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ALAN DAVIES | September 24, 2014 | PLANNING | 10 |

Can (traditional) Kings Cross be saved?

The traditional role of Sydney’s Kings Cross as a place to walk on the wild side is under threat. But if the forces that created it no longer apply, it’s unlikely the “old” Cross can be saved

ALAN DAVIES | September 21, 2014 | CARS & TRAFFIC | 19 |

Is Melbourne’s East West Link dead in the water?

Much of the public focus is on what Labor will do about the East West Link if it wins the election, but the key responsibility lies with the Napthine government; it shouldn’t sign any contract

ALAN DAVIES | September 18, 2014 | CYCLING | 16 |

Would a cable car help Sydney’s cyclists and pedestrians?

The Sydney Business Chamber’s proposal for a cable car is supposed to address congestion on Pyrmont Bridge. But a new pedestrian bridge seems like a simpler solution to that problem

ALAN DAVIES | September 17, 2014 | PUBLIC TRANSPORT | 9 |

What’s better: a train that’s late or one that doesn’t get there at all?

There’s real value in hard performance targets for business and government, but there are also dangers. Sometimes a single-minded focus on targets leads to negative outcomes elsewhere

ALAN DAVIES | September 15, 2014 | TRANSPORT - GENERAL | 30 |

Labor’s promise on level crossings: what are the issues?

Labor in Victoria is promising to remove 50 of Melbourne’s 180 level crossings if it wins the State election on 29 November. Sounds like a “no brainer”, but what are the key issues?

ALAN DAVIES | September 10, 2014 | EDUCATION, JUSTICE, HEALTH | 11 |

Do barriers reduce the number of suicides?

It’s often argued that anti-suicide barriers at jumping sites are a waste of time: those intent on killing themselves go elsewhere. However a recent study says barriers really do save lives

ALAN DAVIES | September 07, 2014 | ARCHITECTURE & BUILDINGS | 9 |

Did modernist architecture fail this public housing project?

St Louis’ Pruett-Igoe public housing project is infamous for being demolished after just 22 years due in large part to the failures of modernist architecture; but is that narrative right?

ALAN DAVIES | September 03, 2014 | ARCHITECTURE & BUILDINGS | 6 |

Is the proposed development of Federation Square East a con?

Victoria’s Napthine Government is inviting proposals for the development of Federation Square East. Sounds like a wonderful civic enhancement, but in an election year it’s all about politics

ALAN DAVIES | September 01, 2014 | TRANSPORT - GENERAL | 14 |

Are cars the way to address outer suburban transport disadvantage?

Progressives should embrace the idea that the best way of improving the mobility of most very low income outer suburban residents is by assisting them with the high costs of driving

ALAN DAVIES | August 27, 2014 | PUBLIC TRANSPORT | 26 |

Is Labor genuine about building Melbourne Metro?

Both major parties are promising to build a rail tunnel under Melbourne if they win this year’s election, but neither seems in a hurry to commence construction before 2018-22 at the earliest


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