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Barnaby Joyce press release 14 Dec 2012

Labor caps CO2 but not H2O buybacks 

The Labor Government has been telling farmers that they must become more efficient with water and they have by converting free-flow open channels to overhead laterals and pumps.

Now the Labor Government tells them they must become more efficient with power.

In fact they have put up the price of power so far it has become unaffordable to operate the pumps.

You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to work out the dilemma. Greater efficiency of water requires electricity. Now, the greatest apparent moral challenge of our time is to reduce carbon emissions, which means you must use more natural forms: wind, solar and gravity.

So what do the farmers do now? Go back to plan A. Unfortunately the reality for consumers is less food grown and higher grocery prices.

This is another splendid example of Captain Catastrophe economics from the Labor Government without a clue.

Reports in the Farm Weekly today, show that farmers in the Murray-Darling are now paying up to 20 per cent more for electricity thanks to the carbon tax.

Why should Australian families pay more for their food when the rest of the world has not agreed to carbon reductions? 85 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions are now unregulated thanks to the collapse of climate change talks in Doha.

The 2.1 million Australians who live in the Basin face enough uncertainty given the government’s refusal to cap the amount of water buybacks. The Coalition will cap the amount of water buybacks at 1500 GL, meaning that in many areas there will be no more buyback. Instead, under the Labor-Green approach, buybacks could keep rising.

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    Barnyard is channeling, not water, but Sir Joh himself. It’s uncanny just how well he does it, “don’t you worry about that”!