our plan to do an Easter weekend open thread died yesterday for some reason, and it's only now that we're reviving it - just in time for Easter morning. Anyway, here it is. En

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22 thoughts on “Easter weekend open thread

  1. Matthew of Canberra

    Amazon is the next target:

    Can Amazon be stopped from answering Heiss’s question?

    Nor may you safely say no to Heiss, not publicly, if you live in Australia.

    But the United States, unlike Australia, has a constitutional protection of free speech – and a cultural predisposition towards it.

    So it will be interesting to see what Heiss, her publisher or her supporters will do to stop the US-based Amazon site from publishing the kind of comments that have been removed in Australia by the ABC and Random House.

    (Apologies, but I am obliged not to publish comments. Note: I am not trying to incite anyone into attacking Heiss’s book. She is entitled to express her point of view. I am simply pointing out that I am not entitled to express my own, and nor is anyone of like mind who disagrees with Heiss. This is not a hate-Heiss session, but a protest against limits to free speech in debating an issue I believe is of significant public importance.)

    Not trying to incite anyone. Is that one of those “merely formal exculpatory devices”?

    It’s just thuggish mob behavior, it seems to me. Andy’s got a gang, and they do his dirty work.

  2. Adam Rope

    Jo Nova – I go to her site occasionally to have a laugh – is spruiking another of those Brit climate change deniers doing a tour of Australia, apparently being promoted by those nice free thinkers, the IPA.


    “Delingpole is devastating. His disarming honesty, outrageous anecdotes and wide ranging research makes for an ripping read that combines politics, science, money in ways only Delingpole can. His quips paralyze the most excessively pious and drown pomposity with cold common sense.”

    This is of course the same Delingpole who was somewhat embarrassed by the BBC Horizon documentary “Science Under Attack”.

    You can see Delingpole in action at these various sites.


    Yes, Jo, honesty and “wide-ranging research” from a man who “explains that he never reads peer-reviewed scientific literature on the subject of global warming because “it’s not my job”.”


  3. Matthew of Canberra

    This is wrong.


    Troubled actor Matthew Newton has been arrested and charged in the United States after allegedly resisting police and trespassing on property in Miami.

    No, he’s not “troubled”. He’s a berk. He might have “issues” but let’s all stop making it sound romantic and cool please. And while we’re there I think we should stop making drug and alcohol related deaths cool by talking about “battling demons”.

    I don’t actually have an opinion on what newton might or might not do. I don’t actually care, and if he’s really in florida for treatment then he’s clearly got resources to be throwing at the problem. I’d just rather that the coverage be a bit less gauzy.

  4. Matthew of Canberra

    This week’s On The Media’s up:


    I’m just reading the transcript of a speech that obama gave at the “american society of newspaper editors”. It’s a remarkable speech – no fluff, just straight to the point. And it’s clearly setting up for the next election, pointing out things that people have forgotten in all the noise, talking about the economy, the importance of a free market, the reasons for the debt and so on. He also lays out a bunch of successful “big government” measures supported by previous GOP presidents.

    And it’s been largely buried. The oz ran an opinion piece about it, but otherwise the coverage in australia has been confined to Sky. Nobody else noticed. In the US, coverage has been amazingly slim – even PJM hasn’t touched it – and I would have thought they’d leap at a chance to attack something that obama says, even if they have to make @#$! up to do it.

    It’s a ripper – have a read:


    Yep. I agree with that guy. He gets it.

  5. Indiana Jones

    Cross posted from the weekly thread for ANGRA:

    @ ANGRA (90)
    Yes, depending on the specs of the amp. The impedance (read ohmage) of the speakers has very little to do with how much power can go through the speakers, it is more about what the amp is ‘expecting’ (ie designed) to see. The output impedance of the amp should match the impedance of the speakers, whatever that value is. Usually 4 or 8 ohms. Many amps can quite happily handle either, or even a 4 ohm speaker on one output and an 8 ohm speaker on the other, but it will be better if you get it right.

    You can turn 2 x 8 ohm speakers into a 4 ohm output if you hook them up in parallel, or you can turn 2 x 4 ohm speakers into an 8 ohm output if you hook them up in series. Be careful though. As I’m sure you realise, sound from speakers is generated by making the speaker cones vibrate. If you get the polarity wrong, one speaker cone will be going ‘in’ whilst the other one will be going ‘out’. That won’t hurt anything, but it sounds crap, particularly sub woofers.

    Hooking up in parallel (turning 2 x 8 ohm speakers into a 4 ohm output) is: Red from amp to red on both speakers, black from amp to black on both speakers. You will have 4 wires going to that amp output instead of the usual 2.

    Hooking up in series (turning 2 x 4 ohm speakers into an 8 ohm output) is: Red from amp going to red on speaker one (either one), black from speaker 1 to red on speaker 2 (the other one), and black from speaker 2 to black on the amp output.

    I hope that helps!