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LEIGH JOSEY | February 08, 2012 | AFL | 5 |

Your Crikey guide to why AFL fantasy football is so damn popular

AFL fantasy football has exploded in this country since Dreamteam was introduced in 2003. Leigh Josey looks at the reasons behind its unquestionable popularity.

LEIGH JOSEY | December 13, 2011 | CRICKET | 3 |

If they made a movie about the Hobart Test…

Following from my rant yesterday, I decided to make a poster of what the movie would look like…

LEIGH JOSEY | December 12, 2011 | CRICKET | 9 |

Forget a reshuffle, it’s time to bring out the axe

It’s fitting that on the day when the Gillard government announced a cabinet reshuffle, a devastating — yet thrilling –loss to New Zealand in the Second Test at Hobart may be the catalyst for the axe to be applied to the Australian cricket team.

LEIGH JOSEY | October 24, 2011 | RUGBY UNION | 2 |

Your one-stop All Blacks Rugby World Cup victory thread

Well done New Zealand. The country’s greatest national achievement since it threw the One Ring into the fires of Mordor.

LEIGH JOSEY | September 30, 2011 | AFL | |

Collingwood supporter’s spelling fail at today’s AFL parade

Sometimes it’s just too easy.

LEIGH JOSEY | September 02, 2011 | CRICKET | 13 |

Sri Lanka vs. Australia: 1st Test open thread: insert Lyon pun headline here

On a pitch that has moor spin that a Julia Gillard press conference it’s going to be hard for the Sri Lankans to turn this around.

CRIKEY | August 30, 2011 | AFL | 8 |

The Aussie Rules football innovation that should, but never will, happen

Disillusioned at the divisions that have opened between footy’s haves and have-nots? There is only one course open to the AFL that would maintain the integrity of the competition. That is to reduce the number of teams, writesPatrick Devery

CRIKEY | August 22, 2011 | NRL | 1 |

Game-in-a-Box: Out-of-the-box Tigers too slippery for the Eels

In the end, the Tigers were sometimes brilliant and the Eels, although tried hard at times, often woeful.

CRIKEY | August 08, 2011 | RUGBY UNION | |

Tri Nations Game-in-a-Box: All Blacks put the wobble back into the Wallabies

The All Blacks were the better side by a good margin and have put a bit of a wobble into the Wallabies World Cup campaign and sent a message to the rest of the world.

CRIKEY | August 01, 2011 | NRL | |

Game-in-a-Box: Broncos kick sharks out of contention

This game was in some ways going to define the future for both teams.